The Undertaker VS. Kane:
Miss Pamela's Version Of This Feud

Photo provide by Jon Shetler, Jr.
Editor Of RingWatch

Scenario 1: "Good Riddance, Kane!"

In this first scenario, here’s how I think it could be scripted so that the WWF would NEVER see Kane again nor his maggot-faced manager Paul Bearer for that matter. In what is the most ferocious and intense battle of his career, the Undertaker pulls out all the stops and overcomes any hesitancy of beating his brother to a pulp. After this match, Kane will make HBK after "Hell In The Cell" look like he just stepped out of "GQ" magazine. ‘Taker uses every advantage and skill at his disposal from his many years of pro wrestling experience and training to outwit and pugnaciously beat his albeit younger yet very inexperienced sibling. Oddly enough, as the match winds to its inevitable conclusion, Paul Bearer is suddenly nowhere to be seen. The crowd goes wild as the Undertaker - FINALLY - gets Kane in position for the Tombstone Piledriver - and finishes him off without a hitch! After getting the "1-2-3!" count for the win, Undertaker slowly rises up, salutes the fans, but then kneels back down beside his fallen brother. He notices Kane’s mask – from the unprecedented force of the Tombstone Piledriver, a strap on the mask was broken, causing the mask to slip slightly off Kane’s face. ‘Taker - almost gently - further removes the mask from his brother’s face, somehow suddenly realizing he has not actually seen this face since they were children, and perhaps wants to look at Kane one more time in the flesh and not just as "the monster" behind the mask. But then, just as sudden – the Undertaker recoils in horror!! A look of intense pain, disbelief, and anger comes over his visage; he momentarily buries his face in his hands as if to shield himself from the scrutiny of the concerned and now-hushed crowd. But after taking a minute to regain his composure, he turns and walks from the ring with as much dignity as he can muster - but the entire arena knows that all is not well.

The following night on RAW, questions are swirling about everywhere! "What happened to the Undertaker at the end of his match last night? What did he see that appeared to upset him, this otherwise nearly-unshakeable Phenom?" Well, the WWF decides to waste no time and opens with a command interview of the Undertaker, who comes to the ring to a rather subdued ovation. The fans don’t know whether to cheer his victory over Kane or to remain silent out of respect for whatever unknown grief he may be carrying. Nervously, Jim Ross asks the giant Man from the Darkside the obvious question: "Please tell us, Undertaker - what did you see that apparently disturbed you last night?" Biting his lip, shutting his eyes for a second, and then taking a deep breath, the Undertaker speaks: "…the man that I defeated last night at Wrestlemania XIV…was NOT my brother Kane!!" The shocked crowd can only gasp in disbelief! He continues: "Jim, I swear to you…and to the Lord…and to all my Creatures of the Night, that I don’t know who that man was. And I never killed my parents - I never set the funeral home on fire - and I never killed Kane! I’ve never killed ANYONE. I loved my brother! But…" and before he can go on, into the arena bursts a livid Paul Bearer, security guards in tow!! Amidst screams of boos, Bearer waddles frantically down the ramp, practically frothing at the mouth, screaming, "Stop him! STOP HIM!" Surrounded by officials everywhere, Bearer finally gets into the ring, mic in hand: "Yes, Undertaker!!", he screams, "you KNOW that wasn’t Kane - because YOU KILLED HIM after the Royal Rumble, when you escaped your just punishment for what he did to you!!" "Now just one damn minute!", cries J.R. while behind him other officials struggle almost helplessly to restrain the now angry Undertaker from attacking Bearer! "Where’s your proof, Bearer? You’ve been ranting for months about the Undertaker being a ‘murderer’, yet you have never shown us any proof!"

Finally, an unknown figure emerges from within the crowd of men in the ring, wearing a dark suit and, with a rather large envelope in hand, makes his way to J.R. and gestures to him that he has something to say. The man at last gets to speak: "My name is John Smith, and I’m the attorney for the Undertaker’s family. He summoned me very late last night and asked me to bring something that until now, no one here has ever seen—the AUTOPSY report on the victims of the funeral home fire - the Undertaker’s mother…his father…AND…his brother Kane. I’ve also brought with me tonight, Mr. Ross, officials from the Death Valley Township law enforcement, and they’re here to place Mr. Paul Bearer under arrest for the murder of these 3 unfortunate souls, and for the attempted murder of the Undertaker!" Horrified gasps and screams fill the air! The attorney continues: "Mr. Bearer’s accomplice, who has been posing as Kane, has already been placed in custody, and has confessed to knowledge of these heinous events." The crowd goes from a stunned silence to a smattering of cheers and applause to a full-blown standing ovation at this news. His face frozen in a death mask of fear, Paul Bearer is practically petrified as he’s read his rights and handcuffed. But before he can be lead away, J.R. whispers something into an officer’s ear, who thoughtfully nods "yes" after a second. The officer takes Paul Bearer by the arm and, turning, bends down on one knee in front of the Undertaker as he "presents" him with a man who many feel is deserving of one final parting blow from the Undertaker! "Tombstone! Rest In Peace!!" the audience starts chanting as a big smile slowly creeps over the Undertaker’s face, realizing what he’s just been handed on a silver platter. Lifting him high across his chest, the Undertaker delivers perhaps his most satisfying Tombstone Piledriver of all on the man who once was his friend - but became his mortal enemy! Bearer is hauled out on a stretcher as the lights go dim…the music plays…and the Phenom kneels in salute to his fellow WWF superstars and - most importantly - to his Creatures of the Night who stood faithfully behind him all these many years.

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The Undertaker
Photo donated by Mark A. Long