The Army Years
ASA 1973-1976

My name is Lisa Roth. I enlisted under the Delayed Entry Program in May of 1973, after I turned 18. I entered the Army in September of '73, and went to Basic Training at Fort McClellan, Alabama. At the same time my future husband, Jerry, also entered Basic Training at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri (Fort "Lost In The Woods", to those in the know).

These pages consist of pictures and information about the years we were in the Army Security Agency. There are a lot of pictures of people and places. Feel free to browse and perhaps run across some old friends. There are a couple of pictures where I don't remember the name of the subject. If you recognize anyone, please email me so that I can correctly identify that person.
(Also, please be sure to scroll down to the rest of the page, where you will find additional links and information.)

Basic Training:  Fort McClellan, AL
AIT:  Fort Deven's, MA
7th RRFS, Thailand
502nd ASA Gp, Augsburg, Germany
Fort Devens 1/10/2000
7th RRFS Reunion 2000!!! NEW!!!!
Links to other ASA pages

Have you ever wanted to get in touch with old friends or maybe make new ones that have similar ASA experiences? Well, now's your chance. Click on the link and go take a look. You will have to sign up with OneList, but that's free and easy. Just go to this url and do a search on "Army" or "Military" to come up with a list of email lists you can join:
One List does not sell it's members' emails and does give you the option to suppress everything that comes after the '@' in your email address.

Here's another opportunity to join in conversation with former ASA vets. A new club for Army Security Agency Veterans has opened in Yahoo Clubs. We're all having a wonderful time talking about old times and connecting with old friends. As of today (10/3/00), there are over 700 members. Not everyone posts messages, but everyone enjoys the chance to talk over old times. There are folks in the club from every former ASA base all over the world, from all years ASA and MI were operating. Join us!!!!!
Email me if you'd like to join us!

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