Shanghai Theatre Academy

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Department of Stage Design

Stage Design, B.A., 4 years
Stage Lighting Design, B.A., 4 years
Costume and Make-up Design, B.A., 4 years
Design, B.A., 4 years

Major Courses:
Stage Design
Stage Design
Scenic Techniques
Construction in Form and Color
Aesthetics of Stage Design
Fundamentals of Interior Design
Fundamentals of Exterior Design
History of Word Theatre
Scenic Painting
Introduction to Theatre
Stage Lighting Design
Lighting Design
Stage Electrical Engineering
Stage Electronics
Computer-Controlling in Lighting
Stage Optics
Lighting Instruments
Introduction to Theatre
Make-up and Costume Design
Costume Design for the Stage
Fashion Design
Costume Structure Design
Tailoring and Dyeing
Make-up (Stage, Film and Television)
Hair Style Design
Introduction to Theatre

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