Here are some other links to some other wrestling sites on the web:

 Solie's Vintage Wrestling - The place where I really started!!!  Honestly, it is one of the best places on the web if your into weekly reports about wrestling today and flashbacks to yesteryear!!!

 Jon Shetler's RingWatch Home Page - Another good weekly newsletter!!!  He also has profiles, photos (many of which are here), and more!!!

 The Pro Wrestling Museum - The #1 source for profiles, pictures and information on pro wrestling on the web!!!

 Brandon Simpson's Wrestling Page - A fellow "neighbor" in Geocites!!! He has photos, fantasy wrestling leagues and more!!!

 The Stinger Splash!! - Worth a look!!!  Has reports on the Monday night shows as well as PPV!!

 The World Wide Web Wrestling Message Boards - Go here to say nearly anything at all on their various message boards!!!

I'll add more as time goes on!!!  See ya!!!

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Missy Hyatt
Former UWF & WCW valet
Photo provided by Jon Shetler, Jr.
Editor of RingWatch