Cry Yellow (with a touch of pink): A Dedication To The Power Ranger Women

by Ervin V. Griffin, Jr.

Meanwhile, on the island, we see nine captives hung up on a wall in single file.  They are the forms of Tommy Oliver, Jason Scott, T.J., Andros, Leo, Carter Grayson, Wesley Collins and Eric Meyers.  All of them seem to be out but Wes is starting to stir a bit.  He eventually opens his eyes to see there are captive in a strange looking room.

“Eric!  Tommy! Leo! Wake up!” said Wes in a strong but quite voice as the others began to awaken as well.  They too realize they are bound to the wall as well.

“What happened?” said Jason as his eyes began to focus.

“Last I remember, we all got ambushed. Then everything went black,” said Eric.

“Well guys, wherever we are, we still have to get out of here on the chance that Cole didn’t make it back,” noted Tommy.

“Tommy’s right, but let’s hope he did and that help is coming because I have a feeling we are going to need all we can get,” said Andros.  At this moment, a door opens and in walks in Trakena along with Psycho Pink and Scorpina.

“Trakena,” said Leo.  Indeed, seeing his long time foe alive sent shivers up his spine.  The additions of Psycho Pink and Scorpina did nothing to appease him of those feelings.

“Well boys!  How does it feel to be outdone by three ladies?” said Trakena in a taunting voice.

“There’s a term that should be used loosely,” said Eric in his usual bravado.  This brought out electric shocks from the hand of Psycho Pink in response!

“Eric!” yelled Wes as his comrade was being tortured.

“Enough!” said Trakena as she ordered her ally to stand down.

“We don’t want to kill them yet.  I want them to see what happens next. To know that finally, the valiant Power Rangers could do nothing to save their precious Earth!” cackled Trakena.

We now switch to the ship piloted by Captain Seely and his crew as they are heading in the coordinates given by Cole.  We go to a cabin where Jen is sitting around, musing in her thoughts.  Thinking about all the past moments with Wes mostly.

As she was daydreaming, a pic of them from the old clock tower came out of her pocket.  Kimberly Hart (or I should say Scott) was walking by and picked up the photo.

“Here, you dropped this,” said Kimberly.  Jen snapped out of her daydreaming, not realizing she even let it fall out of her pocket.

“Thanks,” said Jen in an embarrassed tone.  Kimberly, a bit curious about her fellow pink ranger, came into the room.

“Is that Wes?” asked Kimberly.  Jen reluctantly nodded.

“You really love him don’t you?” asked the original pink ranger.

“Yes,” answered Jen as she slumped onto the bed.  Kimberly sat down with her.

“Tell me about him,” asked Kimberly to the surprise of Jen.  At first, she felt like telling her “none of your business” or something along those lines but something in Kimberly’s eyes made her trust her.  Soon, Jen started telling Kimberly about how she was once engaged to Alex Collins, Wes’ ancestor.  Then about the whole trip back to capture a gangster named Ransik, about how she met Wes, the whole nine yards.

When she was finished, Kimberly just sat back and let out a breath.

“Wow, you could give some of my adventures as a Ranger a run for its money,” said Kimberly. Jen laughed a bit.

“I doubt it, but thanks,” said Jen.

“One question though.  Why didn’t you two fight for it?” asked Kimberly.

“Fight for what?” said Jen, who was genuinely confused.

“Love,” said Kimberly.

“It wasn’t that simple. We were from different times and both had our worlds to live in,” rationalized Jen but Kimberly wasn’t buying it.

“Are you kidding me?  The guy said ‘I love you, I wish I could live a 1,000 years so that we could be together!’ I wish a guy would’ve told me that, I would’ve locked him down or snuck onto the time ship with him!” said Kimberly excitedly.  Jen put a finger to her lips to quiet her but couldn’t help but laugh at her enthusiasm.

“Not so loud, you want the whole ship to hear?” said Jen in a low tone of voice. Kimberly calmed down, still grinning at her fellow pink ranger.

“I’m sorry but still Jen, you have to admit that you didn’t really want to get back on that ship did you?” said Kim.

“No…I didn’t.  It was the hardest walk I’ve ever taken,” admitted Jen.

“So, how did you meet Jason?” asked Jen, wanting to change the subject a bit.

“Hmmm, I knew him in grade school.  We knew each other since we were kids.  I always thought he was cute but I thought he only liked me as a friend and nothing more. By the time we were in high school, he had become quite a hunk but then along came Tommy Oliver,” started Kimberly as she told the story about how Tommy was once an enemy of the original Power Rangers but turned into their friend and ally as The Green Ranger and later The White Ranger.  During most of that time period, Kimberly and Tommy were very close and were dating.

“Sounded like you two were in love, so what happened?” asked Jen.

“Well, I went away to train for the world championships in gymnastics. Kat took my place as a Power Ranger.  While I was training, I met a guy that I really fell in love with.  I couldn’t break away from training to tell Tommy so I told him in a letter that I sent,” explained Kim.

“That’s kind of cold,” said the Time Force Pink Ranger.

“Jen, you just don’t know. I really hated doing that but I couldn’t break away plus I didn’t have the heart to tell Tommy face to face. He had been so good to me and he did deserve better.  At least Kat was there for him when he needed her,” said Kimberly as some sadness came over her. This time, it was Jen that was comforting her.

“Hey, I am not going to judge.  I guess you did what you felt was right,” noted Jen.

“Yeah, in the end, it worked out for the best.  I met Jason again after his stint as the Zeo Gold Ranger.  We started spending more time together and even ran into Tommy and the other Power Rangers when they became the Turbo Rangers.  After that, we began to take our relationship to another level and fell in love.  It was great because it wasn’t just a love interest, I fell in love with my best friend,” said Kimberly with a glow in her smile.

“Sounds like you and Wes became best friends as well,” noted Kimberly.  Jen was jogged by that statement and started yawning.

“Oh, I am so tired, I really need to rest,” said Jen unconvincingly.  Kimberly caught on to what was going on but decided not to fight it.

“Okay.  I hope we can talk again Jen,” said Kimberly sincerely.

“Me too,” said Jen as Kimberly walked out the door.  When she started walking down the hallway, Kimberly was deep in thought over the conversation.

Meanwhile, Jen just slumped onto her bed with a tear flowing down her face.

“Lucky.  You are so lucky,” said Jen as she often dreamed of the type of life Kimberly was describing for herself. And in every dream, Wes was the man beside her.

“Hang on Wes.  We are coming to help you…..and God help Trakena if something has happened to you,” thought Jen as the ship sails closer to hits destination.

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