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These first 4 images of Ganesha were found at http://www.hindumythology.com where charming stories about Ganapati can be found along with more loveable images.

gan-palanquin.gif (35571 bytes)

Ganesha carried on a palanquin



ganMayoreshvar.jpg (14005 bytes)ganRanjangaon.jpg (13575 bytes)

Ganesha as Mayoreshvara                                              Ranjangaon
(Lord or Master of the Peacock)                                                            Ganesha


ganVaradavinayak.jpg (13539 bytes)








ganesh-baby.jpg (10718 bytes)

Baby Ganesha


Ganeshaslim.jpg (25948 bytes)

ganesh-om.jpg (18009 bytes)


dancing-ganesha-line.jpg (14586 bytes) SriGanesh-reading.jpg (11991 bytes)


flute-player-ganesha.jpg (19165 bytes)









From Shree Siddhivinayak Temple
(Mumbai) website. Wallpaper designs.


ganesh_small.gif (7448 bytes)ganesh.jpg (6451 bytes)









ganesha-abstr-line.jpg (12568 bytes)ganesha-mod-chair.jpg (13754 bytes)








From Shri Siddhivinayaka Temple (Mumbai) website.


ganeshmanyarm.jpg (20997 bytes)green-jig-ganesha.jpg (15551 bytes)











Image on the right, from Shri Siddivinayaka Temple (Mumbai)

ganesh-bw.gif (57239 bytes)

scan-ganes.jpg (86267 bytes)

ganapati-frame.jpg (41685 bytes)

ganeshdia.jpg (39706 bytes)

The painting of Lord Ganesha below was done by the artist Ana Valliammai who likes to sign her work V. Puja.  She has several other very charming deity paintings available to enjoy from her website Ana Valliammai's Art and Painting Page.   She sells her artwork so, if you wish to use this picture of Lord Ganesha, please ask her permission by emailing her at anavalli@usa.net.

Ganesh-side.jpg (54320 bytes)


ganeshivaparv.jpg (24137 bytes)


Graphics on these pages are for your use free of charge.  A link back to this page so others can find this resouce would be appreciated but it is not required.


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