WWF RAW IS WAR/WCW Monday Nitro, Pt. 2

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When we return, we see Raven getting loaded up onto an ambulance.  The medical people are now heading into the ambulance as the main doctor in charge tells the driver to take off.....except that he can't because Diamond Dallas Page has knocked him out of the ambulance. He then beats up everyone out of the ambulance, leaving himself and Raven on there.  Raven is tied to the stretcher so he can't get out.  DDP drives off in the ambulance with Raven tied up in the back.

TONY:  This is incredible!!  I'll use one of your lines JR and say what the hell is Page doing?

ROSS:  Don't know but it doesn't look good for Raven.

LAWLER:  Where is he taking him? He's gone crazy!!  Somebody stop him!!

ROSS:  Well, why don't you go out there and stop him?  Nobody is going to get involved in this.

HEENAN:  Well, you better call The Texas Rangers out for this one because DDP has snapped and he's libal to do anything in the frame of mind he's in.

As the broadcasters talk, DDP comes to a cliff that has a 10-12ft. drop over it.  He then gets up to high speed and jumps out of it, leaving Raven inside to crash with the ambulance!!!

ROSS:  Good god almighty!!!  Good god almighty!!  He's dead!!

LAWLER:  He's got to be finished after that!!

Tony and Co. are speechless by what they have just seen.  DDP has actually commited attempted murder!!  They now cut to a commercial break to clear this thing up.

When we return, another ambulance has rescued Raven from the banged up vehicle that contained him.  Amazingly, he managed to survive the ordeal but will have to be taken to the hospital.  Meanwhile, the police can't find no trace of DDP as he has left the messy scene entirely.
Meanwhile, "the show must go on" as they say as another WCW U.S. Title matchup is underway.

Ken Shamrock VS. Ron "Hands Of Stone" Garvin

In this brutal affair, neither man would give up an inch.  Garvin had a big experience edge but Shamrock was an intense animal!!  This match managed to get the announcers' minds off of what had just happened as Garvin and Shamrock was looking for that big blow to take the other out of the match. Near the end of the time limit, Shamrock had Garvin trapped in his anklelock hold but Garvin managed to get to the ropes for a break.  Shamrock then whipped Garvin into the ropes but Garvin held onto the ropes to avoid an attempted clothesline from Shamrock.  Garvin countered with his "hands of stone" knockout punch that floored Shamrock!!  Garvin covered Shamrock but somehow, "The World's Most Dangerous Man" kicked out.  Garvin then went for his "Garvin Stomp" on Shamrock but, as he was starting the move, Ken grabbed his leg and took him down into the anklelock!  Garvin tried valiantly to get to the ropes but couldn't make it.  He finally tapped out and Shamrock advanced in the tourney.

Barry Windham VS. Cactus Jack

In this clash of styles, the scientifically deadly Windham took on the crazed Cactus Jack in a wild brawl.  Cactus amazingly held the advantage for most of this bout against the tall Texan but Windham had a plan of his own.  As Cactus went for his double-underhook DDT, Windham quickly scooped the legs from under Cactus.  He then rolled him up and used the ropes for leverage to gain a tainted win and advance into the next round.

We now go to a commercial break.  When we return, we find Michael Cole who has chased down Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Kimberly.  The two were en route to The Summit when the DDP/Raven incident happened and they just learned about it a few minutes ago. Cole is now with them.

COLE:  Ladies and gentlemen, we are now with Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Kimberly Page, the estranged wife of Diamond Dallas Page.  Now, I know you just heard about what DDP did your partner and student, the WWF Eurpoean Champion Raven and......

ROBERTS:  And you want to know what I think?  I'll tell you what I think!!  I think the man should be locked up!!  Why isn't he in custody?  Hey Dallas, don't blame me or Raven if you wasn't man enough to be with Kim......

At this point, Kimberly lets out a scream as DDP rushes into the area where the interview is taking place.  He breezed past both Cole and Kimberly and lunged at Jake!!  He is tearing into Jake Roberts with the fury of a madman!  At this point, security has gotten word of this and are rushing in to arrest DDP!!  They try to restrain him with no success.  They are finally forced to spray mace in his face and use a tazer on him to get the cuffs on him.  Screams and curses from both Jake and DDP are being heard as we go to another commercial.

When we return, we see DDP being loaded into a police car and being taken away to the station. As the commentators talk about this, we get ready for an anticipated battle in the U.S. title tourney.

ROUND 2 Of The WCW U.S. tourney

Magnum T.A. VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

The current NWA United States Tag Team Champions are now forced to renew their old feud as they vied for the WCW United States Title.  Neither competitor wasted any time as they slapped hands in respect but let the other know that they was going to go for it!!  The two traded brawling tactics and scientific holds in this bout.  At the 25 minute mark, Magnum T.A. went for a right hand but Austin ducked it, got in his boot and nailed him with "The Stone Cold Stunner"!!  Austin covered but Magnum kicked away at the last minute!!  Somehow, Austin wasn't that shocked at this.  Still, he continued the attack as he set up for a running clothesline.  But, Magnum countered that with his belly to belly suplex!!  Magnum covered but only got two as well as Austin kicked out of it!!  As Magnum was going for another move, down came Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson, the former NWA United States Tag Team Champions!!  The Horsemen attacked both "The Boss" and "Stone Cold".  The ref threw the match out as "no contest" as the four men battled it out in the ring.  As the "Rattlesnakes" managed to get the upper hand and drive the Horsemen away, the ref told them of his decision.  Their response to that was Magnum picking up the ref in a waistlock and Austin executing his "Stunner" on the ref!!  They then took out some beers and drunk them over the prone body of the ref as the crowd both cheered and laughed at this.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley VS. Barry Windham

In the first meeting ever between these two, Triple H and Windham wrestled a clinic in scientific rulebreaking as these two had a dandy of a match.  The match saw its turning point when Triple H countered a backdrop attempt by Windham by hooking his head and ramming Windham into his knee!!  Triple H then went for a clothesline but Windham ducked down and executed a "Hot Shot" on the DX member.  Windham quickly hit the ropes and leveled Hunter with his "lariat" clothesline and covered him.  Windham now is one win away from the WCW U.S. Title as he is in the finals.

Ken Shamrock VS. Perry Saturn

These two old enemies are having a donny brook of a match to see who will go on to face Windham for the U.S. title.  Saturn dominates most of the match only because Shamrock had already wrestled earlier in the night while Saturn won reluctantly by forfeit.  He is ready for the kill as he signals for his DVD move (Death Valley Driver) but, as he goes for the fireman's carry portion of it, Shamrock quickly slides behind him and executes a hunnacanrana on Saturn.  He then slaps on his anklelock hold on Saturn.  Saturn tries to hold on but finally taps out as Shamrock wins.  Afterwards, members of The Shoot Foundation come down.  This includes The Rock, Bret Hart, Dan Severn, The British Bulldogs and Owen Hart.  They gang up on Saturn, pounding the living daylights out of him.  Then, a shot rings out from the speakers followed by the tune of "Natural Born Killers"!!  It is Shane "The Franchise" Douglas, followed by his own Triple Threat of Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow.  They are followed by ECW wrestlers Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, John Kronus (the former partner of Saturn), and New Jack, who is bringing a trash can full of weapons to the ring.  New Jack throws the can and nails The Rock flush in the head!!  It is total mayhem in the ring as the ECW contingent (including Saturn) is waging war with The Shoot Foundation!! Shamrock and Saturn have hooked it back up.  Ken goes for a right hand that misses, not realizing that Kronus is behind him.  Saturn ducks and Shamrock sees Kronus.  The former tag team partners then nail the former UFC Superfight Champ with "Total Elimination"!!  The other matchups look like this, Owen VS. New Jack, Bigelow VS. Severn, Dreamer VS. Bret, The Rock VS. Douglas, The Sandman VS. Davey Boy Smith and Candido VS. Dynamite.  The ref's and other security are trying to restore order as Nitro/RAW is taking another commercial break in this action packed show!!

When we come back, the announcers are showing what went on after the break.  The ECW contingent was left in the ring while The Shoot Foundation were being escorted back the aisle.  Wrestlers on both sides were screaming and cursing at each other, with Bret being the most vocal:

BRET:  Yeah, you got over on us tonight you son of a bitch!!  But, there is always tommorow and the next time, we are going to stretch you collective asses all over that ring and.......

By this time, the film was cut off and we resumed regular programing.

ROSS:  I'll tell you guys, what a mess you have over in San Antonio.  I guess it is clear that the war with ECW and The Shoot Foundation is far from over.

HEENAN:  Well, I'll tell you guys something, if that's any indication of how this feud is going to go, we are in for some interesting times gentlemen.

At this point, Tony begins to say something when the lights go out!!

TONY:  Oh, boy.  What else can happen tonight?

He gets his answer when the music of the Undertaker starts to play.  Then, out come the Unified World Tag Team Champions of UT and Sting.  Both dress very scary looking.  UT with his big, black robe while Sting has his black and white crow outfit on.  They make their way to the ring and Sting has the mic:

STING:  You know, this past week there have been some rumblings from the camp of the nWo, particularly Rick & Scott Steiner.  Well, just yesterday, we signed a contract to meet them in a title match tonight but where are they?  We're here and we are ready to rumble!!

At this point, Eric Bischoff comes down.

BISCHOFF:  First of all, no one tells any member of the nWo when to come down.  The Steiners will come down whenever they want, wherever they want, and you two Addams Family rejects need to realize that.

Now, UT grabs Bischoff and takes the mic:

UNDERTAKER:  First, you need to watch your mouth and your ass.  Second, if The Steiners don't want to take a trip to the dark side tonight, then how about WWF WrestleMania?  Certainly, they will have developed some....as you mortals will say.....balls by then?

Bischoff as a worried look on his face now.

UNDERTAKER:  Oh, and since you are playing "messager boy", why don't you send them another message.

With that, Sting grabs Bischoff and executes the "Scorpion DeathDrop" on Bischoff!!  UT then goes to the top rope and stands there.  Sting then picks up Bischoff in a verticle suplex and hands him over to UT.  Then, "The Dead Man" does his tombstone piledriver from the top rope to the ring (I call this move "Rest In Pieces")!!  Bischoff's head is driven into the mat!  The Steiners then come down to drag Bischoff out of the ring as the champs stand in the ring.  The Steiners scream for revenge as they accept the challenge for WrestleMania.

As we go for the final break, the announcers tell everyone that the final two matches are the U.S. title final and TAZ VS. Shawn Michaels for the WWF Intercontiental Title.

When we return, we are told that another stipulation is added to the TAZ/Michaels encounter and that's it is "Submission/I Quit" match!!  That means no pins, no DQ's or countouts.  The wrestler loses when the opponent either says "I Quit" or taps out for the submission.  But, we now have our U.S. tournament final


Ken Shamrock VS. Barry Windham

In this bout, the time limit has been removed to get a definite winner.  Both men pulled out all of the stops as Windham wore his black glove for this bout.  The glove, of course, is what he uses for his clawhold.  Ten minutes into the bout, he slapped it on Shamrock but Ken countered with a Fujiwarmi armbar to break that hold.  Shamrock then went for his anklelock but Windham got to the ropes for a break.  At this point, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair make their way down.  Almost immediately, Dan Severn, Bret Hart and Owen Hart come down to cut off the Horsemen.  As this standoff takes place outside the ring, Windham has just executed his superplex from the top rope and has the match won but the ref is trying to get the respective factions back to the locker room.  Shamrock takes advantage of the situation and executes a belly to belly suplex on Windham.  By this time, the ref returns and counts down Windham as Shamrock has won the WCW United States Title!!  The Shoot Foundation has another champ in their stable as Severn and The Harts come in to congradulate their comrade.  Meanwhile, The Horsemen are left in the ring to brood over what just happened.

When we come back from break, it is announced that Tully and Arn will have a rematch for the NWA United States Tag Team Titles against Magnum and SCSA, Windham will have a rematch against Shamrock for the WCW U.S. title as well as Flair's shot at the WWF Title against "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash.  We now prepare for the sudden, historic bout between TAZ and Shawn Michaels.

End Of Part 2
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