WCW Monday Nitro II

Chris "The Crippler" Benoit VS. Eddie Gurerro
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This takes place on the second week of January, almost a month after Starrcade.

The show starts off with Tony Schivone, Larry Z and Mike Tenay introducing the show.

SCHIVONE: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WCW Monday Nitro!!! We are coming to you from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am Tony Schivone with "The Living Legend" Larry Zybsco and "Iron" Mike Tenay. Tonight, we have a big announcement concerning WCW's possible participation in the WWF's Royal Rumble event coming up in 13 days in Houston, TX. We have with us tonight NWA United States Champion Goldberg VS. our United States Champion Chris "The Crippler" Benoit in a battle of United States Champions!!!

TENAY: This bout was made at the request of both men. If you recall at WCW World War 3 in Norfolk, VA, Chris Benoit earned a title shot at WCW World Champion Shawn "HeartBreak Kid" Michaels. The man that he eliminated to get the title shot was Goldberg. Tonight, neither title is on the line but pride is on the line Larry.

LARRY Z: Well, you have the "human wolverine" in Benoit. Great mat technican, incredible intensity and is great with submissions but Goldberg is a near unstoppable force. He also has a fire within him as well. This is going to be a tough bout for both men.

SCHIVONE: Also joining us is new ECW Heavyweight Champion Magnum TA. That's right, Magnum went to the infamous ECW Arena in Philadelphia (the footage is rolling as Tony talks) and took the title from Shane "The Franchise" Douglas in a 30 minute IronMan match. While I have, as many of us have, said choice words about ECW and its wrestlers, you can't take away from the effort of Douglas. That was one of the best matches that I have ever witnessed.

TENAY: You really can't Tony. Douglas and Magnum wrestled one of the finest IronMan matches that I have ever witnessed. But, I don't think that this feud is over by a long shot. In fact, I understand that "The Triple Threat" is here tonight as well and you know that spells trouble for Magnum. Also, we may find out why is the "WarGames" cage hanging overhead and why is there two rings erected up tonight on........

At this point, the music of Degeneration X plays.

SCHIVONE: Well, we may not have to wait long to find out what's going on. Here comes members of DX.

Indeed, out comes "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx, NWA World Television Champion "Ravishing" Rick Rude, and "Macho Man" Randy Savage. They come out in full wrestling gear as they make their way to the ring. Nash has the mic.

NASH: How's everybody?!!!

The crowd responds enthusiastically.

NASH: DX is in the hoooouuuussssseee!!!

The crowd pops for that as well.

NASH: Now, you may be wondering why is there two rings here and why is the WarGames cage erected above our heads? Well, it is real simple. When we left the nWo to join up with DX, we also left behind our WolfPack moniker. Now, Sting, The Undertaker, Lex Luger, Vader and Benoit have seen fit to take our name without even asking our permission. So, seeing that is the case, we want to see if you have what it takes to carry the name. This in here, along with Curt Hennig who is not here tonight, is the "original" WolfPack. We know that the imposters are here in the building tonight and if they got the guts, they will face us in a WarGames match tonight!!!

The crowd goes silent over this announcement. The announcers are in a state of shock. At this point, Hall has the mic.

HALL: Hey, yo. "CubPack", if you want the real "WolfPack" then don't sing it, bring it!!!

NASH: Hit the music!!

Something does play but it is not the DX music. A voice booms over the speakers as the lights go out. The voice says, "REST IN PEACE!!!", followed by the wolf howl and rap music of the WolfPack (the same theme that is used in real life). Out comes Unified World Tag Champions UT and Sting along with WWF World Champion Vader, Lex Luger and WCW United States Champion Chris Benoit. They hit the ring and stand side by side in front of the "original" WolfPack. UT has a mic of his own.

UNDERTAKER: So, you have a problem with us using your name? Well, the last that I checked, the name wasn't copyrighted (he says this in a sarcastic tone). If you want us in a WarGames match, then lets do it.

The other members of UT's WolfPack stand there stoic but ready for an attack. UT raises his hands and bolts of lighting strikes the ring and causes a bright light. A second later, UT and his crew have disappeared. Nash and Co. have bewildered looks on their faces as the announcers talk about what has just happened.

SCHIVONE: This is unheard of fans!!! Never has a WarGames bout taken place on free TV and I have been just been handed a note saying that WCW is going to let the match happened "unsanctioned". That means that WCW will not be responsible for whatever happens in this gigantic main event here on WCW Monday Nitro.

The announcers also go on to explain that because of this WarGames challenge, the "Battle Of US Champions" between Benoit and Goldberg will be moved to The Royal Rumble event on PPV.

Dean Malenko VS. 2 Cold Scorpio (J-Crown Championship Match)

The WCW Cruiserweight Title was not up for grabs but Malenko's J-Crown belt was as Dean faced the man that he defeated for the title at Starrcade in the person of 2 Cold Scorpio. This bout was a close one as both men traded mat holds and high-flying moves. Fifteen minutes into the bout, Malenko goes for the Texas Cloverleaf but 2 Cold makes it to the ropes before the hold could be completely applied. Malenko then picked up Scorpio and executed a chicken-wing powerbomb on Scorpio. He went for the T.C. again but Scorpio rolled him up and got the three count as he regained the J-Crown title. Angry but gracious, Malenko and Scorpio shook hands and handed each other their respective titles.

After that bout, WCW Executive JJ Dillion comes out to make a public announcement.

DILLION: Ladies and gentlemen, we are please to announce the return of one of the best supercards of the 80's. In 1986, Jim Crockett, Jr. invented the Jim Crockett, Sr. Memorial Cup. Twenty four teams in a one day tourney for a prize of $1,000,000.00. Well, on March 16 of this year, we will see the return of the Memorial Cup with a field of 32 teams for the purse of $5,000,000.00 (this drew gasps and cheers from the crowd). Teams will be announced in the coming weeks as well as pairings for the first round.

Magnum TA VS. Chris Candido w/Tammy Fytch (ECW Heavyweight Title Match)
The announcers explain that because this is an ECW match, the match basically has no rules. Candido actually dominated most of this bout as he is the better wrestler of the two. He still, however, could not put down Magnum for the three count. Ten minutes into it, Sunny gets up on the apron to distract the referee. Meanwhile, Candido has brought a chair into the ring. He lays it down flat in the middle of the ring and brings Magnum over. He goes for a powerbomb on Magnum but Magnum flips out of it in mid-move. Then, Magnum executes a powerbomb of his own onto the chair. He covers Candido for only a two count. Magnum then goes to the top rope for a manuvear but Tammy upsets the balance of Magnum by shaking the top rope. Magnum lands crotch-first on the turnbuckle. Candido takes advantage by superplexing him from the middle rope. Both men, however, hit hard on the canvas. Candido manages to make a cover but only gets two. As both men try to get to their feet, Candido pulls Magnum up by the hair from behind. Candido has set himself up because Magnum quickly grabs his head and executes "The Stone Cold Stunner" on Candido (Magnum has used the move on and off in my stories)!!! Magnum quickly rolls up Candido for the three count and retains the ECW title. Tammy is having a fit in the ring. Meanwhile, as Magnum tries to leave, here comes Shane Douglas. Magnum sees him in time and executes his belly to belly suplex on the concrete floor on Douglas!! This move, however, leaves him open for a quick crotch-kick from Francine followed by a vicious attack from Bam Bam Bigelow. Bigelow throws Magnum back into the ring. He places Magnum up on the top turnbuckle in a backwards seating position. He then signals for Candido to go to the top rope as Bam Bam climbs to the opposite side top rope. Candido executes his "Blonde Bombshell" on Magnum (a powerbomb from the top rope). Almost immediately after Magnum hit the canvas, Bam Bam dives off with his 393 pound "Nuclear Splash" on Magnum!!! Magnum is laid out in the ring holding his ribcage. The Triple Threat now leave as they help Douglas out of the area while medical personel tend to Magnum.


The ring announcer here is Michael Buffer and the cage has been lowered and secured.

BUFFER: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the feature event here on WCW Nitro. It is a WarGames contest between members of Degeneration X and The WolfPack. Cedar Rapids, Iowa are you ready? I said, are you reaaaaaadddddy?!!! For the thousands in attendence and the millions watching at home, LET'S GET READY TO RUMMMMMMMBLLLLLLEEEE!!!

At this point, the music of DX plays. Hall, Rude and Savage come out in wrestling gear while Syxx and Nash come out in street clothes. Nash is wearing a DX shirt with blue jeans while Syxx is wearing a DX shirt with faded jeans. Both men are wearing black boots.

BUFFER: Coming to the ring at this time is members of Degeneration X. We have Syxx, Scott Hall, "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, the NWA World Television Champion "Ravishing" Rick Rude and Randy "Macho Man" Savage!!!!

DX has now made it to ringside. They are getting the crowd into this one, especially Nash and Syxx.

BUFFER: Now, their opponents.

The voice comes over the speakers again saying "REST IN PEACE" followed by the wolf howl and the rap music. The Undertaker comes out first standing in his classic outfit (the old coat and hat with gray gloves). He raises his hands and uses a lighting effect that strikes the top of the cage. When the smoke clears, there stand the other members of the WolfPack on top of the cage. Everyone is in wrestling gear except Luger who is wearing black jeans and black boots with no shirt. They climb down from the cage and get set for the action as DX stands in bewilderment.


Now, comes the decision on who shall hit the ring first. Rude goes in with a mic.

RUDE: Hey Benoit!! I've wanted a piece of you since that Japan card when you took my US title. Get your ass in here!!!

Benoit nods in agreement as he hits the ring and the match is underway. Benoit waits for Rude to come over to his side of the cage as the two trade fists back and forth. Benoit gets the better of the exchange as he tries to whip Rude into the ropes. Rude counters by reversing the whip, getting in an arm-twist and leveling Benoit with a clotheline. Rude then goes to work with forearms to the back and the head of Benoit. He has him near the ropes and takes advantage by putting his foot on the throat of Benoit, choking him out and using the second rope for leverage. He then picks up Benoit and delivers a crushing bodyslam!! He stands over Benoit and does his traditional "gyrations", taunting the "Canadian Crippler". Rude then goes back to work on Benoit with kicks to the chest area. Benoit manages to get to his feet and throws a hard chop to the chest!! Rude comes back with a forearm but Benoit comes back with a chop again. The two trade back and forth before Rude stops it with a rack of the face. Rude then throws Benoit into the ropes but Benoit reverses it and executes a backdrop that sends Rude to the other ring!! Benoit then gets a running start and dives over both rings and nails Rude with a clotheline. Benoit then does a little stomping of his own as he kicks Rude down in the corner. He then picks up Rude and give him his snap-suplex. He follows that up with a standing headbutt to a prone Rude. He then hooks him a suplex position again, cradles the leg and executes a "FishermanBuster Suplex" on Rude. Rude's world is being rocked right now as Benoit is in control with 2 1/2 minutes left in the period. Benoit goes to the top rope and executes his diving headbutt on Rude. Benoit is feeling good as he circles Rude for his "Crippler Crossface." Rude is slowly getting up as Benoit circles behind him. When Rude reaches his feet, Benoit moves in and grabs the arm but as he goes to take him down, Rude back-kicks Benoit in the shin to stop Benoit. He then turns around, drops to his knees and hits him with a quick low-blow. With Benoit doubled over, Rude hooks in a piledriver on Benoit. Rude's head is still woozy from that "FishermanBuster" earlier in the period but he has Benoit rocked as well. Rude moves in, grabs Benoit by the hair and goes for a ram into the cage but Benoit reverses it and sends Rude into the cyclone fence head-first. When Rude comes off, Benoit gets in a DDT on him. Rude has a small cut open from the DDT and the cage ramming. Benoit sees the opening with 30 seconds left in the period. He goes to work on it with kicks and stomps to the head. He then gets on one knee and lays in right hands to the head of Rude. Rude is bleeding heavy now as Benoit has taken command. This continues as the period ends. The coin toss takes place and it is the "original" WolfPack that wins it. Syxx is the next man to enter the WarGames.


Syxx comes in but Benoit is ready for him as he hits him with a hard chop that knocks him down. Benoit fires Syxx into the ropes and levels him with a clothesline. Syxx gets back to his feet and staggers backwards into a corner. He lashes out with a kick to the gut of Benoit and hits him with one of his spinning kicks right in the jaw. Syxx goes for it again but Benoit ducks him and hooks in the "Crippler Crossface." Syxx is feeling the pain as Benoit is pouring it on. Benoit, however, doesn't keep his eye on Rick Rude, who has made it back to his feet. Rude drops a hard forearm on Benoit's head, breaking the hold on Syxx. The bloody "Ravishing" one is opening up on Benoit with forearms and elbows to the face and neck. Syxx, meanwhile, has made it back to his feet and now it has turned into a two on one with one minute left in the period. Syxx takes Benoit, whips him into a corner and follows Benoit in with a dropkick. The "Crippler" goes down on his ass in the corner. Syxx then executes his "Bronco Buster" on Benoit, putting more punishment on the head and neck. Rude follows that up with kicks to the ribs of Benoit. They then put Benoit on the top turnbuckle backwards with 15 seconds left. Rude hooks the head in the "Rude Awakening" position and attempts to perform the move with Benoit on the top turnbuckle. Benoit holds on to the fence of the cage for dear life as Syxx tries to knock him loose. Meanwhile, the time winds down for the next wrestler to come in.


The next man is Sting. He hits the ring and heads over to where Benoit, Syxx and Rude are. Syxx has just gotten Benoit's hands free so Rude can execute the "R.A." on Benoit. Sting kicks Rude in the gut just before he can get it off, saving Benoit from serious injury. Syxx comes in and gets decked to the canvas. Rude comes over and gets a dropkick from Sting. Sting then military presses Syxx and throws him over to the other ring. Syxx lands hard on the canvas; he is holding his left shoulder. Rude and Sting, meanwhile, continue their long war by trading rights and lefts. Sting manages to get the upper hand by concentrating his punches on the cut that Rude has on his forehead. Benoit has now made it to the other ring with an injured Syxx backpedaling. Benoit follows him in with kicks to that bad shoulder. Benoit then hooks in a hammerlock, gets behind Syxx and executes a back suplex that drops Syxx on his shoulder as well as his back. Syxx is feeling the pain as Benoit continues to batter that arm. Meanwhile, Rude manages to take back the advantage by kicking Sting low. With Sting's back to him, he drives a knee into the back of Sting that sends him into the cage headfirst. When Sting walks backwards, Rude slaps on the "Rude Awakening" neckbreaker on Sting!!! Rude then straddles his downed foe and does his famous "bump and grind" taunt over Sting. "Who's the man now Sting?" screams Rude as he follows it up with insulting slaps to the face. Benoit sees that Sting is in trouble and goes to help, leaving Syxx behind who is in a bad way right now with 30 seconds left in the match. Rude and Benoit go toe to toe, trading shots back and forth. Rude takes the advantage with a quick chop to the throat area of Benoit. The "Crippler" goes down from this and Rude follows up with forearm smashes to the head of Benoit. Syxx has managed to make his way over with Sting coming up to his feet. Syxx gets in a quick kick to the gut of Sting that backs him into a corner. Sting does see that Syxx is favoring that left shoulder so he punches him in that bad shoulder. This causes "Syxx-Pac" to back up in pain with the period ending.


Next into the cage is Randy "Macho Man" Savage. He comes in and nails Sting in the back of the head with a running elbow. Savage then takes him and rams him into the fence. This opens a good cut on Sting. Savage goes to work on it with several right hands to the face of Sting. Meanwhile, Syxx and Rude double up on Benoit. Rude has Benoit in a Boston Crab while Syxx drops repeated legdrops on the back of Benoit's head. Sting fights Savage back valiantly but the "Macho Man" is too fresh at this point. He takes Sting down with a bodyslam. He then goes to the top rope, waits for Sting to get up, and nails him with his patened double-axhandle to the back of the head. Sting goes down. Meanwhile, Benoit has managed to escape the clutches of Syxx and Rude as he rams both of their heads together. Rude's bleeding had stopped but has now started again thanks to this move. Benoit then takes Syxx and rams his bad shoulder into the cage. This has opened a cut on the shoulder of "6-Pac". Benoit now hooks in a double-arm chicken wing hammerlock on Syxx. While he won't get a submission at this point, he will certainly mess Syxx up for later on. Meanwhile, Rude is now helping Savage as he holds Sting down to the mat with a front-facelock. Savage then dives off of the second rope with repeated elbowsmashes to the back of Sting. He then follows that up with a belt that he brought into the cage with him. He lashes Sting ten times with the belt as the period ends.


Coming to help the WolfPack now is Lex Luger. Rude releases the hold on Sting to go over to fight Luger. Luger meets him with right hands as Rude enters the other ring. Meanwhile, Benoit still has Syxx in the double-arm chicken wing hammerlock but Savage puts an end to that with an elbow to the back of the head. He then takes Benoit and rams the back of his head into the cage. Syxx, meanwhile, goes to a corner and tries to recover as his left shoulder is hurting and bleeding. Savage goes for a suplex but Benoit blocks it and reverses it into his snap-suplex. Savage is down but not too badly hurt. Meanwhile, Luger has taken over on Rude as he military presses him ten times, ramming Rude's back into the roof of the cage while doing them. Luger then finally slams him down. Rude is now favoring his lower back. Luger goes to work on Rude with kicks and elbowdrops onto that back. Rude manages to get to his feet and rakes the eyes of Luger. Rude then hooks in a piledriver but this hurts Rude more than Luger because Rude holds his back after executing the move and Luger didn't really feel the move as he pops back up to his feet. Luger then takes the stunned Rude and catches him in a powerslam. Luger then puts "The Human Torture Rack" on Rude!! While this won't count as a submission, this is taking a lot of starch out of Rude. Savage, meanwhile, sees what is going on and tries to go over to help but Benoit cuts him off. Syxx, however, does get over there and executes a side kick (much like Shawn Michaels' "Sweet Chin Music" superkick) to the jaw of Luger. Luger goes down and releases Rude from the "Rack." Syxx, bad/bleeding shoulder and all, follows that up with kicks to the head of Luger. Sting makes it over and stops Syxx by using the belt that was used earlier on him. He whips Syxx in his bad shoulder. This is causing stinging pain to Syxx as he falls to his knees. Luger then gets up, holds Syxx down with his arm streched out, and lets Sting whip Syxx's bad arm while Rude is still down. Meanwhile, Benoit has Savage down and in a "Dragon Sleeper" with ten seconds left in the period. He holds the hold until the end of the period.


It is Scott Hall of DX. He comes in and nails Benoit in the back of the head with a kick. He then puts his version of the chokeslam on Benoit. He picks up Benoit in that hold again but this time he sends the back of Benoit's head into the cage. Sting comes over and throws a clotheline but Hall ducks it. He then kicks Sting in the gut and executes his "Razor's Edge" powerbomb on Sting. Meanwhile, Syxx, Savage, and Rude have made it back up to their feet. Savage goes to the second rope and drops an elbow to the back of Benoit's head, which is bleeding now. Syxx and Rude, battered and bloodied, work over Luger in the second ring. Sting left behind the leather belt in that ring and Syxx is now using it to choke Luger as Rude lays in the kicks to the chisled midsection of Luger. Rude then throws a "field-goal" kick to the nuts of Luger!!! Luger howls an inhuman cry from the pain of that blow (as would any man). Everyone except Hall, Savage, and Sting at this point (although Sting does have some bruises from those lashes he took earlier). Luger is bleeding from the nose and lip thanks to Syxx's kick, Rude is bleeding from the forehead, Syxx is bleeding from the shoulder and Benoit is bleeding on the back of the head. While Syxx and Rude work over a helpless Luger, Sting is just getting to his feet but he is still stunned from the "R.E." powerbomb earlier. Hall is still working him over with right hands to the face while Benoit and Savage are still tearing into each other. The "Macho Man" is still working over the cut on the back of Benoit's head with fists to it. Benoit fends him off with a mule-kick to the balls. This is pretty much the way this period goes until it ends.


The next man in is Vader. He hits the ring and goes for Syxx and Rude. Rude goes in and gets squashed!!! Syxx tries one of his spin kicks but Vader catches him, lifts him up and throws him down like garbage. Vader then hits the ropes and splashes the 220lbs. Syxx. Syxx is now holding his ribs. Rude comes over and pounds Vader with forearms to the head and back. It has some effect but not much. He whips Vader into the ropes but Vader reverses it and catches Rude in a powerslam. Luger has recovered somewhat and is back on his feet. Courageously, Syxx gets to his feet and is actually fighting Luger back despite the pain to his ribs and left shoulder!! It is now a four on four battle with Luger/Vader VS. Rude/Syxx in one ring and Savage/Hall VS. Sting/Benoit in the other ring. Speaking of them, Sting has now come back on Scott Hall with the "Stinger Splash." He moves in with the "Scorpion DeathDrop" on Hall. Hall's head bounces off of the mat like a rubber ball. Sting is now going for the "Scorpion Deathlock" on Hall. Savage sees this and quickly rakes the eyes of Benoit. He then kicks Sting in the chest just as Sting had Hall turned over. Savage then levels Sting with a clothesline. Benoit leaps over and punches Savage in the back of the head. He backs Savage into the corner and fires off his chops to the chest of Savage. He also alternates his chops with kicks to the ribs of Savage as well. In the other ring, Rude has actually taken over on Vader with a belly to belly suplex. He then goes over and helps a gutsy Syxx with Luger. Vader, however, is back up and nails Rude with a right to the head. This continues until the period ends.


It is now Kevin Nash's turn to enter this field. He comes in and storms the ring. He nails Sting with his big boot and levels Benoit with a clothesline. Nash then heads to the other ring and kicks Luger in the mid-section. He then powerbombs him and heads over to Rude and Vader. Vader and Nash are going at it to the approval of the crowd. Syxx and Rude go back to double teaming Luger while Savage and Hall are having a field day with Sting and Benoit. Luger has taken the worst beating as he has been repeatedly been double teamed. This carnage (except for the Vader/Nash battle) continues all through the remainder of the period.


The Undertaker has now hit the ring and double-clotheslines Rude and Syxx. He then hits the ropes and dives over to the other ring and tackles Hall down to the canvas. Savage moves in but is caught by the throat by UT. UT then lifts Savage up into the chokeslam and drives him down to the canvas. Nash leaves Vader and calls for UT. UT goes back over to the other ring. The two leaders of their respective WolfPack factions are now nose to nose. Suddenly, there is an eruption in the ring!!! The nWo has invaded the WarGames cage!!! All members including Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, "Buff" Bagwell, Bryan Adams, Vincent, Scott Norton, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Raven, "Hollywood" Hogan along with.....THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!! Yep, you read that correctly. He was the mystery man in the Starrcade: Aftermath story. Anyway, all members of the nWo are doing a number on everyone in the ring. Even UT and Nash (who are the freshest in the ring) are taking a pounding. Adams has a hot branding iron in his hands. Hogan then orders the rest of the nWo to get Nash and UT. They rip open the shirts of UT and Nash and brand them on the chest with the nWo logo!!! The Warrior especially takes great pleasure in branding UT as they have had their wars in the past. Satisfied with the carnage, the nWo leaves to a chorus of boos. The match is ruled a no-contest.

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