Shane "The Franchise" Douglas VS. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair: A Long Time Coming!
pt. 4 - Day Of Rekconing

The Eliminators:
Perry Saturn & John Kronus

Baltimore, MD

The Baltimore Arena is jammed packed for this!  The festivities beforehand were spetacular as both national and international press were on hand for this event.  Joey Styles and Jim Ross were brought in on this one with rotating appearances by Gordon Solie, Bobby Hennan, Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Tenjiri VS. Ultimo Dragon

The internationally renowned Ultimo Dragon (former WCW Cruiserweight and J-Crown Champion no less) took on one of the best new talents in the game in Tenjiri.  The match saw a lot of moves, countermoves, and high-flying.  At one point, Tenjiri had caught Ultimo in his version of the "Dragon Suplex" but Ultimo kicked out, much to the shock of Tenjiri.  Undaunted, the young japanese superstar went for a bodyslam but Ultimo reversed it into the "Dragon Sleeper" submission hold!!  Tenjiri fought to get to the ropes but couldn't make it as he was forced to tap out.  Afterwards, both men shook hands and huged in appreciation of the other man's talents.

STYLES:  What a way to kick off The Antonio Inoki Peace Festival.  Ultimo Dragon wins the opener with that "Dragon Sleeper" on ECW mainstay Yoshiro Tenjiri.

ROSS:  Well, folks, we may see that manuver again later on as former IWGP Champion Tatsumi Fujinami takes on "Ravishing" Rick Rude for the NWA World TV Title but coming up next is a match for the very championship that Ultimo Dragon once proudly wore. The J-Crown Championship is next.

Rey Mysterio, Jr. VS. Super Crazy (J-Crown Title Match)

For this bout, Rey Mysterio, Jr. went back to his classic masked look as he took on another ECW luchador in the talented Super Crazy.  Using his weight advantage, SC pounded his smaller opponent with brutal high-risk manuvers mixed with some ground wrestling. Mysterio used speed and tecnique to make up for his lack of size.  At the ten minute mark, it looked to be over when SC nailed Rey with two missle dropkicks in a row along with a frogsplash!!  SC covered but only for a very close two count!!  Super Crazy went up for the top rope again for another move but, as he leaped at Mysterio, Rey jumped and caught SC with a hurracanrana as SC was coming down!  Rey quickly covered his foe for the three count and narrowly escaped with his J-Crown Title.

ROSS:  What a move!!  I've seen the hurancanrana--"Frankensteiner", whatever you want to call it---from some unusal positions but that had to be one of the most spetacular!

STYLES:  What is just as amazing is that Super Crazy is up on his feet after that.

ROSS:  Well, that young man deserves applause as he is getting right now from this Baltimore crowd and there will be another day for Super Crazy.  Coming up now is one unusal tag team match with "Buff" Bagwell from the nWo and Barry Windham of The Four Horsemen against former three time ECW Tag Team Champions The Eliminators.

STYLES:  What makes this match so strange is that we know that the nWo and the Horsemen are sworn enemies but Bagwell has had his share of problems with the nWo, particularly The Ultimate Warrior.  It'll be interesting to see how this match plays out.

Barry Windham/"Buff" Bagwell VS. The Eliminators

In this tag team match, the mixed team of members of the nWo and the Horsemen actually worked together pretty well against the established team of Perry Saturn and John Kronus, who were teaming up for the first time in a long time. The Windham/Bagwell team actually looked good and worked together well while Saturn and Kronus showed that they hadn't lost a step in their teamwork (ERV'S NOTE: Windham is a former WWF Tag Team Champion and NWA World Tag Team Champion while Bagwell is a four time former WCW World Tag Team Champion).  This competative bout saw both teams use some impressive double team moves to try to get the win.  At the fifteen minute mark, all hell broke loose as it turned into an unofficial Texas Tornado Matchup!!  The more experienced Eliminators took advantage of that environment and took control of the contest.  Still, Windham and Bagwell held their own until a lariat from Windham nailed Bagwell instead of Saturn!! In the confusion, Saturn and Kronus executed "TOTAL ELIMINATION" on Barry!!  As Saturn went for the pin, the ref tried to get Kronus out of the ring.  Saturn, frustrated, got up to fuss with the ref.  This opened the door for Bagwell to get in his "Blockbuster" neckbreaker on Saturn while the ref's back was turned!  Bagwell quickly pulled Barry on top of Saturn.  The ref turned around to see the pin and counted to three as Bagwell and Windham score a major upset!  Enraged, Saturn and Kronus execute "T.E." on the ref and leave to a chant of "bullshit, bullshit" from the fans protesting the outcome of the match.

STYLES:  Well, that is going to cost Saturn and Kronus some bread!

ROSS:  You certainly can't blame The Eliminators there.  They had the match won but the referee was out of position and Bagwell, seeing opportunity, took advantage and Windham and Bagwell score what has got to be considered an upset.

STYLES:  Well, now we are going to an interview with the man who hopes to become the new "IronMan" king, The Rock.

ROCK:  Finally, The Rock has come back to Baltimore, MD and he is here to electrify the people here in Maryland!!  You, Ricky Steamboat, will learn tonight first hand that The Rock is the people's choice, The Rock is the people's champ, and that The Rock is the original 'ironman'.  Steamboat, you were great in your day but now, in this modern era, The Rock will lay the smackdown on your roody poo candy ass!!  Prepare for a war Steamboat because there is nobody----and The Rock means NOBODY----that can hang with me for 30 minutes and come out the winner, IF YOU SMEEELLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'!!

Jushin "Thunder" Liger VS. 2 Cold Scorpio

In this battle of the top cruiserweights, former J-Crown champ 2 Cold Scorpio took on another former holder of that title in Jushin Liger.  This match, surprisingly started as a mat match up but, after five minutes of mat wrestling, they went to the air to treat the fans to an high-flying clinic!!  After 20 minutes had gone by, 2 Cold connected with a powerbomb and decided that it was time to go up for the "Disc That Don't Miss" (450 Splash).  He went up and leaped.......and got two knees to the gut from Liger!!  The match was pretty much over at that point as Liger finished off 2 Cold with his "Liger-bomb" (running powerbomb) for the victory!!

STYLES:  Well, that was one dozy of a match but now we go to Jerry "The King" Lawler who is with Arn "The Enforcer" Anderson, the challenger for TAZ and the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

LAWLER:  Hello Jim Ross and Joey Styles, I am standing with "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson who will challenge for the World Wrestling Federation I-C title held by "The Human Suplex Machine" TAZ.  Arn, I am just going to let you take it from here.

ANDERSON:  Thanks "King".  You know something, in the era of Gene and Ole Anderson, a guy like TAZ would've did them proud.  You, TAZ, are one tough son of a bitch.  You have the skills, the meaness, the willingness to get the job done in anyway possible.  Tonight, I will go so far as to say that we are meeting the mirror image of the other.  I have the skills, the meaness and the willingness to get the job done at all cost!  Tonight, two tough S.O.B's walk in that ring..........(Arn's voice gets quiet here) but only one will walk out.

Kevin Nash & Scott Hall VS. The New Age Outlaws w/Sunny (ECW World Tag Team #1 Contenders Match)

This match would determine the number one contenders to ECW Tag Team Champions Vader & Bam Bam Bigelow.  The cocky Outlaws took on the former WCW World Tag Team Champions and DX members The Outsiders.  This match saw it dominated mostly by Hall and Nash. Only the speed and dirty tactics of the NAO kept them in the contest.  At the ten minute mark, NAO managed to isolate Scott Hall when Hall went for a bulldog from the second rope but missed it on Billy Gunn.  Gunn quickly took advantage and executed his "Fameasser" on Hall for a close two count.

For the next eight minutes, "Mr. Ass" and "Road Dogg" Jesse James punished Hall and kept him from making the tag (not to mention Sunny using her "ass"est to keep the advantage to her team).  Still, the former four time I-C Champ kept battling back long enough to make the tag to Nash!  "Big Sexy" hit the ring using nothing but power to take down his opponents.  He whipped "Road Dogg" into the ropes and nailed him with his big boot.  Nash then signaled for the "jacknife" powerbomb when Tammy Lynn Sytch jumped up on the ring apron and "mooned" Nash (she did have on some very thin panties that covered her "private" parts though).  As Kevin stood frozen (as would I if I saw that), "Bad Ass" Billy got in a low blow on Nash. Meanwhile, Jesse James and Scott Hall battled it out on the outside of the ring with the ref trying to break them up.  Gunn now was setting up for the "FAmeasser" on Nash when, from the back, came Chris Candido to confront his former fiancee Tammy.  Gunn turned his attention away from the action to get involved.  Candido struck Gunn as he stuck his head out of the ring.  This gave Nash time to recover and deliever his "jacknife" on Gunn for the three count as Hall held "Road Dogg" on the outside.  The Outsiders will now face ECW Tag Team Champions Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow at a later date.

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