Shawn Michaels (1995) VS. Hulk Hogan (1986):
When Times Collide

Flashes of the Hulk Hogan vs. Steve Austin match from "Hell in a Cell" are shown. The impact shot of the "return" of the Kliq and them in fact costing Hogan the match! In this PPV — a new experiment is being tested — the introduction to the Kliq!

My version of the Kliq will be, in my opinion, when each wrestler was at his peak of WWF Popularity — if they are NOT a current member of attitude. Members like 123 Kid and Hunter Hearst will be automatically be inducted in a year that all the Kliq members could of been together! This also means — DX still exists — and the current DX with HHH as leader.

The Kliq consists of:

Shawn Michaels (1995)

Diesel (1995)

1-2-3 Kid (1996)

Razor Ramon (1993)

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (1997) — [December, Early DX}

DX and the KLIQ will co-exist — The DX's Hunter and X-Pac will be referred to as HHH and X-Pac, while the Kliq's two will be called Hunter and 123 Kid!

Now, on to the intros —

Mean Gene: Hi everyone, Mean Gene Okerlund here! Everybody has been talking about the arrival of the Kliq to both WWF Hulkamania and WWF Attitude! In fact, everyone remembers when Shawn Michaels came down on that wire cord and gave Hulk Hogan a SUPERKICK off the TOP OF THE CAGE! Well, the Hulkster was in the hospital for six weeks because of that stunt — but now he is back — ready for revenge!

IT WILL BE — HULK HOGAN (1986) vs. Shawn Michaels (1995)

Mean Gene: Hulk Hogan isn't the only one wanting to avenge someone. "The Rock" has caused a lot of grief to "Macho Man" Randy Savage. If everybody remembers WHEN TIME COLLIDES I — the Rock brutally attacked Miss Elizabeth, and received help from then Nation Member Mark Henry!

IT WILL BE — Rocky Maivia (1998) vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage (1986) for the WWF Intercontinal Championship!

Mean Gene: Also the British Bulldogs will defend their Tag Team titles against the FUNK BROTHERS — Hoss and Jimmy Jack!

IT WILL BE — British Bulldogs (1986) vs. Funk Brothers (1986) — for the WWF Tag Team Championship!

Mean Gene: Along with other matches as well — we give you a REAL MAIN EVENT! WWF World Champion — Steve Austin will be involved in a Fatal Four-WAY match! "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel, Andre the Giant, and The Undertaker!

IT WILL BE A MAIN EVENT OF THE AGES — Steve Austin (1998) vs. The Undertaker (1998), Andre the Giant (1986), and "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel (1995)!


The World Wrestling Federation along with Hulkamania, the Kliq and Attitude proudly present


Match 1: Mark Henry (1998) w/ Bobby Hennan vs. D- Lo Brown (1998) w/ Owen Hart!

As you all know, Henry turned on the Nation and joined the Hennan Family. Owen Hart may be a great wrestler and a madman — but is he a match for Henry? The answer would be a flat out NO! Henry crushes D-Lo in under two minutes with a Powerslam. Owen looks pissed at D-Lo — but instead of doing anything violent or trying to talk to D-Lo, Owen walks away from ringside!

WINNER: Mark Henry (WWF Attitude)

Match 2: Jake Roberts (1986) vs. X-Pac (1998)

The Lightweight of DX vs. the evil lord of snakes! Jake comes to the ring with Damien and X-Pac brings in Chyna! While the two are wrestling, the Kliq's 1-2-3 Kid comes down and talks about what a has-been X-Pac is and that there is only one Sean Waltman and its him. The Kid at ringside does throw off X-Pac who gets nailed with a knee to the back by Roberts - while shouting at the Kid. As Roberts gets the ref off guard, 1-2-3 Kid karate kicks X-Pac square in the jaw and throws him back into the ring.

Chyna tries to jump on the ring, but the Kid and her have a stare-down/fight — as Roberts preforms the Short-Arm clothesline and DDT. Roberts goes for the cover — but there is no ref — who is busy with Chyna and 123 Kid. HHH comes down and blasts Roberts with a chair, and throws X-Pac on top of Jake! As HHH leaves the ring area, he is confronted by Hunter. The two start a fist fight, as Diesel comes from the audience and enters the ring and Jack-knifes both X- Pac and Roberts! To that happening, out comes Andre the Giant to confront Diesel! Diesel is in a cool mode and both are in the ring facing each other eye to eye — the two start to take blows — as the Ref turns around and DQs both Roberts and X-Pac! A bunch of security has to come down, but all is cleared in a matter of 5 minutes!


Match 3: Junk Yard Dog (1986)/Sable (1998) vs. Mark Mero (1998)/Miss Jackie (1998) — Inter- gender tag-team bout!

JYD and Sable comes down to "Another one Bites the Dust" and Mark Mero comes out to his theme, with Jackie. This match starts out with JYD against Mero! It is a typical funny fest, with the Dog knocking down Mero with the Shoulder Block, and then dropping to all fours and doing the Dog-Butt to Mero, FIVE TIMES! Mero runs out of the ring, Jackie jumps down and hugs him! JYD barks!

Mero reenters the ring. Lock-up with him and the Dog. Shove down by the Dog and Mero is on his knees begging — but to no avail — as the Dog sets up a Irish Whip and goes for a — NO, Mero out of the way and tags Jackie!

Now in this match the males can take on the females — and Jackie starts karate kicking the Dog's legs! The Dog falls down in pain, and screams! Jackie goes for a figure four leg-lock — Sable tries to break it, but Mark prevents her with a shoulder block down into the turnbuckle! The Dog is ready to submit — yes — yes — NO! The dog is grabbing for the rope — he's got it!! Jackie must let go, she does and tags Mark back in!

Knee drop by Mero. Another knee drop! Mero picks the Dog up and goes for a fireman's carry — he DONE IT! Mero going up to the top rope — MEROSAU — NO, Sable is trying to grab Marks leg and — HE FALLS OFF! The Dog is up on his feet! He picks up Mero for a BODYSLAM!

And TAG by the Dog to Sable! Sable is going for a Sable-Bomb! Jackie comes in and she tries to kick — Sable ducks, and Sable proceeds to kick her and Sable-Bomb!

The Dog runs in a starts to Dog-Butt Jackie as Sable gets Mark up into a modified version of the — TKO! SHE DID IT! 1 — 2 — 3! IT's OVER!

WINNERS: Sable of WWF Attitude and the Junk Yark Dog of WWF Hulkamania!

Match 4: Hoss and Jimmy Jack Funk (1986) w/Jimmy Hart vs. The British Bulldogs (1986) — TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH!

This is a typical old style Tag Team match, so I will not go into the particulars! The Bulldogs finally win with their Bulldog drop!

WINNER: The British Bulldogs (WWF Hulkamania) — Retain the WWF TAG BELTS!

After the Tag Team match, The Rock is interviewed by Mean Gene.

Gene: Rocky Mavia.....

Rock: It's The Rock!

Gene: Whatever — you have a match tonight against the Macho Man Randy Savage.

Rock: Macho Man? [Turns to the Nation] — Is there anyone more macho than The Rock? [Nation shakes their heads no!] — That's right! You see Savage — if you smell what I'm cookin' — couldn't wrestle me to save HIS life. Which it will end up being!

Gene: We know what you and the Nation did to Savage and Miss Elizabeth at When Times.....

Rock: Little man, shut you — and let the Rock do the talkin'. You see Miss Elizabeth had a chance to go Rock Bottom and well she did it the easy way!

Gene: [Screaming] The easy WAY!

Rock: Yeah, because everyone knows the HARD way — if you know what I'm cookin'

[Rock leaves, Gene is shocked!]

Match 5: George "The Animal" Steele (1986) vs. Steven Regal (1998)

Hell with the way Regal's career started in the WWF — we'll be lucky to see him on Shotgun! Here, however we can bring the young British wonder into the ring with one of the wackiest wrestlers ever!

The two will lock up — Steele grunts a few times — Regal grunts a few times. HEADLOCK — by Regal — but George screams and Irish Whips Regal into the Turnbuckle and — Shoulder Block into the corner! George screams and does his circle around the ring! Regal tries to take advantage, but George bites the man in the face, and Regal takes to the floor — while George takes a snack!

While George is eating the turnbuckles, the Duke of Doychester comes down to ringside. Anybody remember this guy? Well George does, who starts to scream at the Duke — BAD MOVE! As Regal places a knee in the back of Steele!

The Animal is down, and Regal starts dropping knees into the back of the Animal! Regal goes for his Regal STRETCH! IT"S OVER SUNSHINE. . . . NO WAIT! George POWERS OUT OF IT! Regal can't believe it! George is pounding on Regal — PUNCH — PUNCH — REGAL IS DOWN! George is going for a — NO WAIT the Duke of Doychester grabs the LEG — George turns around — Regal grabs for a rollover — 1 — 2 — 3! ITS OVER! — George does throw a Animal Fit afterwards and gets cheers — but its to no avail — Regal has won!

WINNER: Steven Regal — [WWF Attitude]


Let's go back to Mean Gene with the Macho Man.

Gene: Randy Savage....


Match 6: "Macho Man" Randy Savage (1986) vs. "The Rock" Rocky Maivia (1998) — FOR THE WWF INTERCONTINAL TITLE!

The rematch that everybody wanted to see! Savage could be brutal even back then, and because of this — Savage and Liz are introduced to ringside first! Then the Nation Music plays and out comes the Rock with Owen Hart. All is accepted, but before the Rock could even enter the ring — Savage attacks him with a round of kicks and stomps. The Rock is in trouble — Savage grabs Rocky by the hair and SLAMS the Rock down. Savage goes up to the top and goes for his AX HANDLE — NAILED IT! Savage starts to clothesline Rocky into the ropes — choke style — as Savage did to Hogan in 1986, and at WrestleMania 5! He keeps on doing it over and over agian. HE HAS DONE IT THREE TIMES! The crowd is mixed, but most are cheering the Macho Man!

The Rock is down on the ground! The Macho Man drops a knee into his throat — the Rock is gasping for air! Owen Hart tries to distract the ref — but to no avail! Savage is going for the BIG ELBOW — he is perched up there — he flies off and — NO!

Rocky moved!

Savage tries to get up, while Rocky escapes to the floor! Savage is HURT! — So is the Rock! Savage attempts to attack Rocky, but gets a taste of Owen instead! Randy knocks Owen down, but is met by Rocky's Knee! Rocky throws him back into the ring and prepares for the Rock Bottom! He sets it and — BLAM!

One — Two — Thre — KICKOUT by Savage — so very close! The Rock stands up and singles for the People's Elbow — he jumps over Savage — lifts the leg — and PEOPLE'S ELBOW!

One — Two — Thre — KICKOUT! Again, so very very close!

Rocky drops a knee into Savage's Throat — CONNECTS! Again he goes for the pin — 1— 2 — KICKOUT! Savage is in trouble — the Rock goes for a chinlock! Savage is slipping away, as the Rock spits and grunts! Ref drops Savage's arm down — it's limp — 1 — 2 — NO! The Macho Man powers up and he powers out of the chinlock — reverse arm bar by Savage and into a SLEEPER! Savage has him in the SLEEPER! The Rock is in TROUBLE, he is staggering! He is down to one knee — he is down to two knees — the ref check him — 1 — 2 — WAIT OWEN HART IS IN THE RING WITH A CHAIR — NO wait Owen tripped — wait a minute did Elizabeth pull Owen's foot? I don't know — it sure distracts the ref as Owen flops outside on the floor! Savage is confused, as he lets go of the sleeper! Rocky is laid out, Savage is going for the FLYING ELBOW — WAIT A MINUTE HERE COMES KAMA — He grabs the leg of Savage — Savage just jumps on top OF KAMA! AX-HANDLE — WHAT A MANOEUVER! Savage jumps back up and goes for the Flying Elbow drop — Rock Stands up — Savage makes it an AX HANDLE and CONNECTS! The ref turns around — 1 — 2 — KICKOUT!

Rocky kicked out, my GOD! No one has ever done that! (Except for George Steele and Hulk Hogan) Savage picks up the Rock and tries for a clothesline — and — NO! Rock strikes Savage with a clothesline! Savage falls outside the Ring — Savage is back on the apron — Owen Hart again tries to get on the apron — but the Ref knocks him off — THE ROCK TRIES TO REVERSE SUPL — NO! Savage had a object in his hand — HE HIT ROCKY!

The ref has turned around — 1 — 2 — 3! WE HAVE A NEW INTERCONTINAL CHAMPION!

WINNER: Randy "Macho Man" Savage (WWF HULKAMANIA)

Interview with Andre the Giant: Andre basically hypes up his chance to finally wear the GOLD! He calls the Undertaker a little shrimp — (Remember this was when Andre was a good guy — so he is making jokes rather than threats!) — and he jokes about Steve Austin needs to visit a hair doctor! He calls Diesel a broken down truck!

FLASHBACK: Shawn Michaels (1995) of the KLIQ vs. Hulk Hogan (1986)

We see images of Shawn kicking Hulk off the Hell in a Cell at When Time Collides II!

Match 7: Shawn Michaels (1995) of the KLIQ vs. Hulk Hogan (1986)

Howard Finkle stands in the ring — "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! THIS MATCH IS FOR ONE FALL!" — "Sexy Boy" blasts through the speakers as Shawn Michaels comes out to Ringside! — "From San Antonio, Texas — weighing in at 237 pounds — ‘The Heart-Break Kid' Shawn Michaels!" — Michaels does his posing for the fireworks and the fans!

As the girls scream for Shawn — EVERYONE ELSE SCREAMS WHEN "REAL AMERICAN" comes on! "From Venice Beach, Ca — weighing in at 302 pounds! The FORMER WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION — HULK HOGAN!" Hogan appears doing the finger pointing and egging on the crowd! He enters the ring and RIPS OFF THE T-SHIRT! Michaels stands back as the Ref checks them both out!

The bell rings! Shawn looks nervous — but so does the HULK! The two move around and Shawn takes it outside! Hulk just stands there and waits for Shawn to stop clowning for the girls and to get down to business!

Shawn reenters the ring! The two again walk around in circles and again Shawn leaves the ring and walks to the outside! The Hulk is getting fed up, but actually acts natural — but draping his arms over the turnbuckle and pretending he is taking a nap!

Shawn reenters the ring again! The two once again pace each other by walking in circles! Shawn once again goes for the outside, but Hulk knows it and follows Shawn out of the ring! Shawn thinks Hogan is still inside — he turns around — SURPRISE — PUNCH by the Hulk, and another punch! Shawn falls down outside the ring! Hogan throws Shawn into the ring. Hogan into the ropes — CLOTHESLINE! Hogan is on a roll! ELBOW! ELBOW! Hogan stands up and rake to the EYES with the boot! Hogan goes for the ear — cup! The fans go wild, except for a few horny girls who boo!

Hogan picks up Shawn — throws him into the ropes — THE BIG BOOT! Hogan again gets the fans approval! Hogan showboats — as Shawn hits outside to the floor again! Hogan just waits and smiles!

Shawn is shaken up, but still in good shape as he reenters the ring! Finally the two LOCK UP! SHOVE DOWN BY THE HULK! Shawn picks himself up and tries again, and again SHAWN GETS SHOVED DOWN! Shawn again goes outside the ring, clueless to what he can do next! BAD MOVE! Here comes Hogan outside after Shawn, Shawn sees him — ELBOW TO THE FACE by Shawn. This stuns Hogan, which makes Shawn go for a under toe leg sweep and Hogan goes face first into the STAIRS!

Shawn reenters the ring — Hogan is outside covered in his own blood!

The count goes 1 — 2 — 3 — 4 — 5 — 6 — 7 — 8 — 9 — Hulk slowly enters the ring! Hogan is in trouble, snap mare by Micahels and into a chin-lock! Michaels sits on the Hulksters back, driving he chin-lock in deeper and deeper! The female fans are screaming, while the male fans are just booing Shawn's *** off!

Hogan tries to power up, but he doesn't have enough to do it — WAIT! He has something left — he is trying to stand — NO! Michaels starts to drive knees into the Hulksters back! The Hulk is down, Michaels is going for the ropes and reaches the TOP — ELBOW DROP!

Shawn goes for a cover — 1 — 2 — kickout, but barely! Shawn argues with the ref, that its a slow count! Big mistake! Hogan is standing up! Michaels turns around — PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH! Hogan throws Michaels into the ropes CLOTHESLINE! Hogan then goes for a Front Facelock! Great move, especially when 302 pounds are on ya!

Good move, but it can't last forever — its wearing Shawn down, but it is not a general submission. So after about five minutes, Hogan lets go of it! Michaels is exhausted! Hogan grabs Michaels by the hair — he goes for a body slam — HE SLAMS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!

Hogan goes outside to the floor. He picks Michaels up! HE IS GONNA FOR A — RAM ROD! WHOA!

Michaels is now bleeding as well, and Hogan reenters the ring! It is back in his control! The ref counts 1 — 2 — 3 — 4 — 5 — 6 — Shawn stands up as he walks away from the ring. Hulkster stops the count, as he exits the ring and makes chase! Hogan grabs Micahels shoulder, but Michaels goes for a leg takedown and Hogan hits the floor face first! OH DEAR LORD!

Michaels stands up by his famous Shawn Jump! Shawn prepares of the Superkick! Hogan is in trouble, Hogan stands up — Shawn moves back and — HE MISSES! Hogan ducks, and PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH! Shawn stumbles backwards and falls outside on the outside ring mat! Hogan picks up Michaels and throws him into the ring! Hogan reenters the ring. He take Michaels by the hair and throws him into one turnbuckle — CLOTHESLINE! He throws Shawn into the other turnbuckle and again — CLO — NO! Shawn moved out of the way, and — Shawn picks up the Hulk — BODY SLAM!

SWEET CHIN MUSIC COMING UP! The Hulk stands up — Michaels pitches back and SUPERKICK! He nailed it! IT'S OVER!

Shawn goes for the cover — 1 — 2 — KICKOUT!

HE HULKED UP! THE HULKSTER HULKED UP! Michaels pays no attention to it, as he sets up the Superkick again — Hogan stands — and SUPERKICK — no effect, the Hulkster shakes — Shawn tries to escape — NO AVAIL — PUNCH — PUNCH — PUNCH — INTO THE ROPES — THE BIG BOOT! Hogan goes over and grabs Shawn by the hair — BODY SLAM! He's into the ropes — THE BIG LEG!

COVER HIM: — 1 — 2 — THRE — NO KICKOUT! Hulk is in shock! He grabs Shawn and throws him into the ropes, the BIG BOOT — this time Michaels falls right into the ref who is knocked out cold! Hogan ignores this and grabs Michaels by the hair again — HOGAN SETS UP FOR A PILEDRIVER — he is about to set it — Michaels up in the air! — WHOA IT'S DIESEL — HE ATTACKS HOGAN WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

Diesel sets Hogan up — JACKKNIFE! HE DID IT!

Diesel turns to aid Shawn, but Hogan STANDS UP! Diesel turns around with a shocked look on his face. Diesel punches Hogan — No effect. AGAIN DIESEL PUNCHES — NO EFFECT! AGAIN, DIESEL PUN — NO BLOCK — Hogan rakes the eyes — HOGAN BODYSLAMS DIESEL! Diesel rolls out of the ring — the ref comes to. Shawn is still down! Hogan again sets the LEG DROP ON MICHAELS — YES! He Connected!


Winner: Hulk Hogan (WWF Hulkamania)

After the match Shawn Michels is still laying prone in the ring, as Hogan does his 1986 Hulkamania stick! Putting the hand to the ear, flexing up, — pumping down!

We fade into Mene Gene who prepares to do a interview with Andre the Giant — but we have a interruption! We see the Undertaker and Austin having a fight in the locker room. The two have not been getting on lately in WWF Attitude and it seems that tempers have finally reached a boiling point and they are fighting before the 4 corners match begins! The two are separated and we fade back to the cheering fans.

We fade back to the Dressing Room with Lord Alfred Hayes, He interviews Diesel:

Lord Hayes: High ho, Diesel! What is your reaction to Hulk Hogan defeating Shawn Michaels.

Diesel: Well, Alfred — I am sort of pissed. But, you see I have other things to worry about! When I am crowned WWF Heavyweight Champion after tonight! Do you really think I should worry about anything else?

Hayes: No. . . .

Diesel: Exactly — they don't call me Big Daddy Cool for Nothing, and Undertaker, Andre the Giant, and Steve Austin are all going to feel the JACK KNIFE! Then all I have to say if, HOGAN — you're NEXT!

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