1987 Subaru XT

The front side of the XT

The Subaru XT was said to be the most aerodynamic car of the time. I'd believe it. This is my daily driver car, this gets me to and from work monday through friday. The XT has by far the most creature comforts of any of my cars. Power windows, A/C, power mirrors, a working radio, decent power, and a plush interior.

I have just had major service done to the car as of November 25th, 1999. I spent $988.40 for such things as a new oil pump, front axle boots, timing belts, A/C belt, fluids and a tune up, tire rotation, brakes cleaned, etc. Oh, she's got a brand new battery in her too. It was just time to take care of my car. So, my XT and I are in it for the long haul now, and that's okay, I like this car.

1987 Subaru XT

Okay, so you can see the slight ding by the gas tank in this shot, but this car I bought with only 68,770 some odd miles on it, and the car is 12 years old! The interior is great. I love this Subaru.

The cockpit of the XT

The "videogame" like cockpit of the XT is great. It has a tilt wheel, but the entire instrument cluster tilts, not just the wheel! And what about that fighter pilot style shifter? Pretty cool...

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