WWF WrestleMania
Pt. 3

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STYLES:  Incidently, our next match up is the NWA United States Tag Team Championship contest.  The former champions Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson going against current champions The Rattlesnakes.  They are comprised of the most unlikely duo of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and "The Boss" Magnum T.A.

VENTURA:  Now why would you refer to them as an unlikely duo Styles?  You make them sound like oil and water.

ROSS:  What I think he was getting at Jesse is the fact that these two guys not too long ago had one of the most vicious, violent feuds in pro wrestling today.  In fact, one of the victims of this feud is sitting right here in Tony Schivone.

SCHIVONE:  Yeah, I was one of the victims of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's reign of terror when he burst onto the NWA scene over a year ago.  Still, it was that feud that opened a lot of doors.  Borders that wern't crossed were now shattered and now you can find wrestlers from the WWF wrestling at WCW events or ECW wrestlers on NWA cards.  The feud caused an interchange of talent which has produced the most memorable cards in history.

VENTURA:  Yeah, and the most affected was the tag team ranks.  We now have Unified World Tag Team Champions.  Combining the belts from the NWA, WWF, and WCW.

ROSS:  That championship was created last summer when The Steiner Bros. defeated The British Bulldogs for those titles.  From there, teams like Bruiser Brody and Stan "The Lariat" Hansen as well as Sting and The Undertaker has lived up to the standard of that championship.  Ironically, The Steiners will be going for that same championship that they helped create later today at WrestleMania but now it is time for the United States Tag Team matchup.

FINKEL:  Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is for the National Wrestling Alliance United States Tag Team Championship!!

At this point, the music of the Horsemen play out.

FINKEL:  Coming to the ring, at a total combined weight of 468 pounds, two members of the Four Horsemen, Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson!!

The Horsemen come in business-like.  They are ready to take some gold as Finkel introduces their opponents (the theme of "Stone Cold" plays with the familiar shattered glass at the beginning).

FINKEL:  Their opponents, from Virginia Beach, VA and Victoria, TX respectively, at a total combined weight of 505 pounds, here are the NWA United States Tag Team Champions "The Boss" Magnum T.A., "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rattlesnakes.

Both Austin and Magnum come to the ring with leather vests on with a picture of a rattlesnake on the back of them with their respective nicknames on them as well.  The enter the ring and the Horsemen try to take an early jump on things but Magnum and Austin are ready as they brawl with the two tag team specialists before they could get their vests or belts off!!  They drive the Horsemen out of the ring to regroup as this match has now started.

Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson VS. The Rattlesnakes (NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match)

This match was pretty fast paced and hotly contested.  Magnum and Austin managed to stay one step ahead against the usually dominant fomer NWA and WWF World Tag Team Champions.  Trouble came at the 10 minute mark when Arn caught Austin going for a backdrop too early.  Anderson countered with his version of the DDT and got a very close pinfall!!  For the next five minutes, Anderson and Blanchard used every trick they knew to work over Austin's neck and shoulders.  At the 16 minute mark, Arn and Tully went for their "BrainBuster" piledriver (spike/doubleteam piledriver) but Magnum broke it up by dropkicking Tully off of the second rope and out of the ring.  Arn let go of Austin and went for Magnum, who ducked and hooked in his belly to belly suplex on Anderson.  Magnum quickly went back to his corner where Austin made his way back to the corner and made the tag to Magnum!!  Magnum took over on both Anderson and Blanchard like a house of fire.  Anderson managed to get in a knee to stop the momentum.  Blanchard and Arn went for a double team suplex on Magnum but Austin came in and kept "The Boss" from taking the blunt by catching him, thus helping T.A. land on his feet.  When The Horsemen turned around, they were both the recipients of "Stone Cold Stunners" from "The Rattlesnakes"!!  Austin and Magnum quickly picked up the legal man (Arn) and threw him into the ropes.  They nail him with "The Stun Gun" (very similar to the Dudley Death Drop) and get the pin.  Before they had time to celebrate, however, here comes The Dudley Boys!!  They hit fast and hard on Magnum and Austin!!  The first put "3-D" on Magnum and then onto Austin.  They then stomp them to the outside of the ring and stand inside with their hands raised along with Big Dick Dudley, Joel Gertner and Sign Guy Dudley.  As the Dudley's leave the ring, Joel Gertner and Sign Guy Dudley stay back a bit and gloat in the ring.  Here the words of Jim Ross and Joey Styles:

STYLES:  Oh man, what a sissy (refering the Gertner), what a punk!!  What a....oh, what do I see here?(Styles says this in a devilish tone of voice)

ROSS:  Well, I see a "sign guy" and a "sissy boy" getting ready to get their butts handed to them.

What they are refering to is that Magnum and Austin have snuck back into the ring with chairs.  They came in and leveled Gertner and Sign Guy!!  Austin took the feminine Joel while Magnum brutalized Sign Guy.  "Stone Cold" stomped Gertner brutally and without mercy.  With Sign Guy neutralized, Austin called Magnum over.  Magnum hooked Gertner in a piledriver position for a powerbomb.  As he lifted him up, Austin grabbed Gertner's head in a neckbreaker position for a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo!!


VENTURA:  You have a sadistic streak in you Styles!!  How in the hell can you cheer for that?

STYLES:  Simple, that pain in the ass has been asking for it for a long time now!!

ROSS:  I can't say I feel too sorry for him myself.

SCHIVONE:  Neither can I.

VENTURA:  You all are a bunch of sickos, you love seeing a manager get beat up like that!!  You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!!

As Ventura and Co. argue, Magnum and Austin stand triumphant in the ring at the carnage that they left.  As they leave, the Dudley's finally come back out to collect their commrades and drag them to the back, screaming for revenge.

Meanwhile, we have a video preview of the NWA World Television Championship Match to come between champion "Ravishing" Rick Rude and challenger "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert.  We also get a past look at the relationship between Rude and Madusa and how it relates to this match.  After the package, we now come back to the ring.

FINKEL:  The following contest is for the NWA World Television Championship!!

The music of NAO plays as Gilbert comes down to the ring.

FINKEL:  Introducing the challenger, he hails from Lexington, KY and weighs 220 pounds, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert!!

Gilbert enters the ring with blood red pants with a fire design affixed to them.  He comes in and loosens up for his upcoming title shot.  As he does so, we hear a live voice going "Are you ready?"  It is the DX band playing DX's music live as "Ravishing" Rick Rude is coming down the aisle

FINKEL:  His opponent, weighing in at 254 pounds, the NWA World Television Champion, "Ravishing" Rick Rude!!

Rude comes down in a black and gold robe with the DX symbol on the back and the words "Simply Ravishing" on the back as well.  He comes to the ring calm and confident as he gets ready for his defense of the NWA TV strap.

"Ravishing" Rick Rude VS. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (NWA World Television Title Match)

In this heated contest, both competitors showed surprising composure though you could tell that things could break out at any moment.  At the 12 minute mark, Rude had things under control as he measured up for a running clothesline on Gilbert.  Eddie countered the move with his "Hot Shot" as he dropped Rude throat first across the top rope. Gilbert covered and actually got the three count!  But, as the ref was getting ready to ring the bell, he noticed Rude's leg over the bottom rope.  He then realized that it may have been there before the three.  Gilbert meanwhile was celebrating as the ref came over to explan that the match was not over.  Madusa had now come to ringside and had snuck into the ring.  She tried to kick the "Ravishing" one in the balls but Rude caught the kick and looked as he was going to level Madusa but instead he laid a big wet one on her to her shock!!  She was more stunned than anything by this move. Rude then began his "bump n grind" move on her as she was still frozen in shock.  Gilbert, however, was not amused as he saw the whole thing.  He pushed the ref out of the way and went into his trunks. As Rude turned around, Gilbert unleased another fire ball.....that missed Rude and hit Madusa!!  Rude managed to get out of the way.  Gilbert is now in terror at what he's done.  Rude, ever the opportunist, quickly snuck in a low blow on Gilbert and hooked in his "Rude Awakening" neckbreaker on him!!  He got the three count and retained his NWA TV Title.  Rude then went over to Madusa and she quickly got up and was laughing!!  She was never hit by that fireball.  It was a set up all along!!  She quickly hugged Rude and gave him another deep kiss, this time openly!!  The NAO quickly came from the back as Rude and Madusa beat a hasty retreat.  Apparently, Madusa has abandoned her husband for her former charge for the "Ravishing" one?

STYLES:  What the hell is this?  'Leave your man for your old flame day'?

VENTURA:  It certainly seems that way doesn't it Styles.

ROSS:  Well, with this sad pattern, I hope we see something a little different in the ECW Title match later today.  This is sickening.

SCHIVONE:  I am not one of "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert's biggest fans but I will say that even he didn't deserve this.  To be betrayed by his own wife?

As the commentators sort it out, the NAO help Gilbert out of the ring who is hurt physically and emotionally, but you can also see rage building up inside of the man from Lexington, KY.

STYLES:  Well, speaking of marriages going to crap, we see the ring crew quickly replacing the ring ropes with barb wire.  That means it is about time for our barbwire confrontation for the WWF European Title between Raven and Diamond Dallas Page.  Now, we all know the history between these men and what has brought them to WrestleMania.  We also know that there is friction between Raven and Jake "The Snake" Roberts over this situation.  Yes, they are still allies but you have to wonder about the Jake Roberts factor in this matchup.  Will he be a factor or will he let Raven be on his own?  Also, Raven requested that this not be the traditional barb wire match up where there is barb wire wrapped around the ring ropes.  He wanted an ECW style barb wire match where the wire was the ring ropes!!  I've seen Raven in action in these type of matches, he's a former ECW Heavyweight Champion.  So, all I can say guys is, Tony, Jim Ross, Ventura, if any of you have a weak stomach, you might want to leave during this match up because it is going to get ugly.

VENTURA:  Not me.

SCHIVONE:  These are not my favorite type of bouts but the situation has me intrigued so I'm here.

ROSS:  No way.  This is WrestleMania, the greatest sports entertainment event in the world.  No matter what happens, I want to see it.

STYLES:  Well, guys, you have been warned.

At this point, the music of Nirvana plays out "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for the entrance of Raven as Howard Finkel introduces him.

FINKEL:  Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the barbwire match for the World Wrestling Federation European Championship!!  There are no rules!!  Coming down the aisle is the champion.  He weighs in at 245 pounds.  The World Wrestling Federation European Champion, Raven!!

Raven comes down with the European gold in his right hand.  He is wearing his usual attire as he slides under the barb wire.  He mocks DDP by doing the "diamond cutter" symbol and doing the bang!!  He now stands in the middle of the ring and awaits Diamond Dallas Page as the music changes from "Teen Spirit" to the similar sounding "Self Hi-Five".

FINKEL:  His opponent hails from the Jersey shore.  He weighs in at 250 pounds.  Diamond Dallas Page.

DDP sprints to the ring and slides under the barb wire "ropes".  Raven meets him as he comes in with a right forearm to the back of the head that doesn't phase DDP as the fight is on!!

Raven VS. Diamond Dallas Page (WWF European Championship/Barb Wire Match)

As Joey Styles predicted, this match got ugly as both men used the barb wire to brutal advantage.  At just the five minute mark, DDP and Raven were bleeding from the forehead.  Raven had a cut on his left shin while DDP had a gash on his right shoulder.  DDP began to outbrawl Raven but the DDT master countered with a low kick!!  With DDP down, Raven slid to the outside and got a steel chair.  He came back in with it and bashed DDP flush in the head with it.  Raven then turned Dallas over onto his stomach and nailed him in the back six straight times with the chair.  Raven then dropped the chair and went to the outside again.  This time, he brings a ladder into the ring.  He sets it up in the center of the ring and climbs it to deliver the finishing move.  DDP, however, gets to his knees and pushes the ladder, sending Raven into the barb wire!!  Raven manages to get his left arm up to prevent his throat from being cut up onto the sharp metal but his armpit paid the price as it was busted open!!  As Raven tried to keep his armpit from bleeding, DDP quickly moved in and delivered the "Diamond Cutter" onto Raven.  DDP got the pin and became the new WWF European Champion.  As he was being presented the belt, here came Jake "The Snake" Roberts from the back to attack DDP.  He goes for his DDT but Page hits Jake with a lowblow with the European title belt!!  He then lays Jake out as he smashed the title belt into Roberts' face.  As DDP began to go for more damage, here came Kimberly from the back.  She throws powder into her estranged husband's face and kicks him low.  Kimberly now verbally taunts the blinded Dallas.....and gets a shocker as Jacqueline has ran into the ring.  Kimberly doesn't see her until it is too late as Jackie gets in a kick into Kim's guts, picks her up in a vertical suplex and turns it into a "Diamond Cutter"!!  With Kim laid out, Jackie helps the new European kingpin out of the ring and back to the dressing room.  We now go back to Styles, Schivone, Ventura and Ross.

STYLES:  As I said earlier, what is going on with these women?  I mean, we knew that Kimberly has pretty much washed her hands with DDP but now Jacqueline, the former five time USWA Women's Champion and former WWF Ladies Champion, comes to DDP's aid?

ROSS:  This is a real strange situation.  This DDP/Roberts/Kimberly/Raven situation is getting more interesting by the second.  The news is that Diamond Dallas Page is the new WWF European Champion.  What happened shouldn't undermine that accomplishment but we have seen a bigger story than that just unfold before our eyes.  By the way, Styles called this match correctly when he promised a bloodbath, a good ol' fashioned slobberknocker, and that's what we had right there.  As the ring crew gets the ring ready for our next contest, I must ask who do you think will win our next contest?

VENTURA:  To be honest, I don't know what the hell could follow that?  I mean, we've seen it all in the last two hours and we still have four matches left.  By the way, we should inform our cable systems that we will go past our usual time but our fans payed good wrestling that is what we will give them.

ROSS:  Indeed we will, I have just been informed that our time will go into a four hour mark if necessary.  In fact, our next bout is the 60 minute Iron Man Triple Threat contest for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship between champion Chris "The Crippler" Benoit, "The HeartBreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan.  This will be our longest bout so in the interest of time, we will have that bout as soon as possible (at that statement, the music of "HBK" fires up).....oh, speak of the devil, here it comes right now!!

Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring, strutting and prancing as usual.  He is full of confidence as he enters the ring to his usual style.  After the pyro and lights, he goes to the corner and awaits his opponents.  Now, Jimi Hendrick's "Voodoo Child" plays as "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan comes to the ring.  He hits the ring immediately and tries to attack Michaels but the ref forces him to wait for the champion to come into the ring.  Now, the music of Chris Benoit plays as the proud champion comes to the ring.  He quickly takes off the belt and demands that the ref rings the bell, the ref obligates him and rings the bell for the start of this match.

Chris "The Crippler" Benoit VS. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan VS. Shawn "HeartBreak Kid" Michaels (WCW World Heavyweight Title/60 Minute IronMan Triple Threat Match)

This match was hot and heated as it went inside, outside, and into the stands.  There had to be a winner so anything and everything went in this bout.  We go to the 55 minute mark as all three men, amazingly, had no falls on each other!!  While many expected Benoit and Michaels to go this long, many more were surprised at the stamina of Hogan as he still had his wind after going tooth and nail in this match against these marathon wrestlers.  At the 58 minute mark, Benoit had Michaels in the "Crippler Crossface" in the center of the ring but Hogan breaks it up with a legdrop to the back of both Benoit and Michaels' heads.  Michaels took the worst of it as he got it flush on the back of the head.  Hogan then turned Michaels over and dropped another leg onto Michaels and went for the cover but was saved by Benoit. With only one minute left, Hogan picked up Michaels and threw him into the ropes.  "Hollywood" went for a clothesline but Michaels ducked it and executed his "Sweet Chin Music" Superkick on Hogan, knocking him backwards into Benoit, who was ready with his "Crippler Crossface" on Hogan.  Hogan was being streched as Michaels began to go in for the save but then waived his hands and walked away saying "Strech his ass Benoit!!"  Meanwhile, Hogan tapped out for the first and only fall of the contest as Benoit stood in the corner the remaining 10 seconds to retain his WCW World Title.  Michaels, meanwhile, was caught on camera saying this:

MICHAELS:  Yeah, I wanted the WCW World Title but there is no way in hell that I would ever help Hogan out of anything!!  Benoit, better you have the title than Hogan but rest assured,  I'll see you again.

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