Lots O Links!

Lord of the Rings Stuff -- eventually i plan to have a lotr site going but until then, here's some links.

Secret Diaries -- if you saw the movie, you HAVE to read this. it's so funny. (minor slash warning) also, the newer ones are posted here.

LotR Drinking Game -- i haven't tried it yet, but i think if you drink for everything on here, you'll be majorly sloshed afterwards. ;o)

Sam's Garden - site devoted to the character Samwise Gamgee (my favorite character) mostly movie stuff

Bit of Earth -- another Sam site - but covers movie and books

FrodoandSam.net -- very nice Frodo and Sam site

Bag End Inn -- again lots of stuff about the 4 hobbits and Legolas. excellent site! tons of pics, too.

Lord of the Rings in 60 seconds -- Hollywood video radio commercial, absolutely hilarious (about a 1mb download)

Official Site -- 'nuf said.

TheOneRing.net -- the #1 fan site. awesome.

Personality tests -- if you want lotr personality tests be sure to check out my page. there's links to about 34 different tests so far. :o)

Lotr muppet-style -- quite cute

You might be a Redneck Hobbit if... -- the title says it all. :oP

Crazy Sites

Sanity Test -- well, i've taken this test a few times...first i was 47% insane, then 50.9% insane, now (as of 30/aug/02) i'm 56.4% insane....uh, i'm starting to see a pattern here.....uh-oh.

How to Keep an Idiot Busy -- 'nuf said

Music Stuff

Linkin Park -- Official site

The Wallflowers -- Official site and has a great message board (bandmembers post often)

Elton Hercules John -- a great site for news

Aerosmith.com -- the official Aerosmith site

Pollstar - the concert hotwire -- concert dates for hundreds of performers

Movie Stuff

The Nitpickers Site -- TONS of nitpicks on movies and tv shows. awesome site.

Cool Car Pages

Saturn --I love my Saturn!

Dodge Viper!!! -- *sigh* I wish I had $87,100

Hummers -- i just want one of these so i can annoy people like they do to me with their stupid suvs.....and i wanna run over stuff....and drive through 5 feet of water...oh, wait, that's a humvee (hummers can only go through 30 inches of water..."only" 30 inches) :)

Mini Cooper -- i want one so much! look at it. ain't it cute?! too bad the nearest dealer is 2 hours away...*sigh*

Computer Nerd Stuff

The Screen Savers -- the best tech show on tv.

Tucows -- an awesome site for downloading many, many programs. and if they don't have it go here...

Download.com -- another awesome dl site

Palm Blvd -- the best place to dl programs for your palmOS devise (palm, handspring, clie, etc.)

General Nerd Stuff

Dork Tower -- a geeky comic strip/book. very funny...if you're a geek and can understand the stuff. ;o)

DVD Info

The Digital Bits -- the bestest place to get info about upcoming releases (including rumors)

Dvd Review -- dvd news, reviews, messageboard, etc


Horoscopes4U.com -- lots of links

My birth chart -- pretty accurate.

Friends' pages (all wacky people!)

Karen's Korner

Argus's Sci-Fi/Star Trek Page

Crazy Jo's page!

Equally Crazy Jen's page

Another crazy Jo

"My" Message Board

Other cool sites

Coolsig Forum - cool forum for TONS of different subjects. (i'm Mia.)

Dave Barry's Blog -- lots of freaky links and stuff there. good way to kill some time. heh.

Muted Faith - i don't know this person but i think the site is cool. :)

The Daily Humorscope -- my personal favorite horoscope was: E.coli. It's what's for dinner!

Virtual cards, flowers, holidays, gifts, kisses, hugs, movies, sports -- great site

Sound America -- tons of sounds

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