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The Elizabethan Costuming Page Links to Elizabethan clothing research and patterns plus other research links My View


English Country Dancing A really good article on period dancing  
Kindgom of Atlantia Arts and Sciences Site A link to a dancing links page  


Educating Shakespeare What schooling the Bard might have undergone  


Elizabethan Fencing and the Art of Defense Elizabethan-age fencing  


Encyclopedia Britannica Search on "heraldry" My View
English Heraldic Dictionary The (very) basic rules of heraldry My View
International Civic Arms Arms and heraldries of cities and such  


The Life and Times of Elizabeth I A history concentrating on the Queen herself  
Ray's Home Page History of Bristol, England  
Renaissance Home of the Compendium of Common Knowledge PLUS! My View
Tudor History Separate sections on all the Tudor rulers PLUS!  


Historic Novelists' Center    

On-Line Documents

Holinshed's Chronicles 1577 histories written by William Harrison  
Labyrinth Library  Middle English Bookcase  Copies of Medieval Texts On-Line  
Paradoxes of Defense 1599 fencing manual  

Latin Language Resources

A school's Latin club page
(I'm not exactly sure who)
Commonly used Latin phrases  
Richard Azia's Roman Civilisation More Latin phrases  
Georgetown University More Latin grammar  

Trades and Guildes/Livery Companies

The Worshipful Company of Bakers The Livery structure of London with historic notes My View