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Welcome to my Dotty's Dimensions series

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• Would you like a supplement to your travel guides
that gives you a more personal touch?
• Are you curious about what goes on at science fiction conventions?
• Would you like to know more about the sights to see in New York City;
Philadelphia; Washington, DC; and other areas of the Northeastern USA?
• Would you like to know who I am?

The answers to these questions are in my Publications,
More Publications, and in my Column Series,
all downloadable for FREE.

I like to travel, and I like to share my experiences with others.
Most of my travels are nearby. (I live in New Jersey.)
In addition, I like going to science fiction conventions as much as I like to travel.
I also like to save money.

Perhaps my travelogs could convince you to visit some of these places yourself,
help you with your traveling,
or at least entertain you.

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