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Welcome to the Home Page of Bushido's House of Malt. Inside you'll explore a whole new world of single malt scotch whisky and other pleasures. 

First a wee note about the tartan at the top of the page. It is my family tartan, Colquhoun, in it's modern guise.  If you want to find out more about the Colquhouns, or Mac a' Chombaich in Gaelic, see the library.  

For those of you who visited at the old house, welcome back!  You'll notice a completely new look to the house and the remodeling has just begun.  Come back often as new rooms are being added and the furniture is being rearranged a bit.  

Each "room" has a different function, so if you're new here, please mosey on down to the "main rooms" section for an orientation.  There's no "house Rules", so just feel free to wander about and explore.  Returning guests can jump to the "Just Noo" section for a quick entrance round the back.



Main Rooms



Push the stone to access my collection of malts and other earthly delights.                      

Push the stone to access the camaraderie of the malt. 


Push the stone to access the information you need. 

I think that you'll get even more out of your visit to the house if you have a "Celtic" type font installed on your computer. The original text was scribed using a commercial font which I bought and paid for.  I had a link here to that company's home page and one to download it for free. Then the company sent me a nasty and threatening email.  Oh well, I guess that's the fun of the internet.  Now I use a font called "Kelt" which is freeware that you can download yourself by clicking the name. 

In case you ever lose your way when wandering around the house, use the ancient mariner's compass at the right to find your way back here.  You'll see it at the bottom of every nook and cranny in the house.


Just Noo

For frequent visitors to the House, here are the most popular sections and those that are the most frequently updated:

"New Arrivals" - a listing of new whisk(e)ys before they make it to the malts tables.
"Malt o' Month" - a rotating (somewhat monthly) featured malt with more in-depth tasting notes, pictures, links, etc. 
"Frequently asked questions" - the name says it all, no?
"links" - The best whisky sites on the internet are just a click away
Blue Guitars - This has nothing to do with whisky--- but it's still pretty cool.
Whisky Magazine index - An informational resource for subscribers, or a way to choose back issues of interest.  The content of the first eight issues of Whisky Magazine broken down and organized by topic.
 Take the House of Malt Whisky Poll.  Be somebody let your vote count!

A final word about the house.  Please come back often, as home improvements and additions to the house are nearly constant.  Please use the email to leave me your comments and suggestions For an even more enjoyable and convivial visit.

In any event, enjoy your time in the house and feel free to make yourselves at home. Ceadh Mile Failte!



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