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The author on a bad hair day. (Photo © 2000, Jerry D. Withers) Hi! Here's a little bit about "yer furry servant"...

Real Name: Jerry Dean Withers.
Nom de net: Furrball Tiberius Cat. (The "Tiberius" is there in memory of fellow Tiny Toon fan and operator of Acme Online, Buster T. Bunny.)
Born: Yes.
Where: USA.
Currently resides: USA.
First written fanfic: "Gone With The Whim (original version)"
First published fanfic: "A (slightly) Monumental Decision..."
Most recent fanfic: "Akron In Reverse, Part II: Surprise! Surprise!", co-written with Jennifer Cleckley.
Favorite food: Let's put it this way. If it ain't chocolate, to heck with it. (Although I really do love tuna fish hoagies!)
Favorite songwriters: Hoo boy, there's so many! Just off the top of my head, though: Georg Kajanus (Sailor/Data/Noir); Jack Blanchard (Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan); Roy Wood; Ray Davies (The Kinks); Terry Taylor; Randy Stonehill; Mark Heard; Butch Hancock; Lloyd Cole; Elvis Costello; Harry Vanda & George Young (Easybeats/Marcus Hook Roll Band/Flash And The Pan); Chris Difford & Glen Tilbrook (Squeeze); Nick Lowe.
Favorite TV shows: Tiny Toon Adventures (OBVIOUSLY!); Whose Line Is It Anyway?; Jeopardy!; Kids In The Hall; Hard Rock Live; Sessions At West 54th; Doctor Who.
Favorite radio shows: The Radio Show; Riders Radio Theatre; Riverwalk - Live From The Landing; Schickele Mix; Car Talk; Weekend Radio with Robert Conrad.

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The View From The Catbox...

Every now and then, I like to break loose from writing stories and just say what's on my so-called mind. Starting now, I'm making this exercise in terror a regular part of the Alley. Click here for the first one.

And now, an end of an urgent plea from Furrball...

I've been a Bob and Ray fan for years, and have been looking for another copy of this, their first album. Well, found it finally. So, please stop looking for it now. Thanks. End of urgent plea.

Prowling The Alleyways...

(Where Furrball likes to go when he isn't here.)

Hi. In an effort to make The Alley easier to wade through (like THAT'LL ever happen!), I've been redesigning the whole page. Consider this area "the box" (you know, as in the cardboard box underneath the drainpipe). Now, just click on to the following links to get to the various areas of The Alley...

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Enjoy your trip through The Alley, and if you know of an interesting spot, write me and I'll see if I can squeeze it in.

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