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The Amazing Three, plus One: Babs, Shirley, Fifi and Mary Melody (from "Spring Break Special")

From Jamie Wilmoth comes this line drawing of the fabulous Fifi LaFume. Ooh la la...

One word of advice, Skippy... RUN!!!

It's almost frightening how good Buster and Plucky look in dresses, isn't it? (And a little nauseating...) (from "thirteen

Oh where, oh where, is our "Little Dog Lost"? Byron's right here!
(NOTE: Click on the RIGHT mouse button, and scroll down to "View Image" to see a larger picture!)

From the remarkable Melanie Taylor Kent, "Looney Tunes Take Manhattan". See more of her work at Barker Animation.

From the late Warner Bros. animator Virgil Ross (who also designed the Bugs Bunny postage stamp), "Will Ya?" See more of his stuff at American Royal Arts Corp..

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