Women Of Pro Wrestling
Some frank comments by Ervin V. Griffin, Jr.

Women in wrestling have made some strides over the years. I promised that I would revisit my original article that I did last summer and now you are seeing it here in front of you. What you are about to read are facts and comments. The editorial comments are my own and do not reflect anyone else's view. I have tried, in all of my frankness, to keep the comments in good taste. With this said read on below:

Woman - One of the original "hell-raisers" in wrestling. Is the former wife of Kevin Sullivan. Began her career in Florida in the early 80's as "The Fallen Angel". Disappeared around 1986 but resurfaced in WCW/NWA in 1989 as (at first) Robin Green, then later as Woman. She has kept that name ever since. Has managed The Steiners (w/Missy Hyatt), Ron Simmons, Butch Reed, D. C. "Mad Dog" Drake, The Sandman, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and Chris "Canadian Crippler" Benoit. Managed Flair (along with Ms. Elizabeth) to his 13th world title and to his 1st WCW United States Title victory (Flair held the NWA version of the US title on three occasions). Managerial skills were overrated but couldn't be totally discounted either as she did make things happen. Also managed The Sandman to the ECW title in 1995. Left WCW in mid-1997. Didn't have too many nice things to say about WCW, Kevin Sullivan or Eric Bischoff in an internet interview on The Pro Wrestling Page . Past her physical prime but still has great sex appeal. Nice legs for a fortysomething year old!!! Booty has sanked but take my word for it guys, sometimes "older is better"!!!

Ms. Elizabeth - Started her career in the old ICW as a commentator in the early 80's. It was there she met and married then-ICW Champion Randy "Macho Man" Savage. Was married to him for years, long before their wedding in 1991 at WWF SummerSlam. First came into the WWF in 1985 to manage Savage. Public perception of Liz was that she was a meek, little sex object but she actually had (and still has) a good managerial mind and led Savage to two WWF World titles and one WWF Intercontiental title. Was with Savage and the nWo Wolfpack but recently jumped ship back to nWo Hollywood with Hulk Hogan for unknown reasons. Actually looks better than she did in the eighties (but I suspect a boob job because her bust was never that big before now!!!). Lacks an a** though!!! Ah, well.

Sherri Martel  - Began her career as a wrestler in the AWA. She was the AWA Women's Champion from 1985-1987. Actually had a sexy little body during her days as a wrestler!!! Always did have a f*cked up face but I (personally) could've looked past that with the shape she used to have!!! Best known for her managerial antics with Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels and The Harlem Heat. Has managed The Heat to seven reigns as WCW World Tag Team Champions. Split up with The Heat this past summer and is currently inactive. Another longtime hell raiser in the manager/valet world of pro wrestling.

Kimberly Page - Yes, I must admit that I was one of the thousands of men that bought Playboy's Nude Celebrates Magazine back in March of 1997. Sexy a** body!!! DDP better be wearing that out!!! Has proven managerial skills. Has managed two WCW World TV Champions. They were Marc Mero (formerly Johnny B. Badd) and her husband Diamond Dallas Page. Is also Page's personal trainer. Keeps Page in great shape (and I mean that in the professional physical fittness sense). Currently active with the Nitro Girls on WCW Monday Nitro. Won a PRO WRESTLING ILLUSTRATED poll for sexiest manager/valet in 1997. The nude pictures were hot!!! Also has a degree from Northwestern in Marketing so there is a good brain to go along with that nice body!!! If she ever decides to get a divorce, then look out!!!

Miss Jacqueline - Formerly known as Miss Texas in the USWA. Was their ladies champion on five different occasions. Real name is Jackie Moore. Was briefly part of the USWA version of The Nation Of Domination. She took the name of Queen Moeshia during this period. Joined up with Kevin Sullivan in WCW to help him battle Chris Benoit and Woman. Later turned on Sullivan at last summer's Bash At The Beach. Briefly took Sherri Martel's place as manager of Harlem Heat. Was later released from WCW. Was never a managerial stratigist but would kick your a**!!! Didn't see much of that during her stint with The Heat though. Why Eric Bischoff didn't put her in the Women's Division is beyond my scope, given her record in the squared circle. Wouldn't have hurt the division if she would've been part of it. It might still be around if they had her (and a few other top ladies names) in the division!!! Sported a muscular physique but didn't sacrifice her feminine gifts to get it!!! Great chest and nice a**!!! Can come to my apartment anytime!!! Recently debut in the WWF as the new manager of "Marvelous" Marc Mero. Not too thrilled with her job (she just doesn't fit with Mero) but I am happy to see her again!!! Must have been mad though to go head to head with Sable in a bikini contest!!! Not that she wouldn't look good with less clothing (mind you) but this is the WWF's prize queen that she was going up against!!! Did you really think that they was going to let her lose? To quote DDP "I Don't Think So!!!" Has been on the losing end recently to Sable and I can't understand. No one is going to tell me that Sable can whip Jackie. Let these two fight for real and let us see what would happen. If Sable can kick Jackie's butt for real, then I would kiss her feet!!! Still, Jackie is hot!!! Click here on this linkto see what I mean.

Tammy Lynn Sytch - I will now address her by her real name since that is what she is going by these days. Must admit that I hated this woman when she first showed up!!! Now, until recently, all I saw was wasted talent by Vince McMahon!!! Began her career under the name Tammy Murphy Fytch. Was the hottest manager in the now defunct Smoky Mountain Wrestling area (both in physical figure and in managerial accomplishments). Has managed Brian Lee and Chris Candido to the Smoky Mountain Tag belts and Candido to the NWA title. Has also managed The Bodydonnas, The Godwins, and The Smokin' Gunns to the WWF Tag Belts. Has great presence and gets moderate to mid-level pops with her appearances. Why Vince only used her as a showpiece is beyond me!!! At least he showed some brains by putting her back in the spot that made her famous in the first place and that was as a manager!!! Was surprised that she was put with The Road Warriors though. Recently left the WWF and is now back in ECW. Like Liz, she lacks an a** but the rest of her is as close to perfect as a woman can get!!! Chris Candido is a lucky man!!!

Madusa Micelli - One of the most influencial lady wrestlers of the modern era. A former AWA and WWF Ladies Champion. Was a key figure in Paul E. Dangerously's "Dangerous Alliance" and formed a lethal alliance with Rick Rude in 1992. Threw her WWF Ladies title into the trash on WCW Monday Nitro in November of 1995. May as well have thrown her career in the trash as well as she didn't see nearly the success in WCW that she enjoyed in the AWA, WWF or in Japan. Lost a retirement match to Akira Hokato at The Great American Bash last June. Word has it that WCW was going to let Madusa win the title but she choose to job to rest her bad knees and ankles. Her place in wrestling is secure though. Has something in common with former on-camera rival Missy Hyatt and that is that she was once the wife of the late Eddie "Hot Stuff" Gilbert. Don't know if they were still married when he died in 1993. Recently remarried. Rumors are flying about her returning to the ring in the WWF. Great body!!! A** and legs were always the eye-catching point for me.

Marlena - Currently inactive from the WWF after being "humiliated" by her husband, Goldust. Real name is Terri Runnels. Was a make-up artist for WCW/NWA before breaking into the sport in 1991 as Alexander York. Formed the York Foundation with Michael Wallstreet, Terry Taylor, Rick Morton, Tommy Rich, and Mr. Hughes. It was during this time that she met Dustin Rhodes and formed an off-camera relationship which resulted in marriage. Had some success in WCW but the best she could do was the now-defunct WCW Six Man Tag Team Championship. Ironically, it was the team of Big Josh (Matt Borne), Tom Zenk and Dustin Rhodes (her future husband) that they defeated. Disappeared from the wrestling scene at the end of 1991 but reappeared in 1996 with her husband as Marlena. By this time, Dustin Rhodes had become Goldust. Helped her husband capture the Intercontiental title twice in 1996. Another one with a near perfect figure!!! Nice lips!!! Much a**!!! Recently returned to the WWF on the side of Val Venis. That angle also caused the return of Goldust, who had been wrestling under his real name of Dustin Runnels. Is actually pregnant by her husband in real life with their second child. The pregnancy is being used for an angle where Val denies being the father and Goldust wants nothing to do with her anymore after being betrayed. Great to see her back.

Sable - Is the manager and wife of Marc Mero (formerly Johnny B. Badd). Began her career as Hunter Hearst Helmsley's valet but that quickly ended. Briefly managed her husband to the WWF Intercontiental title in 1996. Like Sunny, she was nothing more than a showpiece and not much of a personality until recently. Sunny, however, has more charisma!!! Currently involved in a semi-abuse angle with her husband!!! Uhh, correct me if I'm wrong but does she have a kickboxing background?!!! Seem like she could handle herself against Mero!!! Certainly, she kicked Luna Vachon's a** recently at WrestleMania 14!!! Nice body though!!! Lacks an ass but I could work with that as "lack of ass" doesn't necessarily mean that the "inside" is no good (if you get my meaning). Came out with next to nothing at last year's Slammy's!!! Might as well have appeared naked for all that "swimsuit" covered!!! Fell for an old bait and switch job to Mero!!! Losing this match forced her out of the WWF!!! Didn't last long as Sable has recently returned to the WWF!!! There were rumors of a possible alliance with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at one time. Still feuding with Mero and his new valet, Ms. Jacqueline.

Kimona - This popular figure was once an exotic dancer at a Philedelphia gentlemen's club. By chance, she met Scott Levey (aka Raven) there. Levey was ECW Champion at that time and he convinced Kimona of the opportunities for her in pro wrestling. I know there are a lot of males that are thanking Raven right now!!! I have never seen her in the flesh nor on TV but from this picture, I wouldn't be disappointed!!! Managed Raven for most of his reign as ECW Champion. Is currently inactive and insiders have said that she's left the sport entirely!!! Nice toned body and skin complexion!!! A hell of an a**!!! Could certainly distract a referee by just standing there!!!

Missy Hyatt - One of the original guards as far as valets go!!! The former wife of the late Eddie Gilbert still looks pretty good today!!! Started her career in the World Class area in Texas in 1985 as the valet of John Tatum. The tandem later moved to the Mid-South (UWF) area where she met Eddie Gilbert. An off-camera relationship developed during that time and was used as an on-camera angle to set up a feud with John Tatum and Jack Victory. Has managed Gilbert, The Steiners, Sting, and The Nasty Boys. Has limited wrestling experience as she did wrestle one ladies match against Fantasy and won. Has been linked romatically to Scott Putski!!! Never had much of an a** but still has those impressive breasts and that nice smile!!!

Jenna Jameson - One of the more controversial figures in wrestling. She is actually a porn actress!!! Not sure how she got involved in wrestling (in general) or ECW (in particular)!!! Nice to look at but she's there definitely for name and shock value. While I do peep an adult movie here and there, I have never seen any of her films nor do I have any desire too. Not a bad physique!!! Was rumored to be the valet of Val Venis but nothing ever came of it. Nice to look at but don't know if she'll have any real impact in the months and years to come.

Beulah McGillicutty - Another hardcore babe from ECW!!! Has a great body but is pretty tough!!! Is the valet of Tommy Dreamer. Was involved with The Sandman for awhile when she first started. Seems to be sastisfied with Dreamer as they've been a tandem for about two years. Haven't seen enough of her to have an opinion but she looks pretty good!!!

Chyna - This is one woman (outside of my mother) that I wouldn't talk sh*t too!!! Was a premier star over in All-Japan Pro Wrestling in their women's federation before it folded. Was trained by Killer Kowalski along with Jean Paul Leveque (aka Hunter Hearst Helmsley). Is also a licenced kickboxer and a professional bodybuilder!!! Came to the WWF in February of 1997. Made life miserable for Marlena for most of 1997!!! Has great agility. Has great courage but isn't too smart at times. An example was when she got in the face of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!! Was "stunned" by Austin in that incident!!! Interference has helped gained victories for Degeneration X. Not the sexiest woman in the world but definitely one of the more dangerous as she poses both a psychological and physical threat to opponents!!! I have to take back what I said about her not being sexy though. Has a nice "can". Click here to see it.

Debora McMichael - One of the worst valets in history in terms managing wrestlers!!! Makes women like Missy Hyatt seem loyal!! Broke into the sport in 1996 with her husband Steve McMichael. Beautiful for her age but nothing that rings my bell. Was an annoying presense at ringside!!! Technically, she managed Jeff Jarrett to the WCW United States Title but Eddy Gurrerro's interference and Jarrett's own skills had more to do with that reign than Debora did!!! Claimed to be the Queen of WCW (Sorry Deb, but that honor will always belong to either Madusa or Missy)!!! Consider her an honorable mention!!!

Luna Vachon (No picture available) - Definitely one of the wildest women ever to step into the ring!!! Actually, if you take away all of that crap she wears, she's not a bad looking woman!! The body isn't too bad either!!! A member of the infamous Vachon wrestling family from Canada. Her first real appearance in the national spotlight was in 1993 at WrestleMania IX in Las Vegas, NV. Began a feud with Sherri Martel. Later that year, she was paired up with Bamm Bamm Bigelow. The duo remained together until the summer of 1994. Is married to independent wrestler The Vampire Warrior. Had a stint in ECW for a time. Feuded with Madusa in both the WWF (when Madusa went under the name Alundra Blaze) and WCW. Also feuded with Sable and was humiliated by the beautiful valet/streetfighter at WrestleMania 14 this past March when Sable cleanly pinned her!!! Got revenge in an "evening gown match" (although, to me, it wasn't much of a revenge). Recently managed Dustin Runnels (aka Goldust)!!! Now, she's part of "The Oddities" headed by The Jackel!!! Always creates some stir wherever she goes.

I do plan to include more women as time goes on. If you wish to e-mail me about this section of my page, then send you responses to griffiev@hotmail.com

Photos used here were donated by Jon A. Shetler, Jr. and The OWOW (Official Women Of Wrestling) Page. Photos of Sherry Martel and Kimona came from the Pro Wrestling On-Line Museum.

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