Malts Table



This is my master listing of brief tasting notes and information on all the malts and whisk(e)ys in my current collection.  I consider this to be a "living document" as I retaste and reevaluate the malts.  Not every malt has written tasting notes and this will be the first order of business to set the record straight.  You will undoubtedly find mistakes in the tables, as this record was never meant for public consumption.  My goal is to have the entire table, completed, cleaned up and accurate by the end of the millennium.  

For ease of downloading and viewing, my master listings malt table has been divided into several smaller tables.  Please click on a link below to be taken to a new page corresponding to the tasting notes for that range of malts.  For viewing of individual malts, try the demo wall.




Single Malts from Scotland A.
Single Malts from Scotland B.
Single Malts from Scotland C through F.
Single Malts from Scotland G.
Single Malts from Scotland H through L.
Single Malts from Scotland M through r
single malts from Scotland s through w
vatted malts from Scotland and Single Malts from other countries
Other whisk(e)ys from around the world



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