There is a small piece of the sky
In the palm of my hand -
Blue, shiny,

I want so badly
To tighten a fist,
To hold it strong,
For it'll never, nowhere!..

But this is a piece of the sky.
I'm keeping it in the palm of my hand,
Frozen with horror
To lose it...

It's so easy for them!
To be loved
They only have to - - -

No, let's put it this way:
They may not be:

And even not necessarily
to be nearby
and alive.

It's so easy to say:
"don't go away",
so easy to say:
"don't die".
But what if he must go
this way
And leave you far
What can you do,
what can you say?..
"Kiss me", he said,
and "Bye".
There's nothing to say,
just kiss again,
And try your best -
don't cry.

To the children

Now, us and them sweet babies, us and these happy kids on the green green grass Ė itís just photos in our family album


Still laughing and crying although not too loud
Dying my hair when I remember and listening to all kinds of crap
Being annoying and silly and looking exactly as such

But no worries
Cus I know when I am 60 you gonna love me again
And Iíd look much better in your eyes by then

For now
Iíll be here as much as you donít want me to be

When youíre down Iíd kill for your smile
I donít need you to tell me how it feels banging your head against the wall
You donít need to give me your news (youíd rather give it to a stranger)
I know it all
Your pain is mine I wish your joy could be mine too some time

And I keep on talking even though you wonít listen
There is always a hope:
When I am not here you might hear my voice
In the silence of night in the sound of rain in the noise of the crowd
Life is worth living
You are here because we loved each other so much
You are here to love to be loved

Everything else is just a torture of growing up


The rock of us all no one appreciates

AND LIFE STILL GOES ON as per 2001, hot summer, in the presence of Kitty.