Our Heritage Tree

The values we all cherish
From our precious history,
We now pass on to others
Carved in wood -on this Tree.
This mighty log will show us
Who we are, who we'll be;
And teach us where we've come from
That shaped - our destiny.


Planted in soil now for all to see!
A reminder to every child, woman and man
Of the history of Labrador and Newfoundland.
A reminder to every child, woman and man
Of the wonderful HERITAGE of this GREAT LAND!!

Now a whole new millennium
Will reach this great land.
Our cedar Tree though silent
Will speak - from human hands.
The images and stories
Are carved for all to see.
Of founders and icons
Who gave us -identity.


Nurtured in Vancouver soil
and sixty feet in length
This Tree is a reminder
of unity - and our strength
More human hands will shape this tree
More images will appear
God bless the land they represent
With heritage - oh so clear!


On our Heritage Tree....

(Written by Trevor Bennett(original idea for the tree) and Charlene Benoit(age 14 and daughter of Bernie Benoit,wood carver for the Tree);adapted for music by The Sharecroppers)

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