NWA SummerSlam, pt. 2

by Mickey Alderson


NWA SummerSlam
featuring Hell In The Cell
The United Center- Chicago, IL
August 30, 1998

Shawn "HeartBreak Kid" Michaels
Photo appears at the WWF Impact Web Site

"Welcome to what could be the biggest PPV in professional wrestling history- the first ever NWA SUMMERSLAM!!! Good evening everybody, I'm your host Jim Ross, and with me for this momentous occasion is Tony Schiavone, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and our special guest announcer for tonight's main event, Gordon Solie!!! We have a huge, stacked card for your enjoyment tonight, including the huge matchup between Kevin Nash of the Wolfpack and Bill Goldberg of the Horsemen! Also tonight, we will be bringing you the "Hell In The Cell" matchup between 2 of the biggest stars in the sport- the rattlesnake himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the leader of the Wolfpack- Sting! But the biggest match of the night is our main event- the NWA World Heavyweight Title Match between the champion, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, and the one and only true icon in our sport, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, in what could be the final match of his career! That's right, fans, if Ric Flair loses this match tonight, he will be forced to retire forever from the sport of professional wrestling! All through the night tonight, we will be taking some looks back on the great history of this legendary performer- from his first World Title win against Harley Race, to the formation of the Four Horsemen, some of his greatest matches against the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Lex Luger, and others, his first "retirement match" against Vader in 1993, all the way to the present, where he has put his career on the line once again, to walk that aisle one more time as the heavyweight champion of the world!" But, we have some other great matches on tap, so let's get down to Gary Michael Cappetta for our first match of the evening!"

Cappetta: "Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to NWA Summerslam!!! The first contest of the night will be for the NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship! First, the challenger- from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan- TAKA Michinoku! And, the Champion, from San Diego, CA- Rey Mysterio Jr.!"

Match #1: TAKA Michinoku v. REY MYSTERIO JR. (NWA World Light Heavyweight Title Match)

Both men shake hands before the bell, in a show of mutual respect. Several acrobatic moves to start out, but no advantage is gained. Finally, TAKA whips Rey into the ropes, and catches him in a huracanrana! He picks Rey up for an attempted powerbomb, but Rey wriggles free, and executes a spinning leg whip that throws TAKA to the other side of the ring. He runs at TAKA, but is backdropped to the floor. TAKA then hits his no-hands plancha onto Rey on the floor! Back in the ring, and TAKA tries to suplex Rey from the apron into the ring, but Rey breaks it up with a couple of forearm shots, then hits a springboard dropkick! TAKA falls out of the ring, and Rey follows up with a baseball slide! Rey comes out to the apron, and hits a textbook Asai moonsault! Back in the ring, Rey tries another springboard move, but TAKA moves out of the way! He signals for the Michinoku Driver, but Rey again squirms free and hits a huracanrana! A couple more forearm shots, and Rey hits a springboard dropkick that staggers TAKA! This gives Rey the opening he needs- he goes out on the apron, and hits his springboard huracanrana for the 1-2-3!!!

WINNER: Rey Mysterio Jr. by pinfall, retaining his title.

We see a clip from Ric Flair's first NWA World Title victory over Harley Race from 1981.

Match #2: Raven v. ROB VAN DAM (NWA World Television Title Match)

This match is definitely a contrast in styles- Raven's brawling against RVD's high-risk aerial tactics. The bulk of the match is controlled by Raven, as he attempts to wear down the TV champ with some mild hardcore moves. Naturally, a chair is brought into play by Raven, as he hits a drop toe-hold on RVD face-first into the chair. Raven wedges the chair in the turnbuckles, but RVD reverses the Irish whip, and sends Raven back to the opposite corner! Van Dam pulls the chair free, turns and tosses the chair to Raven, and hits the Van Daminator!! He goes for the cover, but Raven kicks out! Van Dam goes to the corner, and hits the split-legged moonsault, then heads to the top rope! He comes off with a froggy-splash, but misses! Raven picks him up, and hits the Evenflow on the chair!! He covers and gets the 3-count!

WINNER: Raven by pinfall, becoming the new NWA World Television Champion!

Clip of Flair, Arn & Ole Anderson forming the Horsemen, and a montage of all the former & current Horsemen.

Match #3: Scott Hall/Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/Chyna v. Harlem Heat w/Sable

The former World tag champs are attacked by Hall & HHH as soon as they hit the ring, as the Wolfpack wants revenge for the injury to Syxx at the hands of the Heat. A wild encounter, as both teams trade the advantage back and forth, once it finally settles into a straight tag match. HHH hits a high knee on Booker T, and tags in Scott Hall, who immediately drops several elbows on Booker. Hall whips him to the ropes, and catches him for a fallaway slam! He signals for the end, which brings Stevie Ray in to hit a monster clothesline from behind! HHH runs in, and attacks Stevie Ray, and while they spill to the floor, Hall is trying to hoist Booker T into the Razor's Edge. Sable climbs into the ring, and rakes Hall's eyes! This brings Chyna over to pull Sable out of the ring, and they start going at each other! Hall tries to hit a clothesline on Booker, but he ducks and comes off with a crushing forearm! Booker T spins back up to his feet, and hits the Scissors-Kick! Up to the top rope, and off with a Missile Dropkick! Cover and 1-2-3!

WINNER: Harlem Heat by pinfall.

Booker T goes outside, and pulls Sable away from Chyna, as the victorious team heads to the back.

Video montage of Flair's classic battles against Dusty Rhodes.

Cappetta: "The next contest will be for the United States Tag Team Championship! The challengers..."

Cornette interrupts Cappetta, and grabs the mic:

"Get off your fannies, and give it up for the team that will be the next US Tag Champions-from the Dark Side, the Gangster of Love, and the Sultan of Swing, Beautiful Bobby and Sweet Stan- the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS!!!"

Cappetta gets the mic back:

"And the champions, representing the Four Horsemen, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Tampa, FL, accompanied to the ring by Sunny- Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko!"

Match #4: The Midnight Express w/Jim Cornette v. CHRIS BENOIT/DEAN MALENKO w/Sunny (NWA United States Tag Team Title Match)

Starting out are Malenko and Eaton, and they immediately lock up. A knee lift by Malenko, into a headlock. Eaton whips him off to the ropes, and Malenko comes off with a shoulder tackle. He picks Eaton back up, and re-applies the headlock. Eaton gets to the ropes, and Malenko breaks the hold. The two lock up again, and Malenko again with a headlock. This time, after the whip into the ropes, Malenko ducks a clothesline, comes off the other side, and applies a crucifix-type maneuver into a pin attempt, but Eaton kicks out quickly. They start to lock again, but Eaton gets a thumb to the eye, and applies an armbar. Whip to the ropes, and a back body drop! Tag to Stan Lane, who comes in an applies a Code Red maneuver to Malenko's arm. Dean gets up, slips out of the hold, and grabs a headlock- Lane slips out, into a hammerlock, and then plants Malenko with a suplex! Now it's all Midnights, as Lane and Eaton tag in and out rapidly, wearing down the arm and back of the Iceman. Eaton comes in and hits his springboard backbreaker, tags in Lane, who leaps over the top rope with a leg drop! Reverse chinlock by Sweet Stan, that he turns into a surfboard-type hold. Malenko makes it back to his feet, and fires Lane into the ropes. Stan comes off, and Malenko catches him with his unique drop-kick! Lane rolls over to make the tag on Beautiful Bobby, but Malenko finally gets the tag to the Crippler!! Benoit is like a house-afire! as he takes on both Midnights simultaneously! He chops Eaton into the corner, and fires him across, bouncing him out of the corner! Benoit moves over to Stan Lane, and hits his snap-suplex! Benoit climbs up to the top rope, and hits the Swan Dive on Bobby!!! He goes for the cover, but Lane breaks it up. Malenko comes in, as he and Stan Lane fight each other. Benoit is still brutalizing Eaton. Malenko and Lane fall out to the floor, where Jim Cornette starts choking Malenko with the tennis racket! Sunny gets on the apron to protest, and while she has the referee distracted, Lane climbs back onto the apron, and hits a savate kick to the back of Benoit's head! Benoit staggers forward, in pain, as Bobby Eaton uses a simple inside cradle to roll up Benoit, grabbing a handful of tights for added leverage. The referee turns around, and makes the count: 1..2..3!!!

WINNER: The Midnight Express by pinfall, becoming the new NWA United States Tag Team Champions!

Cornette runs over and grabs the title belts, hands them to his team, and the new US champs head to the back.

Clip of Flair's battles against Lex Luger.

Match #5: Sid Vicious w/Cactus Jack v. The Undertaker

Not much wrestling in this match, as Sid is out for revenge against UT. They pretty much beat the hell out of each other for 12 minutes, until Sid hits a chokeslam! He signals that it's time for the powerbomb, but UT sits up behind him! Taker gets up, and kicks Sid in the gut. He climbs to the top rope, but Cactus shoves him off! Sid looks to be in control again, and goes for the powerbomb! UT blocks the move, and raises his head sharply, effectively crotching Sid! Undertaker grabs Sid by the throat, and chokeslams him! Now, UT slides his thumb across his throat, signalling for the end! He hauls Sid up, and buries him with a Tombstone!

WINNER: The Undertaker by pinfall.

While the referee is raising the hand of the Undertaker, the Giant walks down to the ring! Cactus Jack welcomes him, and shakes his hand, but the Giant is fixated on the Taker. He climbs into the ring, and has a staredown with UT. Cactus climbs in, and helps Sid to his feet- it's turned into a 3-on-1 against the Undertaker! Then, suddenly, the Giant turns and attacks Sid!!! He plants Sid with w thunderous chokeslam, while UT does the same to Cactus Jack! The Giant and the Undertaker are partners!!! The Giant raises the arm of UT, and both men head to the back, leaving Cactus & Sid laid out in the ring.

Clip of Flair's matches against Sting.

Match #6: Kevin Nash v. Bill Goldberg w/Arn Anderson

Nash comes out to Wolfpack music, and a big pop. He gets on the mic, and says that he's going to stick Goldberg on his skull again, just like he did at the Clash Of The Champions on Thursday. With that, the music of the Horsemen starts up, and out comes Goldberg with The Enforcer. Goldberg climbs in the ring, and he and Nash face off, nose-to-nose. Nash plants a big knee to the gut of Goldberg to gain the immediate advantage. He whips Goldberg to the corner, and begins his barrage of elbows and knees to the monster! He pulls Goldberg out, Irish whip to the ropes, and flattens him with the big boot! As Nash plays to the crowd, Goldberg jumps up to his feet! Nash turns, and gets hit with a huge lariat that almost takes his head off! Goldberg picks up Nash, and hits a huge powerslam! He picks Nash up again, and whips him to the ropes. Nash ducks a lariat, comes off the opposite side, and hits a lariat of his own! Nash picks up Goldberg and hits the Snake Eyes move! Nash signals for the end, and picks up Goldberg. Lift, and... JACK-KNIFE!!! Nash nonchalantly covers Goldberg, as the referee counts 1...2.. KICK-OUT!!! Goldberg has kicked out of the JackKnife Powerbomb! Nash has a shocked look on his face, as he picks Goldberg up again. Nash sets up for another JackKnife, but this time Goldberg hoists him over with a back body-drop! As Nash gets up, he turns and gets hit with the Spear! Goldberg picks up Nash, and executes the JackHammer!!! Cover, and 1-2-3!!

WINNER: Bill Goldberg by pinfall.

Clip of Flair's matches against Hulk Hogan.

Match #7: The Road Warriors v. CHRIS CANYON/AL SNOW w/The Head (NWA World Tag Team Title Match)

The Warriors rumble to ringside on Harley's, and await the arrival of the World Tag Team Champions. Canyon & Snow make their way to the ring, where Hawk & Animal immediately assault them! The battle is going on all around the ring area, where the Roadies are pounding the tag champs, running them into the guardrail, the ring steps, anything & everything! Animal rolls Snow into the ring, and continues the attack, hitting a big leg-drop. He picks Snow up, Irish whip to the ropes, and hits a huge shoulderblock on Snow! Hawk now rolls Canyon into the ring, as both Warriors double-team him. They are pounding Canyon, but Snow recovers and nails Hawk from behind with The Head! Now Animal turns back to Snow, but Canyon gets up, and hoists Animal up into a fireman's carry- he swings him around into a flapjack maneuver! Now the tag champs are in control, as they fire Animal to the floor, and go after Hawk. Snow whips Hawk to the corner, then whips Canyon into the corner for a big clothesline! The Roadies are in serious trouble, as Canyon picks Hawk up on his shoulders, climbs to the 2nd rope, and falls back with a big slam on Hawk! Now Snow picks up Hawk and hits the Snow-Plow! He goes for the cover, but Animal climbs back in to break it up. Canyon grabs Animal, and hits the Flatliner! Hawk is thrown to the outside, as Snow picks Animal up onto his shoulders, and Canyon ascends to the top rope, and the tag champs hit the Doomsday Device!!! Snow covers, and gets the 3-count!

WINNER: Chris Canyon & Al Snow, retaining their titles.

Clip of Flair winning the WCW World Title against Big Van Vader at Starrcade 1993.

Gary Michael Cappetta makes the introductions for the next match, as the ominous "Hell In The Cell" is lowered from the ceiling!

Cappetta: "For the first match of our double main event, this is the "Hell In The Cell" match! The first participant hails from Victoria, Texas- Stone Cold Steve Austin!!! And the second participant is from Venice Beach, California, accompanied to the ring by the lovely Miss Elizabeth- this... is... STING!!!"

Match #8: "Hell In The Cell": Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Sting w/Elizabeth

Sting enters the cage, and starts to climb into the ring, when Austin attacks! He starts firing right hands at Sting, and then stomps him down into the corner, flipping him off as he goes! Austin picks Sting up, and fires him out of the ring to the floor. He whips Sting into the ring steps, then picks him up and whips him into the cage! Austin presses the attack, raking Sting's forehead into the cage! The red face-paint is rubbed off, but is replaced by blood! Austin picks up the ring steps, and drops them on Sting's back! He rolls the Stinger back into the ring, and starts pounding him again. Sting has been totally dominated in this matchup, which is quite uncharacteristic. Suddenly the lights in the arena go down, as a spotlight comes up, and points to the rafters. What the...?!? It's... Sting?!? "Sting" has a microphone:

"Austin, you have got to be the stupidest SOB I've ever seen! Do you really think I'd take this match with you, if I didn't have a plan?"

As this Sting keeps talking, someone has come up from underneath the ring, and is standing behind Austin.

"Oh, by the way, stupid, you might want to look behind you."

Austin seems not to be falling for this old trick, but the lights suddenly come up, and it's another Sting! He grabs Austin from behind, and hits the Scorpion Death-Drop!!! This Sting gives a huge howl to the crowd- it's the real Sting!!! He begins to pound on Austin, then locks on the Scorpion Death-Lock! Austin is in severe pain, but will not give up! After about 5 minutes in the hold, Sting breaks it, and fires Austin over the top rope into the cage! This busts Austin open, as he is writhing on the floor! Sting grabs a chair from under the ring, and lands a huge chair-shot to the forehead of SCSA!!! He rolls Austin back into the ring, and grabs a chain from under the ring as he climbs back in. Sting wraps his arm in the chain, and as Austin staggers to his feet, Sting plants him down again with a brutal clothesline!! Now, suddenly, the "Sting" from the rafters has repelled to the roof of the cage, and is feeding a rope down into the cage! Sting grabs the rope, ties Austin's hands up, and then grabs the other end of the rope. He starts hoisting Austin into the air!!! Stone Cold is completely helpless, as he hangs in mid-air while Sting grabs a leather strap from under the ring! Sting must have planted these weapons before the show ever started. He gets the strap, and starts whipping Austin mercilessly with it! Sting decides that matters are well in hand, and goes back to the floor, seemingly to get another weapon. While he's on the floor, Austin manages to wriggle free from the trap! He's in the ring, getting his wits back, and waiting for Sting to come back in. Sting climbs back into the ring, but stops short when he sees Austin! Austin is cussing, yelling for Sting to come on, when... a trap door in the roof of the cage opens? What the hell...?!? The fake Sting climbs down to the floor, and rolls into the ring behind Austin. He grabs Austin from behind, and plants him with... a DDT!!! This "Sting" pulls off his wig, and wipes the paint from his face- IT'S RAVEN!!! Raven has conspired with Sting to put Austin out!!! The Triple Threat runs down towards the cage, but the Flock is there, and a battle rages outside the cage, as Sting locks on the Scorpion Death-Lock again on an unconscious Austin! The referee lifts Austin's arm 3 times, and declares the match over!

WINNER: Sting by submission.

Sting gets up, and shakes hands with Raven. He raises the TV champion's arm, as the cage is lifted back to the top of the arena. Security has broken up the fight on the outside, as Sting heads to the back, and Raven exits through the crowd.

Finally, a video montage highlighting the career of Ric Flair, with all of his accomplishments listed. The announcers each give their opinions of Flair, their fondest memory of his career, and all 4 (JR, Tony, Bobby, and Gordon Solie) agree that Flair is the greatest World Champion of the modern era of professional wrestling.

Cappetta: "And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment we've all been waiting for! The main event is for the richest prize in all of wrestling- the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! The challenger for this match..."

The theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey blasts throughout the arena, as the entire crowd stands and cheers for the challenger.

Cappetta: "Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, this man has held the World Heavyweight Title an unmatched record 15 times! If he loses this match, he must retire from professional wrestling- please welcome "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair!!!"

Flair comes out with Sunny, and gives the crowd a huge "WHOOOO!!!" He casually struts to the ring, and runs the ropes to warm up.

Cappetta: "And now, he is the NWA World Heavyweight Champion! Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, a 4-time world champion, in the most important match of his career- "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels!!!"

Match #9: "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair w/Sunny v. SHAWN MICHAELS (NWA World Heavyweight Title Match- Special Stipulation: If Flair loses, he must retire)

Flair offers his hand, but Michaels brushes him off. The bell rings, and the two, after circling, lock up! Flair grabs a headlock to begin, then Shawn whips him to the ropes. Flair comes off with a shoulderblock, and then bounces off another rope- Shawn ducks him, and when he comes off the opposite side, Shawn hits a back body-drop, sending Flair crashing to the mat. Flair gets up, and Michaels grabs an armbar. Flair makes it to the ropes, and causes the break. Shawn challenges Flair to a test of strength, and gains the immediate advantage. Flair yells in pain, but moves slowly back to the corner, where he pokes a thumb to the eye! Now Flair is going to work- he stomps Shawn in the right calf from behind! Shawn falls to a knee, and Flair starts punching him in the face! Shawn gets up, and tries to get away, but Flair grabs him, and hits his famous backhand chop! WHOOOO!!! A couple more chops, moving HBK back to the corner, where Flair chokes the champion! He tries to whip Shawn into the opposite corner, but the champ reverses it, and Flair flips headfirst over the turnbuckle! He runs to the adjacent corner, but Shawn catches him with a clothesline! Now it's all Michaels, as he starts working over the neck of Flair with chokeholds, and pressure holds. Whip into the ropes, and Shawn hits a beautiful dropkick on Flair, that sends him to the outside! Sunny is there to see to The Nature Boy, but Shawn follows him out! Shawn sends Flair into the guardrail, and then leaps, but Flair moves, and HBK crashes into the steel! Flair then grabs him, and runs him into the ringpost! Flair rolls Shawn back into the ring, and hits his legendary knee-drop & roll! Flair begins working on Shawn's right leg again, stretching it out, jumping up and crashing down on it as it's draped on the bottom rope. Flair picks Shawn up, and hits the patented shin-breaker! Now!! Flair drags HBK to the middle of the ring, and starts to lock on the Figure 4! But... Shawn kicks him off to the ropes, and quickly scrambles up to hit a clothesline! HBK is limping, but he still manages to climb to the top, and hit his flying elbow drop! Shawn kicks himself up, and heads to the corner, signalling for the end! Flair staggers up, as Shawn hits the Sweet Chin Music! But he kicked Flair with the bad leg, and falls to the mat, unable to follow up with a pin attempt! He finally crawls over, but by this time, Flair is able to kick out! Both men struggle to their feet before the 10 count, and Shawn swings wildly at Flair. The challenger ducks, and hits a side-saddle suplex on the champ! Flair climbs to the top rope, and comes off with a shot to the top of Shawn's head! Now, a couple more chops to the chest, and a poke to the eye! Flair signals for the Figure 4 again, but Shawn grabs the ropes, and won't let go! Flair continues chopping him, and then whips HBK into the ropes- they collide head-first in the middle of the ring! Shawn falls immediately, but Flair is still standing... until the Flair Flop!!! Suddenly, Arn Anderson appears at ringside! He's yelling at Flair to get up! Both men make it to their feet, and trade blows, with Shawn getting the upper hand, as Flair's chops seem to have very little steam behind them. HBK hits a towering suplex, and then starts to apply Flair's own hold- the Figure 4! Right as he's about to lock it on, Flair reaches up and pulls HBK into a roll-up pin attempt! Shawn kicks out at 2 1/2!!! We pass the 50 minute mark, with Shawn still holding the advantage, and Flair looking almost completely worn out. Shawn is holding a reverse chinlock, trying to constrict the airflow for The Nature Boy. Flair finally climbs back to his feet, and delivers a couple of elbows to the gut of the champion. He runs to the ropes, and comes off with a flying elbow to the jaw! Flair seems to be getting a second wind, as his rejuvenated chops force Michaels back into the corner! He whips Shawn into the opposite corner, where HBK flips upside down, and then comes out of the corner staggering! Flair clips the right leg from behind, causing Michaels to go down like he'd been shot! Flair hits his kneedrop to Shawn's knee, and drags him to the ropes, to crash down on the leg! He picks HBK up, and hits another shinbreaker! Shawn falls to the mat in a heap, as Flair once again shouts to the crowd, "NOW!! It's time to go to school!!!" Flair drags Shawn to the middle of the ring, and methodically applies the Figure 4!!! Michaels is desperately trying to reach the ropes, but can't make it. He then tries to flip over, to reverse the hold on Flair, but Flair is holding on for all he's worth! The duel continues for about 3 minutes, as we officially hit the 58 minute mark! Michaels continues to fight for everything he's worth, but he just can't quite turn Flair over, and finally taps out- the pain to his right leg too much to handle!!!

WINNER: "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair by submission, becoming the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion!!!

The Horsemen come out to the ring to congratulate Flair, as Slick Ric gets a microphone.

"Whoooo!!! First, let me congratulate my opponent tonight, Shawn Michaels, who put up one hell of a fight! Whoooo!!! To be the man, you've gotta beat the man, and Shawn Michaels, you were the man! But NOW!!! The dirtiest player in the game is back on top of the world! Which makes what I have to say so much tougher. 25 years ago, I started in this great sport. 2 years into it, I was in an accident- doctors told me I'd never wrestle again, maybe not even walk again. But I shocked the world, proved them all wrong! Not only did I come back to wrestle, but I became the World Champion an unprecedented 16 times! I've faced them all, and beat them all- Hulk Hogan, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Nick Bockwinkle, Lex Luger, Bret Hart, Sting, Shawn Michaels, you name them, I've beat them! But you can only go on for so long, so with my best friend by my side, Double A, The Enforcer, let me call out the one man I've been up and down the road with many times over the years- Stinger, come on down, brother!"

Sting comes down to the ring, and stands with the World Champion.

"Stinger, we've had some battles over the years, with each other, and against each other, and besides Double A, there's no other person I'd rather have with me when I finally say that "The Nature Boy" is done! No more walking that aisle! No more Space Mountain! I am hereby retiring from this sport on top, as the World Champion, and forfeiting the belt back to the executive committee. But one last thing I want to do before I go- I want to thank all the fans over the years, for supporting me, during good times and bad times. Whether you liked me, or you didn't like me, you learned to love me, because I'm the best thing going today!!! WHOOOO!!!"

Flair shakes Sting's hand, and they hug in the middle of the ring, then Flair turns to Arn, and they do the same. The crowd is deafening in support of Flair, and as the congratulations are going on in the ring, SummerSlam comes to a close...

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