Iceboats for Sale and Wanted

Below is a listing of available iceboats and gear. Please contact the seller, or buyer, directly with inquiries.

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Looking for one or two recreational quality DN60 sails. Please email Paul at:

Two used Skimmer 45 ice boat sails and one seat needed.
Please contact

For Sale:

IceDN 60 Iceboat, "My-DN-ice"

Boat is in excellent condition, and always stored indoors. It includes two runner planks, sail and rig, and all hardware. It was built and sailed by long time members of the Indian Lake sailing club in Russell's Point, Ohio, which is where the boat is currently stored. It can be seen by appointment, by calling Steve Butler at 614-580-3978, or email him at
Asking $1,200

Arrow Iceboat (2 seater)

#232 Yellow Deck/White Hull
Clarkston, MI (40 NW of Detroit)
Cell # 248-941-1365)

Wanted: DN iceboat for under $1,000.00, fixer uppers OK. Contact

Julien Libaire would trade this beautiful scooter for 2 DN's, or consider one fine DN and cash. The scooter was made in 1987. It is red Fiberglass over brunzeel ply, w/ sawn white oak frames, cane rig, D&D sails, and is silicon bronze fastened. It is in good condition, sailable, and ready to go. With trailer. The boat is located in Bellport, NY. You can reach Julien at

I've left some SOLD boats below, for interest. All personal information has been removed.

Lockley, from Sodus Bay, NY.  Boat Sold, January 2011.

1930’s B Class Stern Steerer 
Built and sailed on Lake St. Clair in Michigan since the mid-1930’s. A Marconi rigged boat for two adults described by a former long-term owner as a magnificent boat, easy to sail.
Boat comes with: two sets of sails for the main and jib (new set and used set in good condition), two sets of runners (newer steel runners pictured and original iron runners), new cushions for cockpit, covers for the boat (including runner plank) and trailer (ready to take away!). Boat in great shape, ready to sail! Sold 2011
Length 20’ 9”
Cockpit 4’ wide x 6’ long
Mast 19’ 9”
Boom 12’ 3”
Runner Plank 13’

Lockley Skimmer Iceboat- Sold 2010


Lockley: Home Made Lockley, to specs except slighly heavier tubing for long life. Standard Lockley sail, Mylar flat sail for heavy wind (very fast) and a complete light wind rig (FJ mast/boom/sail). Very nice on light wind days when Lockleys have trouble with the small standard sail. Can switch rings in minutes. SOLD

Isabella: Scandinavian design using a wind surfing rig. Easy to sail, most comforatble Ice boat ever designed. Stainless steel skates. Not as quick off a start as a DN because of the flexible mast. But once the mast loads up, and it's up to speed, it will keep up with them... while rarely lifting a skate. And when it's at full speed,
hold on !!!   SOLD

Trailer: Sized for small boat, ice boat or Wave runner. $100
Sorry, the Lockley has been Sold

SOLD- Complete DN Iceboat- $1300

Spending too much time in the warmer climes during the winter so, the DN is FOR SALE - $1300.  Good Shape - Yellow hull w/ Royal Blue accent stripe.  Bottom completely covered and filled w/Styrofoam.  Granier Sail, Sarns plate runners, Spruce mast & Boom.  Located near Corning, NY.  Sorry, boat is sold.

Norton DN iceboat, Gougeon design and West System construction. Fuselage, mast, and plank have been completely refinished. Includes: Helmet, Rock Maple insert runners, Sarns bull-nose runners, Melges sail and bag, extra wood mast, stand, fuselage cover, runner case, new window currently being installed, steering bar is being polished clear... Sorry, Boat is sold.


IceFlyer For Sale: Complete, ready for the ice, 2 sails, $2400 or $1500
without sails & rigging. For more info & Pics --Sorry, Boat is sold.

DN with Sarns hardware and Boston sail. Spruce sides, ply deck and bottom, with lightweight West style framing. Sorry, boat is Sold.

Sold: DN Iceboat for sale


DN Iceboat (shown above), older model totally renovated, complete with
spruce mast and boom, runners, sail (old but usable) and sharpening jig.

Sorry, boat is sold.

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