Nông Đức Mạnh


As most Vietnamese know, No^ng DDu+'c Ma.nh's existence was a result of Ho^` Chi Minh sexual assault against a Nu`ng minority women. This was the exact same thing that Ho^`'s father Ho^` Si~ Ta.o did to a teenage girl in Quy`nh Lu+u village (Nghe^. An province) and then forced an old and retarded man named Nguye^~n Sinh Huy to take the blame. When the kid in tragedy grew up, instead of being disgusted at his biological father's sinful act, he was so proud of old Ho^`s Si~ Ta.o and betrayed his poor adopted father Sinh Huy by changing his last from Nguye^~n back to Ho^`( chi' Minh) (as documented by Hanoi's most famous historian Tra^`n Quo^'c Vu+o+ng when he came to Cornell univeristy as a visiting scholar). As the old saying "like father like son" goes ( or more precisely in psychiatric term "Identification: a defense mechanism in psychiatric patient"), one wonder how many women NDM has violated and if he would change his name to Ho^` after the visit to his paternal birth place of Nghe^. An.