Smt. M. Narmada - Smt.M. Narmada -

Smt M.Narmada, daughter of M.S.G, has a Phd in music from Delhi University. Her doctoral thesis was aptly a comparison on North & South Indian music styles. Apart from her duet concerts with her father, she is sought after accompanist to many leading Carnatic vocalists. She had her training from her grandfather Parur A. Sundaram Iyer and continues with her training form her father. She has toured all over the world including countries like USA, UK, Holland, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hongkong. She has been awarded the ?Best Violinist? award by the Music Academy, Madras consecutively eight times.

She had won her doctoral degree from Delhi University as a U. G. C. fellow under able guidance from Sitar Vituoso Prof. Renu Chauwdhari and Dr. K. G. Ginde, renowned musicologist. She had command over and flair for a number of language like English, Sanskrit and French. Her articles on ?Music? have been widely published in journals from all over the world. She is also giving vocal concerts being trained by her mother and Shri. T. M. Tyagarajan. Her aim is to propagate the Parur-MSG style in Violin playing all over the world.

Recently she had published a paper titled "THE POWER OF VIOLIN AND ITS ROLE AS AN ACCOMPANIMENT IN INDIAN MUSIC"at Mumbai, India.