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This site was created as an addition to the
Vulcan Riders and Owners Club.
For information about VROC, and how to join,
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I must stress that I am not an expert on the Kawasaki
Vulcan 700/750, or any product of KAWASAKI.

I strongly suggest that any technical questions be directed
to the Vulcan Riders and Owners Club news group at
or at the VN750 Yahoo group at

I apologize, but due to the number of e-mails I receive,
I will no longer be able to answer questions concerning
problems with your VN700/750 and must ignore any I receive.
Please consult the sources above.


I wish to thank all those who've contributed to this site.
I've tried to give credit where possible. - JR

Hints, Tips, and Info Page

Kawasaki Vulcan 750 Troubleshooting Guide

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JR's Motorcycle Rides and Miscellaneous
My East Coast trip - May 7 - May 22 2004 4,800 miles in 16 Days down the East Coast of the US and back.
My VROC 2001 Adventures - Oct 3-6 2001 I rode to North-Western Arkansas for VROC's 2nd Annual Worldwide Meet
My VROC 2000 Adventures - Aug/Sep 2000 I rode 1,400 miles to South-Western Colorado for VROC's 1st Annual Worldwide Meet.
International Motorcycle Show - 2/12/2000 Here's the Windy City VROC members at the International Motorcycle Show's
Kawasaki booth at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago - February 12, 2000
A very similar picture turned up on page 6 of GTOC's 2000 Issue One of Roads
Turkey Day with Wrinkles - 11/26/1999 Wrinkles came back to Chicago for Thanksgiving and took time to visit with the WCVROC
Joker visits the Midwest - 11/1/1999 My second meeting with Joker.  The first was on vacation in Clearwater Florida - 7/1999
Fall Starved Rock Ride - 9/1999 My 2nd Starved Rock ride with the Windy City VROC
Highland House / Cycle Empire - 8/22/1999 I spent the day in beautiful South-Eastern Wisconsin with the Windy City VROC
Midnight Tour - 7/10/1999 Jersey Pine Cruisers Midnight Tour & Wolfman's 50th birthday celebration
Spring Starved Rock Ride - 4/24/1999 My first ride with the Windy City VROC
June 24, 1995 - July 4, 1995
Pictures from the ride
To the West Coast and back in 11 days in 1995
and here's some of the pictures we took during that trip.

If there are any problems or suggestions concerning this site,  please contact me at

Note:  The Kawasaki Vulcan 700 and 750 are considered the same at this site - JR