DISCLAIMER:  All the standard disclaimers apply.  Everybody knows them why go to the trouble to repeat them. Besides one could make a strong case for UPN being abusive of their 'child' and that child should therefore be taken away from them and given to a guardian who has it's best interests t heart.  Now that sounds like a great job! 

Author's Note:  This is a follow on scene for "Night Train".  The way I figure it Blair, being Blair would not have given up quite so easily when it came to Jim's reaction to drugs. Warnings: Mild language.

"Jim!"  Blair called out as he entered the loft.  The grad student dropped his backpack by the table.  "JIM!" he yelled again.

"I heard you the first time Chief.  Hell, half the neighborhood heard you." The Sentinel grumbled as he descended the stairs.

"I called the station and Simon said that you weren't feeling well, so he had sent you home.  What's up?"

"My sinuses are killing me Chief.  I'm afraid to take anything for them since what happened on the train."  Jim raised one hand to pinch the bridge of his nose.

"That reminds me . . . " Blair began.

"No." /Maybe this time the kid would actually take no for an answer.  Please God let it be so./  Jim thought.

"C'mon man.  It's for your own good.  There's this friend of mine, she's pre-med; anyway she's going to be running a six-month allergy study.  If you participate we can get you into a lab and learn more about what drugs affect you and how."

 "She, huh?  Well find another way to impress your girlfriend Darwin.  I'm not buying." /So much for hoping he would  just let it drop./

"Oh really?  Do you realize just how lucky we were on the train?  All the cold stuff did was overwhelm your controls. What if it had sent you into anaphylactic shock?  You could have died man."  Blair paused to see the effect of his words on the silent sentinel.

Jim went to the window and starred out into the darkness as he realized just how close a call it had been.  Not just in impairing him and making him vulnerable to the killers, but that the drug itself could have killed him.

Seeing how his words had affected the big man, Blair began pacing around the room, his arms wind-milling as his expressive hands tried to emphasize his point.   "Jim you're in a high risk profession.  Tell me something big guy, what happens if you ever get hurt or sick and have to go to the hospital?  Not that I'm trying to wish bad karma on you or
anything.   Statistically speaking, eventually you're going to need something whether it's pain medication, antibiotics, or an antacid.  Wouldn't you rather know what to watch out for and which drugs you can tolerate?"

"You're not going to let this rest are you?"  Jim said resignedly.

"No, I wouldn't be doing my job if I did.  It's really for your own good.  Some simple allergy tests in a controlled environment.  Julie's professor is an allergist, one of the top men in his field, he'll be overseeing all the tests."

"I can't afford to take a lot of time off. I'm saving up my time for that long vacation, remember?"  Jim said in a last ditch effort to avoid losing the argument.

 "No problem, Julie has classes you know.  Most of the tests can be scheduled for weekends and evenings."

 "All right.  I give up."

"Great!  I knew you would see things my way!"

"Did you give me a choice?"  Jim asked wryly.  

Blair looked at him and laughed.  "No, I know how you hate tests.  It really is for your own good you  know."

"Why is everything that's for my own good involves me being a lab rat for some mad scientist?"  Jim asked petulantly.

"I don't know.  Karma maybe?" Blair deadpanned.

The two men share a laugh.  Then Blair added, "I'll set up an appointment for the initial evaluation tomorrow."

Not the end . . . stay tuned for Reactions