Shane "The Franchise" Douglas VS. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair: A Long Time Coming
Pt. 2 - The Horsemen Strike Back

Shane "Franchise" Douglas


at "The Madhouse Of Extreme" in Queens, NY, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas was treated to a hero's welcome along with Francine.  The crowd chanted "Franchise, Franchise" loudly as they entered the ring to greet Joey Styles.

STYLES:  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the "Madhouse Of Extreme" in Queens, NY along with "The Head Cheerleader" Francine, here is Shane Douglas!!

DOUGLAS:  You know, it is great to be back home in Extreme Championship Wrestling!!

This gets a loud cheer from the crowd.  But, as Douglas talks about his upcoming bout with "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, the cameras show something that the live arena audience (as well as Douglas, Francine, and Styles) aren't aware of.  They show that the dressing room doors to the ECW locker rooms have been barracaded!!  As we go back to live action, we hear a rumble in the crowd as The Four Horsemen led by Flair hit the ring in their street clothes!!  Arn tackles Douglas down as Windham clotheslines the crap out of Styles!!  Francine can only watch in horror as the Horsemen pound her husband into the ground.  Flair now has a steel chair that he plans to use on Shane.  As Arn and Tully hold Douglas down, Flair pounds the left leg of "The Franchise" with the chair as Barry Windham holds Francine in the corner to keep her from interfering (Styles is out on the floor from the lariat/clothesline of Windham).  Flair, meanwhile, as the figure four leglock on Douglas and is pulling the ropes as Tully and Arn stomp a mudhole in him and is walking it dry!

In desperation, Francine tries to slide from Windham but Barry has her pinned pretty good.  "The Head Cheerleader" (who is also known for her ruthlessness from time to time) manages to scoot down low enough to bite the GROIN!!  I am not going into where exactly she bit him (use imagination here) but Barry was screaming up to the heavens on that.  The texan tried to get away but Francine held on like a pit bull until Barry backed totally away.  He crumpled to the ground as Tully and Arn (in shock by the way) quickly grab the woman.  Flair releases the hold to go with his comrades.  He also has the mic:

FLAIR:  Hey Douglas!!  I am about to give Francine the thrill of her life!!  She's about to ride "Space Mountain"!!  WHHOOOOOO!!

Douglas tries to get up but his injured leg wouldn't allow it (neither would Arn Anderson who kicks him back down).  Flair moves in for the unwanted kiss on Francine when "Man In The Box" fires up.  It is Tommy Dreamer!!  He hits the ring and breaks up this sickening scene.  Francine goes over to comfort Shane as she watches Tommy try to fight off the Horsemen but the numbers of 3 to 1 are too great (Barry is still down after his experience with Francine).  Suddenly, there is a loud cheer as TAZ, whose home town is Brooklyn, NY, hits the ring along with Sabu!!  The numbers are looking even now as the Horsemen retreat from the ring.  Flair and Co. had to escorted out of the ring due to a near riot that took place as the FH collected Windham and took their leave.  Meanwhile, Douglas (still hobbling) got to his feet, saying nothing but the furry in his eyes is evident.  Dreamer goes over to check on Joey Styles who is just coming back to life. TAZ now has the mic:

TAZ:  Hey, I might be WWF Intercontental Champion but it is good to be home in New York and in ECW!!  Flair, Horsemen, you have now started war and this is one war that you will not win!!  At the Antonio Inoki Wrestling Festival, I want a Horsemen.  Hell, I'll even put this belt up if you like.  Why don't you send your "Enforcer", Arn Anderson?  Flair, you'll have your hands full with Shane Douglas but Anderson, you and me, for the WWF I-C belt!!  Beat me if you can, survive if I let you!!!

Later on, the entire card for the Antonio Inoki Wrestling Festival was announced. It was these matches:

Shane "The Franchise" Douglas VS. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (WWF World Title VS. ECW World Title)

Arn Anderson VS. TAZ (WWF Intercontental Title Match)

"Ravishing" Rick Rude VS. Tatsumi Fujinami (NWA World TV Title Match)

The Rock VS. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (30 Minute IronMan/No DQ Match)

Hunter Hearst Hemsley VS. Chris Benoit (WCW World Title Match)

Darkside (Sting & The Undertaker) VS. Masa Chono & Tenzan (IWGP Tag Team Titles VS. Unified World Tag Team Titles)

Jushin "Thunder" Liger VS. 2 Cold Scorpio

Rey Mysterio, Jr. VS. Super Crazy (J-Crown Title Match)

Tenjiri VS. Ultimo Dragon

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall VS. The New Age Outlaws (Winners are number #1 contenders to ECW World Tag Team Championship)

Ken Shamrock VS. Dean Malenko (WCW United States Championship Match)

Bret Hart VS. Sabu (ECW TV Title Match)

Nikita Koloff/Bill Goldberg VS. The Dudley Boys VS. The Rattlesnakes (NWA United States Tag Team Championship/Three Way Dance Match)

Rob Van Dam VS. Tully Blanchard (WCW World TV Title Match)

As we get to the Antonio Inoki Wrestling Festival, we see that things are getting interesting. :)  Read the next chapter to see what is on the wrestlers minds.

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