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In the past, there has been a lot discussion in the
VROC Technical NewsGroup
about clutch chatter and jerky operation when the engine is cold.
Glenn Trippe inquired about his problem to the group, and received
many responses.  Some agreed with his dealer that it was normal,
while others vehemently disagreed, and suggested getting it fixed
while it was still under warranty.  Here is Glenn's brief response.

To: vulcan@vroc.org
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 13:27:52 -0400

Dear VROC:

Thanks again to all those who responded to my question on the severe clutch chatter my VN750
developed.  Well, my dealer's mechanic and I tore the clutch down and found the problem.  We found that
the pressure plate had an uneven scalloped wear pattern with alternating shiny and
dull areas.  We additionally found similar wear but not as severe on the steel plates.  We surmised that this
peculiar wear was the result of uneven spring pressure which was worse when the engine was cold. We replaced the
stock clutch springs with a set of Barnet springs and replaced the friction discs with a set of Red Line discs.
I am happy to say that this totally eliminated the chatter.  This problem turned out not to be serious, as this
clutch could have run, making noise, but harming nothing.  However, a motorcycle should not sound like a coffee
grinder.  Now my clutch is smooth and quiet. For those who wrote saying that their clutch was
doing the same I can well recommend this repair.

Thanks everyone,

Glenn VROC #2753 aka "Doc"

Glenn was nice enough to follow up his above message with this...

From: Glenn Trippe <nbp1@accnorwalk.com>
To: jrallas@juno.com
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 11:11:06 -0400
Subject: VN750 Info Site Problems/Suggestions

Dear jrallas:

Just thought I would update you on the progress of the clutch repair that I did last fall.
I am happy to report that since the repair there has been no further
disturbance of the normal engine noise, i.e., no more coffee grinder
clutch.  Apparently this repair has staying power.  Thanks for posting
the issue.

VROC # 2753  aka "doc"