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International Interviewing and Interrogation, LLC (III, LLC) is dedicated to training students in the arts of interviewing, behavior assessment, and the non-coercive elicitation of information. It is distinguished by the combined expertise of its instructor cadre that consists of current and former polygraph examiners and investigators. Each instructor has conducted thousands of interviews and interrogations worldwide. They have well over 100 years of combined experience and an impressive record of successes in eliciting information in personnel, criminal, and national security cases.

The instructors believe that for students to truly learn these skills they have to be taught in small classes, then use these new interviewing skills in practical exercises. For that reason, we never train in "lecture hall" type seminars to several hundred attendees using instructors who are merely following a script. III, LLC seminars are conducted by at least two instructors and include hands-on practice by the participants under their watchful eyes. The students use situations of their own choosing, encountered in their day to day jobs, to make the training more applicable. Additionally, the instructors use a combination of videos, slides, case studies, and open discussions to create a fast-paced and interesting learning environment.

Here is what III, LLC students learn...


Identify verbal and non-verbal behavior in an untruthful person


Establish effective interviewing strategies


Stop the denials of an untruthful person


Overcome and manipulate the protests of an untruthful person


Build psychological bridges to elicit the truth from an untruthful person


Gather information using a matrix approach

Here are typical comments from course participants...

"One of the top 3 CLE seminars I have ever attended!"

M.C. Kratz, Oklahoma City, OK

"I would recommend this program to others [attorneys] only if they lived faraway and were never on the other side of a case from me! I want the advantage."

Cheryl Cooper, Tulsa, OK

"This is the single most important seminar that I have taken since passing the Bar exam in 1985. This can only add to the ethical representation of clients."

Robert L. Armstrong, Wilmington, N.C.

"...I cannot imagine anyone not benefitting from the training..."

Hugh Munn, S.C. Law Enforcement Division, Columbia, S.C.

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