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Hi everyone, before you read the scoops, I wanted to say a few words about this site.  First of all, I want to thank the hundreds of supportive emails I received!  It is because of you that this site is not shutting down.  Listen folks, I have a really demanding job and cannot promise that this site will be updated every week.  I may not get it updated until Monday's.  There will be no more Spotlight Story.  

Enjoy the scoops folks!

Monday, December 4th
Everyone thinks Eve and Ian are dead after the explosion.

Tuesday, December 5th
Jack is told by Chris to leave Livvie alone.

Wednesday, December 6th
Gabriella tells Joe she wants to make love.  
Eve and Ian realize they've been kidnapped!

Thursday, December 7th
Jamal feels more secure in his relationship with Alison when she tells him how she really feels about him.

Friday, December 8th
A letter written by Ian, to Eve is found by Kevin.

Tuesday, December 12th
Jack and Chris get into a fight about the true reason Jack is staying in PC.

Wednesday, December 13th
Victor and Livvie chat about Kevin

Thursday, December 14th
Jack makes the decision to stay in Port Charles indefinitely.

Friday, December 15th
Ian puts his life in extreme danger!


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