You might be a Renthead if . . .

last updated 04/Apr/03

. . . in the winter you go outdoors, think "cold, cold" and immediately sing "Would you light my candle."

. . . you have seen multiple casts of Rent.

. . . you have seen Rent on multiple continents.

. . . you're willing, even eager (egads!!), to sit and freeze your @$$ off to get cheap tickets.
e.c. if you've done this 5 times or more.

. . . you've stolen a Rent poster from anywhere.
e.c. if you've stolen one from Leicester Square (London).

. . . you've "stalked" a cast member.

. . . you've set up a "worship zone", i.e. webpage.

. . . you nag your friends for months in advance about an upcoming tour stop.

. . . you know all the words to La Vie Boheme.
e.c. if you understand all the references in La Vie Boheme.

. . . your friends say you're "addicted" or "obsessed".

. . . you've dreamed of playing a part in Rent (even if you can't sing or act).

. . . you can rattle off an entire cast and bios on each member.

. . . you had to replace your Rent CD because it was worn from being played non-stop.

. . . every day you wear at least one article of clothing related to Rent or Rent keychains, etc.
e.c. you don't have one so you scrawl 'RENT' across a shirt with a sharpie.

. . . you learn to play Musetta's Waltz on the guitar.
e.c. you only know what Musetta's Waltz is because of RENT

. . . you can recite/sing the lines along with your favorite character.
e.c. you can without your favorite character.

. . . when you're out past your curfew, your parents call the theatre before any of your friends' houses.

. . . you have a shrine in your closet to your favorite cast member/character.

. . . when somebody asks "what's the time?" you feel compelled to sing out "well it's gotta be close to midnight!"

. . . when somebody asks "how old are you?" I say "I'm 19, but I'm old for my age!"

. . . everytime you see the Taco Bell commercial for Santa Fe Gorditas, all you can think is "Let's open up a restaurant. . . " well, you know where. . .

. . . everytime someone says "what'd you forget" you start singing "Light my candle".

. . . when performing math, you wonder if this equation will equal 525,600.

. . . you actually spend time CALCULATING a year in different units.

. . . you especially do this in minutes, just to see if Jonathan was right.

. . . you're friends won't allow you to listen to any part of RENT when they're around.

. . . you find yourself explaining Rent to anyone around you (perfect strangers count) at any given moment.

. . . you can't sleep at night because the entire musical won't stop playing in your head.

. . . you get teary eyes when making a speech about Jonathan in front of your English class of people who are half-asleep and just waiting for the bell to ring so they can go to lunch.

. . . your immediate reaction to anyone saying "oh, hi" is "oh, hi, after seven months?"

. . . you can't take anyone named Alison seriously.

. . . you belt out OTM to get out the frustration of a bad day when you are driving home.
e.c. you did it without the CD playing.
e.e.c. and you had the windows open.

. . . Christmas carols will NEVER be the same.

. . . you have EVER considered having your answering machine say "speeeeeeeeaaaaaaaak. . . "
e.c. it actually DOES say "speeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk."

. . . anytime you hear something about one of the more obscure references from LVB, you say "omigod! Vaclav Havel! that's in la vi-" and then look around and shut up because you realize that no one knows what the hell you're talking about.

. . . you can't hear the phrase "Santa Fe" without thinking, "you know, tumbleweeds, prairie dogs..."

. . . you cry when listening to a CD you have already heard approximately four thousand seventy two times.

. . . you call the cast members by their first names, even if you don't personally know them.

. . . you walk to the beat of Rent songs.

. . . you feel like typing A-N-G-E-L at any ATM machine you can find.
e.c. at a Food Emporium

. . . you call cash "flow".

. . . you have managed to work out to Rent.

. . . you sign letters to friends with quotes from Rent.

. . . you know the entire LVB dance and are ready to perform it for everyone wherever you can find a table.
e.c. You know the dance for all of the characters
e.c.c. and have done this in school

. . . whenever someone stirs iced tea, you start performing the lawn chair-handcuff dance.

. . . last time you got evicted 'cuz everytime it was time to pay rent, you marched up to your landlord singing 'we're not gonna paaaaay'.

. . . every time someone asks "what'd you forget?", you reply "got a light?"

. . . every time your watch stop and say..."AZT break"
e.c. you set your watch for a certain time so you can say it

. . . you're sleeping over at your best friend's house and start babbling about one of the cast members in your sleep.

. . . the wallpaper on your computer screen is of a scene from Rent.

. . . you try to take a history test (ok any test) but 'Mimi chica, donde esta? Tu mama esta yamando! Donde Estas Mimi, Donde Estas Mimi? . . .Call' is the only thing going through your mind.

. . . you debate whether or not to convince your choir teacher to have your choir perform 'La Vie Boheme' or any other song from RENT.

. . . every time you see Wizard of Oz, you say 'You know, Dorothy and Toto only went over the rainbow to blow off Auntie Em...'

. . . before or after class, you blurt out one line and then shut up, while all your friends give you a weird look.
e.c. you have ever done this while your friend is in the middle of a sentence
e.e.c. you have ever done this in the middle of class
e.e.e.c. you have ever done this during a test

. . . any time anyone says "C'est la vie", you reply 'la vie boheme...'

. . . you turn in reports with quotes from Rent.

. . . you find yourself writing "La Vie Boheme!" and other quotes from RENT all over your Algebra folder.

. . . you have ever sang the entire First or Second Act all the way through w/out the cd while driving with your friends.

. . . you have ever cast RENT with your friends in certain roles.

. . . you've ever tried to rent an apartment but didn't have enough for the deposit so you offered to pay back the landlord w/ 1000 sweet kisses

. . . you have a shrine in your locker.

. . . you listen to the soundtrack so much that your mother who's never even seen the show knows it completely

. . . you've actually auditioned for the show

. . . you and your boyfriend act out "light my candle" or "I should tell you" or "another day"
e.c. you and someone OTHER than your boyfriend act out the above

. . . AIDS affects you deeply, but you always break out in song...

. . . you actually have a NAME for a Random Rent Reference that no one else knows (R to the third)

. . . you own more than one set of the CD's

. . . you've preformed it in concert
e.c. and had a harmony part
e.e.c. and didn't have to actually LEARN it

. . . you have code names with a fellow Renthead for other people that are names of the cast

. . . if you sit and try to think of more symptoms

. . . you have "No day but today" written everywhere

. . . you write entire RENT songs in your notebooks or give them to your friends in notes, and draw the RENT logo all over

. . . you bought a fender guitar because mark says "first shot roger tuning the fender guitar he hasn't played in a year"

. . . you have a dying urge to become a s&m dancer

. . . you want Mimi's clothes even though they are really slutty

. . . you dare your friends to go up to the person they like and sing out tonight, dance and all

. . . you walk around town with your friends singing as far through the cds as you can go

. . . you want to buy the cd even though you already have it

. . . you scream "Wine and Beer" everytime asks you what you're having
e.c. if you do this at restaurants
e.c.c. often

. . . whenever you countdown you say....5-4-3-open-seasame

. . . you laugh whenever you see a cow.
e.c. you actually find yourself tempted to ask if she has anything to drink.

. . . whenever someone talks about Mickey Mouse, you automatically think "suicidal."

. . . you use the phrase "I'm illin'" on a regular basis.

. . . you are mildly surprised when you pass homeless people on the street and they are not singing "Christmas Bells are Ringing" in perfect harmony.

. . . you have dressed up as any of the RENT characters for Halloween, even though you knew no one would get it.

. . . you bought a video camera and follow your family and friends around, narrating their lives in song.
e.c. you regularly announce the time in "Eastern Standard Time"

. . . when you are juggling more than one phone call you periodically sing "We're Okay"
e.c. you have friends call you at the same time to have an excuse to do this.

. . . you named your dog Akita "Evita"

. . . you order "Two tofu dog platter" or "One pasta with meatless balls" at any restaurant, telling the waiter that it tastes the same if you close your eyes.

. . . you have had one or more date walk out on you because you kept on calling them "Mark," "Roger," "Mimi," etc.

. . . you've ever tried to send an email to

. . . the only reason you suggest a 'you might be a Renthead if' reason, is because you want your name used as a reference on a RENT-related page

. . . whenever someone says "Where is he/she?" you always say "Gettin' dizzy!"

. . . when your friends ask you go somewhere even though you don't want to go, you contemplate it for a minute, then reply, "Okay, alright, I'll go..."

. . . if you are a true Renthead, you know that "Season's of Love," although it be a great song, isn't the best song of the musical.

. . . you spend 12 1/2 hours looking at RENT related sites

. . . you know all of the songs from the APB (Adam Pascal Band)

. . . you have thought about or actually named your kid or pet Roger, Mimi, Mark, Maureen...etc.

. . . you actually take time to achieve all of these.

. . . you own both the full soundtrack and the highlights cd, and you spend hours finding the songs to download on the computer.

. . . your boyfriend/girlfriend calls you "pookie" and you immediately assume he/she is cheating on you.

. . . you are disappointed if (at Christmas) the Salvation army Santa Claus (or any other Santa Claus) aren't wearing zebra printed tights.

. . . when you ask someone for something and that person denies it to you, the phrase "today for you tomorrow for me" starts playing in your head immediately.

. . . you are beginning to carry around a 10 gallon plastic pickle tub to accompany yourself.

. . . you consider diet coke a drink for bad people or stuck up destroyers of art.

. . . you did "Over the Moon" as a monologue for drama class.

. . . you spend so much time singing the songs in school that your teachers know most of them by heart.

. . . you start to wear badges with the name of the character you're most like (i.e.: Hi, I'm Mark Cohen!)

. . . you and your friend start to draw yourselves--anime style--as the Rent cast.

. . . you incorporate Rent into English presentations and sit around laughing hysterically as Alexi Darling interviews Hades, even though the rest of the class has no idea what's going on.

. . . you're seen the show so many times that when you're heard talking about it and someone asks you, 'Oh, have you seen Rent?' you start laughing hysterically and can't answer the person.

. . . you are able to make references to Rent anytime, day or night.

. . . you proclaim the 20th (or what ever date you first saw/heard Rent) of every month "Rentday" and go around singing along to the show and acting out bits of it all day.

. . . you can free-associate any word in the English language to something to do with Rent.

. . . you're listening to RENT while you're reading this page.

. . . you used I'll cover you as your wedding song

. . . you naturally sing the harmony parts to every song!
e.c. you make up more parts of your own

. . . you sing the cd in the shower
e.c. in you sleep!

. . . you judge driving time on how far through the cd you get

. . . you've listened to nothing but the rent cd for over two years

. . . anytime anyone says "C'est la vie" you reply "So let her be a lesbian there are other fishes in the sea"

. . . your screen name has to do with rent

. . . you buy stuff because it slightly has to do with rent like the shirt from Gap that says Akita

. . . instead of a top ten movie list you have a top ten list of Collins'

. . . you printed out this website and you and your Renthead friends checked off all the ones you apply too (which is most of them).

. . . you have a friend named Mimi or Mark or something every time you see them you start singing lines from rent.

. . . you spend hours with your sister singing the parts of Roger and Mimi.

. . . whenever anyone asks "where's everyone else?" you simply reply "Playing spiderman!"

. . . as you are reading this you're asking yourself, "you mean that's not normal?"

. . . you have ever sung out tonight at the top of your lungs in a public place, poledancing as you do so.
e.c. if you've done it more than once

. . . you have ever spent a considerable amount of time trying to play the soundtrack in sync with your friends while on the phone so you could both sing along.

. . . everytime you hear the names Lucy and Finster you automatically associate them with Cats (Jonathan's cats names)

. . . you make up answers to what Rent characters may say when asked "why did the chicken cross the road?"

. . . you have the Italian cast recording/Italian SOL video

. . . you cry every time you even think about the bridge in I'll cover you reprise.

. . . whenever someone offers you chips, by saying "Chips anyone?" you compulsively burst out with, "You can take the girl out of Hicksville, but you can't take the Hicksville out of the girl," before you realize that this doesn't make sense to anyone else.

. . . you've managed to perform perfectly Angel's drumstick solo in today 4 u or you are trying really hard to perfect it.
e.c. you can do her flips and everything!

. . . you actually know all of Alexi Darling's phone numbers, and you've tried calling 970-4301 or 863-6754.
e.c. you've gotten someone on the line and actually asked for Alexi darling.(from that sleazy show Buzzline)

. . . you stand outside of your boyfriend's/girlfriend's window and serenade them with "Your Eyes"
e.c. at school
e.c.c. spontaneously in the quad during a lunch rally

. . . you try to relate your life to RENT, even if you live in an upper middle class neighborhood.

. . . your friends don't mention rent, out of fear that you'll start belting one of your many favorite songs from rent.

. . . you listen to the soundtrack everytime your on the phone and at weird times just blurt out the lines.
e.c. you blurt out the lines to relate to your conversation

. . . you watch yourself in the mirror while you act out both parts to "Light My Candle" simultaneously.
e.c. you have performed them in front of family members.
e.e.c. you have performed them in front of perfect strangers.

. . . you apply to NYU because Collins planned to teach there

. . . you spend time obsessing about how One Song Glory should have been Roger's "one song glory"

. . . when someone asks "who died?" you automatically respond with "our Akita...Evita"

. . . you and your Renthead friends have formed a group called Life Support

. . . whenever someone mentions a guitar, you ask if it's a fender and if they just got it out of hock

. . . you get thrown out of deli's for drumming on their pickle tubs to Angel's drum solo in Today 4 U

. . . when you're sick, and someone says they're gonna buy stuff for you, you say "don't waste your money on me, me, Mimi..."

. . . when you're leaving someone a message, you feel compelled to say "That was a very loud beep.."

. . . you have the whole play running over and over in your head almost all the time.

. . . you start casting your favorite actors as the characters from Rent.

. . . when your school choir actually DOES perform a song from RENT, you sit in the audience singing along.

. . . you have ever actually eaten "two tofu dog platter".

. . . you want to move to NYC just so you can go see RENT everyday

. . . every time you watch any James Bond movie, when he goes "Bond. James Bond." You respond by saying "and Pussy Galore in person!"

. . . you've performed one of the songs from Rent a million times in your theater class and STILL aren't sick of it.

. . . you are a poor college student who saved so you could travel across the country for the sole purpose of seeing Rent at the Nederlander!

. . . you used a part of la vie boheme in your graduation speech.

. . . you've inspired other members of your family to become Rentheads.

. . . you had the soundtrack memorized and knew the story line before you saw the show.

. . . you hear someone say, "Got a light?" You immediately respond," I know''re shivering!"

. . . you've actually taken the time to read this whole list, and laughed constantly because you know it's true.

. . . your neighbor's yuppie dog dies, and all you can think is "And sure as I am here, that dog is now in doggie hell."

. . . you sing "I'll Cover You" as a duet with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

. . . your Dad doesn't know any of the bohemians...except Angel. He likes Angel.

. . . your mother knows the hand motions to "Why Dorothy and Toto went over the rainbow to blow off Auntie Em."

. . . your mother moos with you.

. . . your mom wants a ten second space between Glory and Light the Candle so she can clap.

. . . your mother knows the harmony to "What You Own."

. . . your dad is not scared of Contact and he thinks Pussy Galore is awesome.

. . . you have made up a new hand motion to represent Viva La Vie Boheme.

. . . you sign your mail with names of the artists.

. . . everytime you read this list you sing along with the written quotations from rent songs!

. . . you and your 4 friends act out RENT, each taking 2 roles.

. . . you know all the songs on Adam Pascal's new CD "Model Prisoner".

. . . while waiting for your hair dye to set in, you sing La Vie Boheme.

. . . you have a picture with a cast member
e.c. you meet new people just so you can find someone who doesn't know that you have a picture with said cast member and tell them.

. . . you know you're a rent head when you not only know every fact on Rent but the opera La Boheme that it was partially based on

. . . you refer to your mother as the "wicked witch of the west"

. . . you have gone to the show dressed in a certain character's act one costume and changed into their act two costume during intermission

. . . you get excited when you know the La Boheme questions on jeopardy only because you've seen Rent not because you've ever seen La Boheme.

. . . you translate the titles of RENT songs into French during boring classes

. . . you play RENT association with your Renthead friends

. . . you write things in "RENT writing" (the writing the logo is in, with the crooked N)

. . . you have a picture of RENT on your geometry folder

. . . you were devastated when your drama teacher said he didn't really like RENT

. . . the only reason you took drama was because of RENT

. . . you saw West Side Story only because it was written by Sondheim and he is mentioned in RENT

. . . you put the word RENT in every art project you do even though the teacher didn't like it

. . . you write Viva La Vie Boheme on your desk during school

. . . you saw the movie Road Trip only because Anthony Rapp had a little part in it

. . . you saw Aida because Adam Pascal was in it

. . . one of your other favorite musicals happens to be "Evita" and every time you hear it in RENT you think of it (and vice versa)

. . . you perform Rent duets for talent shows even though you know only you and your partner will get it

. . . when the ball drops on new years, you break into song with "Happy New Year"

. . . when someone mentions a car, ask them if they sold the car that took them away and back
e.c. ask them if they found their song, or Mimi for that matter

. . . you randomly ask people if they paid last years rent
e.c. you ask them if they're going to pay this years or next years rent

. . . you have been to the life cafe
e.c. jumped on the tables, danced and sang to la vie boheme
e.e.c. have done this numerous times

. . . you leave messages on peoples answering machines like "Mark Cohen, Alexi Darling from Buzzline..."

. . . you convince your teacher that Jonathan Larson WAS a freedom fighter and you CAN do him for your report
e.c. when she says you can go to any website to find info on him, you visit and download la vie boheme during English class
e.e.c. you get an A on the report

. . . you mourn or sit Shiva for the anniversary of Jonathan Larson's death

e.c. you start to make like an Elvis sighting and see him everywhere

. . . you actually send in more of these messages
e.c. you have done all the ones you send in
e.e.c. you think of new, strange ones, do them, and then send them in

. . . you have caught mistakes on the CD (when Mimi's fever is breaking, if you listen closely you can hear someone giggle)

. . . when someone asks you who you like you respond, "I like boys, boys like me"

. . . someone talks about an angel in their dream, you ask them if it was an angel of the first degree

. . . at Christmas, you go up to people and say, "nice tree..."

. . . when someone falls, say "let's get a band-aid for your knee"

. . . you start referring to aids as "acquired immune deficiency SYNdrome" with the emphasis on SYN

. . . you name your new stuffed dog Akita "Evita"

. . . you send a link of this website to your Renthead friend who you know will appreciate it and crack up with you
e.c. you and her make an effort to complete every single thing on this list

. . . you are 12 years old and already know when you grow up you WILL be Maureen, no questions asked

. . . you took apart your Playbill and hung everything on your wall
e.c. you obviously saved and framed your 9 extras

. . . you have called 411 asking for Manley Pope, or Adam Pascal of NY
e.c. you have asked for Roger Davis and Mark Cohen
e.e.c. you got a number and called them

. . . your AOL profile is filled with quotes from rent
e.c. your member name is Roger Davis, your occupation is songwriter, you marital status is Mimi, your hobbies are revolting against your yuppie scum landlord Benny etc.

you think anyone named Benny is evil
e.c. you now HATE your Grandpa Ben

. . . you're going to NYU just so you can see Rent all the time

. . . when it's dark at a restaurant, you sing to a waiter "Would you light my candle"
e.c. done this even if it's not dark

. . . every time you go to the library, you take out the RENT "bible" even though you already own it
e.c. the librarians started hiding it from you

. . . you start singing your favorite Rent songs in public in hopes that someone will ask what you are singing.

. . . everytime you see someone on a car you tell them "Hey ya bum, yeah you move over"
e.c. You add the part about getting their ass off that range rover no matter what type of car it is.

. . . you read this entire list and actually understand everything on it.

. . . you listen to the entire soundtrack just in hopes of thinking of something to add to this list.

. . . you tried to get your school's marching band to play something, anything from Rent

. . . on new years eve, 3 and a half minutes before midnight you listened to happy new year.

. . . you got your dad to make you meatless balls for dinner

. . . at night when you cant sleep you try to think of more of these.

. . . when you heard total strangers singing something from rent you walked up to them and started singing along.

. . . you long to be a bohemian.

. . . you were thrilled when you got kissed by a guy wearing lipstick because it reminded you of angel.

. . . you dressed up as Maureen Johnson for a school talent show and sang "Over the Moon" in front of half the school.
e.c. the best part is that you are a guy.

. . . you buy boxes of Captain Crunch even though you hate the cereal because it's mentioned in Rent

. . . you refuse to eat any other cereal than Captain Crunch.
e.c. you get really upset when the grocery store doesn't sell Captain Crunch!

. . . you own a foreign copy of the soundtrack - and can sing it perfectly!

. . . you hear someone say, "You talking to me?" and you sing (out loud), "Not at all!"

. . . you see a yellow moving truck and you think, "yellow rental truck"
e.c. you point this fact out to whoever you happen to be with at the time

. . . you see a moving truck and are disappointed that it's not yellow

. . . you'd like to eat at the Life Cafe

. . . you made up your own Mark smiley and use it all the time =8-)

. . . you refer to yourself as "[insert name of town here]'s Resident Renthead"
e.c. you were dubbed that by a bunch of people 5 and 6 years older than you

. . . not only do you dream of performing in RENT, you know exactly WHO you will be in RENT and what you bio will say

. . . your math teacher thinks you're nuts because you did a project featuring pictures of different Mimi's in their OT outfits

. . . your binders have RENT collages on the covers

. . . you taught all your friends "Voice Mail #1" and you sing it together
e.c. on a regular basis
e.e.c. in the middle of theatre class
e.e.e.c. and the teacher gives you weird looks

. . . when you see someone who looks like they could be in RENT, you say "Oh, she looks like Mimi" or "Oh! he Looks like Mark"
e.c. you go up to the person and tell them that

. . . when your friend asks you how much money it costs to get into a school dance, you shout out, "We don't need any money-I always get in for free!! you can get in too- if you get in with me!!!!!"

. . . you order pizza and have it delivered to the Nederlander.

. . . you call everyone "Pookie" or "Honey Bear"

. . . whenever you hear someone's watch alarm go off you say, "AZT break"

. . . you are planning to organize a kind of celebration in honor to your first RENT year, that is, the date on which you first saw RENT
e.c. if you've been doing this for the past...say five years???

. . . you've seen SLC Punk for the sole reason of seeing Adam Pascal and his miniscule part in the movie.

. . .everytime your parents yell at you/ground you, your compelled to scream out: "Not to mention of course...hating dear old mom and daaaadddd!"

. . . you're in Manhattan: you pass copies of the village voice and scream out "To the village voice, to any passing fad!"

. . . you pass a building with bolted plywood padlocked to a chain, and exclaim so aloud.

. . . in the winter your known to sing "and its beginning to snow", but only after you walk outside and let everyone know that its "cold, cold"

. . . when you are waiting in line for rush seats you have people come up and ask if you were part of the cast.
e.c. they thought we were pretending to be homeless people.
e.e.c. they actually thought you are homeless.

. . . you use a word from a song as your motto of a club that you're in

. . . you play Quota to see if you're gonna be in RENT

. . . you have a friend who looks like Mark, Roger, Mimi, Collins, Angel, etc. so you take a picture with them and when people ask say you got a picture with the actual cast member.

. . . you play the tape of LVB on portable speakers in the hallways at school.
e.c. loudly.
e.e.c. and sing along.
e.e.e.c. while classes are in progress.

. . . you've spent hours rechoreographing and censoring LVB just to get it past the school administration so you can perform it in the auditorium

. . .you print out the 1994 NYTW script in 25 page increments so your parents don't find out you now have MORE Rent stuff

. . .you wrote that you would erect a statue of Jon Larson on your PA Writing assessment

. . . you have set goals around January 25th of the year you will be 36 (coz that's when Larson died)

. . . you vow you will marry Anthony Rapp, even though he's gay, and you're a girl
e.c. your friends have a poem about your love plight
e.e.c. they set it to the tune of La Vie Boheme and promise to sing it at your wedding
e.e.e.c. you have a sex change because this is the only way to marry him seeing as he is gay and you are-well, were a girl

. . .you spent most of your time on-line last summer looking for a pair of blue-hologram pants
e.c. you are still looking
e.e.c. if anyone finds them email me!!!

. . .you were willing to drive through three states to buy glasses that look like Mark's

. . . you wear Mark glasses even though you don't need glasses

. . . your mother was bidding on a RENT jacket on E-bay for you while you were seeing the musical
e.c. you got the jacket

. . . you swear you will have a solo CD by every cast of the OBC
e.c. already have three so far

. . . you hooked at least one of your friends on RENT

. . . you want your tombstone to read 'No Day But Today'

. . . you did a sex ed report on AIDS and AZT and played RENT during your class presentation

. . . you believe that love is worth it all

. . . you think that Jack on Will & Grace is copying Angel's style

. . . you want to change your name to Mimi Rapp when you become famous

. . . you want to become famous by directing the film version of Rent

. . . you feel so bohemian in a fuzzy bra

. . . you own a fuzzy bra

. . . your idea of a pick up line is: 'Would you light my candle?'
e.c. the person answers 'What are you staring at?'

. . . you know your a Renthead if you own Idina Menzel's CD and Anthony Rapp's CD Along with Adam Pascal's CD. That is a whole other RENT collection.

. . . you try to pose mid-air like angles picture in every picture taken of you

. . . while trying to write or complete anything in school glory trumpets through your mind
e.c. while doing this you refer to your self as "pretty boy front man"
e.e.c. You do this out loud

. . . you are reminded of Roger and MIMI when ever you drip candle wax on yourself

. . . you leave answering machine messages in songs

. . .while on the phone you spontaneously say "no you cut the paper plate"

. . . while trying to hid a secret you say "I should tell you I should tell you". then don't say anything else

. . . you have changed the sounds on your computer to be cuts from RENT

. . . you constantly search eBay to find RENT stuff.
e.c. you've maxed out your credit card buying RENT stuff.

. . . on your history test you defined anarchy as "revolution, justice screaming for solutions, forcing changes, risk and danger, making noise and making pleas!"

. . . you notice a in the cd booklet (the summary says the riots are on avenue A, when they are really on B)

. . . you search every urban outfitters in search of a classic Mark sweater
e.c. you buy one from another store because it's remotely similar
e.e.c. you actually get a classic one

. . . you have e-mailed members from the cast
e.c. the original cast

. . . the cast members know you by name

. . . the producers know you by name

. . . you got your science teacher hooked
e.c. you saw RENT with your science teacher

. . . your friends give you an allotted amount of time each day to talk about it---then make you shut up!

. . . you have a shrine covering your room and people know what your talking about when you say it's the "RENT WALL"!

. . . you actually know all the parts to "Christmas Bells"
e.c. you try to sing all of them

. . . you actually consider responding to the open casting mentioned on the official page.
e.c. you don't worry about bringing a walkman to learn parts, because you already know them

. . . you feel the need to explain to everyone around you that Angel dies during contact.
e.c. you do it when the cd isn't playing

. . . your parents are asking you if you would please listen to something else at this very moment.

. . . your parents just forced you to turn off the cd.
e.c. if this had to be done by threat of death
e.c.c. if after the death threat, you were threatened with the destruction of the cd, and that was what convinced you to turn it off

. . . you write in multiple times with ideas for this list
e.c. you admit to it
e.c.c. you brag about it

. . . you are proud of the fact that you have achieved all of these

. . . you try listening to something else for a few days, but then realize, RENT is, and always will be, the only music for you!

. . . when someone asks you the date, you say "December 24" whether it is or not...
e.c. You then add 9pm, eastern standard time(and no, they didn't ask for the time, just the date)
e.e.c. You KEEP singing... ignore the original question(the date) and continue through the whole play(with a break, of course, for intermission)

. . . when calling your friend 'Mark' you always begin, not with hello, but "Mark, Mark, Mark, are you there?"
e.c. You search for a random person in the phone book named Mark so you can call them and say "Mark, Mark, Mark, are you there?

. . . when someone mentions Christmas carols or Christmas, you first think 'Christmas bells are RINGing, Christmas bells are RINGing...'

. . . someone says "Time flies!" you add on "Time dies"

. . . you have "Maureen Monday's," "Tom Collins Tuesday's," and so on, and dress like that character on that day of the week.
e.c. If you were able to get your friends to do this, too.

. . . when someone asks 'what's that?' you reply 'it's a candy bar wrapper'

. . . you're listening to Rent, trying to come up with something to put in this list, and you can't stay sitting down to think of anything because you HAVE to stand up and dance and sing along too the music.
e.c. The song isn't something you can dance to so you get up and just act out the whole thing.

. . . someone in your neighborhood is named Mark Cohen and you've called him up and left numerous voice mails.

. . . you want to go to a matinee and evening performance of RENT on the same day.
e.c. you actually do so.

. . . everytime the mackintosh computer comes on it reminds you of "seasons of love"

. . . you have seen Aida but a fill-in for Adam Pascal was there so you are going again; a month later, at night because on his site it says: "makes a NIGHTLY appearance on the Broadway show AIDA", JUST so that you can actually see him

. . . you and your friends moo at strangers
e.c. and make them moo back

. . . people refer to you as "those girls who moo"

. . . you've performed Over the Moon at a talent show and made the audience moo back.
e.c. and spent the rest of the week mooing

. . . you and your friends can start mooing at any given moment

. . . whenever one of your friends (or enemies) acts indifferent or does something mean, you feel compelled to burst out into a chorus of, "What happened to (insert name here)? What happened to his/her heart and the ideals he/she once pursued?"

. . . you take shorter showers because you can't wait to get out of the bathroom and listen to RENT and you have yet to find a waterproof discman.

. . . you see a group of school children playing follow the leader and you have to resist the urge to run up to them and sing in a loud voice, "Follow the man! Follow the man! With his pockets full of the jam!" even though you know they'd probably run away in fear.

. . . you are so obsessed with rent you tell everyone you WILL move to Santa Fe to open a restaurant.

. . . you sit up all night looking for the Cat Scratch Club

. . . whenever a friend says "last night I had a dream" you follow with "were you in a desert called cyberland?"

. . . you insist that your mother give you a hot plate for Christmas. (You promise not to leave it on when you leave the house.)

. . . whenever you see a microphone you say TEST 1 2 3 into it.

. . . you check the obituaries on Halloween to see if anyone named "Angel" died

. . . whenever someone proposes a toast to you, your first impulse is to tell them to go to hell.
e.c. you actually *do* say "Go to hell."

. . . you have the entire musical memorized from start to finish, including the bits of dialogue not included on the CD.

. . . you think Benny has good reason for evicting everyone.
e.c. you defend him against your Renthead friends.
e.e.c. they see your point afterward.

. . . you have tracked down the LIFE Magazine from 1996 at your local library and stolen it.

. . . you have become friends with the guy who travels with the touring cast selling RENT merchandise.

. . . you watched "Flawless" just to see Wilson and Daphne playing their small roles.

. . . you drive around for hours at a time, just so you can sing RENT in your car and not feel stupid when your voice cracks on the high notes.

. . . you try to give away your waiter shift and you convince your co worker by saying "You need money, we know you need money ker ching kerching, We're waiting"

. . . you work in a pub that makes their own beers and you want to tell your customers they're "hand crafted beers made in local breweries"

. . . you've ever lived (even in a sublet) on Avenue A.

. . . you know how many times "honest living" is repeated in "it's starting to snow", by singing it in your head.

. . . you know all the words on Anthony Rapp's debut solo CD "Look Around."

. . . you've called someone's answering machine and left them one of the "Voice Mails" ex: "That was a very loud beep, I don't even know if this is working, Mark."

. . . you e-mail your Renthead friend at exactly 9:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time, of course!) on December 24th, just to inform him/her that from here on in you will be shooting without a script.

. . . every time somebody says "say something" or asks you to check a mike, you always say "Test, one two three!"
e.c. if they say "anything but that"

. . . you learn to tango

. . . you have typed out your own script of rent

. . . you listen to Tune Up #1 on Christmas Eve at 9 PM Eastern Standard time.

. . . anytime you say "New York City" you always want to add "center of the universe" to the end of it.

. . . you have ever asked the entire cast to sign your chest.
e.c. they actually did
e.e.c. you wore a really low-cut shirt clubbing that night to show the signatures off
e.e.e.c. your boyfriend understood because he knows how obsessed you are.

. . . when someone asks you how many times you have seen rent you respond "with which cast?"

. . . every time you see a yellow rental truck you flag down the driver and ask if its filled with fertilizer, and fuel oil?
e.c. you ask if it has ever been pushed over a cliff by a suicidal Mickey Mouse.

. . . you and your friends all get together and throw a La Vie Boheme party and go through the entire cd and sing and dance on the tables, eat the foods that they mention in the song and dress up as the different characters.
e.c. Then you watch the movie "La Boheme" which
e.e.c. listen to Bob Dylan cds and read Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou.

. . . every time someone breaks up with you think "I'd be happy to die for a taste of what angel had...."

. . . you have gotten into an argument with a teacher, friend or family member that the opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation.

. . . you get an Akita, name it Evita, and pay a drag queen $1,000 to throw it off of the 23rd story of your building.

. . . you sing La Vie Boheme and Light My Candle in front of your friends so much that they know the words by heart.

. . . when you are talking musicals, and someone mentions Evita, you think of a dog before you remember the musical.

. . . whenever you express an idea, you advise people to "think twice before you poo-poo it"

. . . you refer to yourself as the "Feline of Avenue B"
e.c. you refer to yourself as the "Feline of (insert your road here)"

. . . when someone says "Speak", you start to sing Voice Mail #1.

. . . you're singing Christmas carols and you hear "The Christmas Song" and automatically insert "Collins!" after the words "Chestnuts roasting..."

. . . you record your voice with the Rent soundtrack to see how it would sound if you were part of the cast

. . . your mother made you a "Mark scarf" for your birthday and you love it
e.c. after reading that you think "hey, that's not a bad idea..."

. . . you spend $50 on crappy RENT seats when the last rush ticket goes to the guy in front of you
e.c. you manage to work your way down closer as the show progresses

. . . you know the name of Roger's band (the Well Hungarians, according to the RENT book) and think this is cool

. . . you want to have 3 girls and 6 boys so you can name them Mimi, Maureen, Joanne, Mark, Roger, Angel, Tom(Collins), Benny, and of coarse Jonathan

. . . you have your email be DarlingAlexi

. . . you convince someone older than you to take you and 2 friends to a showing of Rent and become their "special ED" class to get a discount.

. . . you actually know a drag queen named Angel

. . . you make your teacher have the vocal class sing "Seasons of Love" even thought he HATES that song

. . . you have Daphne's solo CD "Souvenirs"
e.c. if it's signed from her

. . . you have one or more of the Pajama Party (Daphne's 80's group) CDs or have Downloaded all the songs

. . . you call all the video stores asking if they have Lotto Land
e.c. if you actually own it

. . . you are the only one in your school who knows all the words to LVB.

. . . you are friends with a man who has seen the shows 780 times.

. . . you're planning to move to Alphabet City just because that's where Mark, Roger and the others made their home.

. . . you make lists on your sleep

. . . when a shopkeeper offers you a discount, you immediately think they're a thief

. . . you've created more "cop versions" of Christmas carols

. . . you look for Angel in tunnels

. . . you've eaten pasta with meatless balls.
e.c. you know how to cook them

. . . you've converted girl scouts into Rentheads

. . . you know all the words in a language other than English
e.c. can point out from memory where the notes & rests are different

. . . whenever you meet someone named "Nanette" you ask her if she knows how to tango
e.c. you ask if her last name is Himmelfarb

. . . you taught your campers "seasons of love" while working at or attending a summer camp.
e.c. you got your group to sing it in the dining hall

. . . you've gone to THE FOOD EMPORIUM, found the ATM and typed in A-N-G-E-L
e.c. you got money!

. . . you have taken your picture next to a street sign that says "Avenue A" (or B)
e.c. you got a total stranger to take your picture

. . . every e-mail that you write has a subject title from RENT

. . . whenever you hear someone say "You teach?" you want to go up to them and say "I teach, computer age philosophy".

. . . you've been in a Hebrew version of the play and can now sing the entire play in Hebrew

. . . you made up "schizophrenic rent", where you replace every pronoun w/ I or me (ex. I kicked me and told me I wasn't my whore)

. . . you have a stage prop (i.e. one of the posters that Mark and Roger throw around during "Rent" the song).
e.c. if it is signed by all the cast members have signed it.

. . . you actually spend hours in your closet putting together an outfit that's apropos for a party that's also a crime.

. . . you search everywhere for a Santa jacket just like Angel's
e.c. you make your old grandma make you a Santa jacket just like Angel's.

. . . you own the soundtrack to tick...tick...BOOM! because its Jonathan Larson's other play

. . . you've heard of Superbia, because that's Jonathan's other other play.

. . . you've actually seen tick...tick...BOOM! and realize that the chords are similar to the chords of rent.

. . . everytime someone asks, "and you are" you reply "Oh, I'm not . . . I'm just here to . . . I don't have I'm here with... MARK, mark, I'm Mark!"

. . . you watched the premier of Alias because the chicks hair reminded you of Mark's hair, plus it has lettering resembling the Rent Logo

. . . you get into arguments about what is the best song in rent.

. . . you get excited when you see a food emporium.

. . . you failed a test because you wrote "Wine and beer!" on it.

. . . when asked your name, your respond "they call me... they call me... Mimi."

. . . when someone mentions "Spike Lee" you reply with "Bahumbug!"

. . . you risk peeing your pants because you absolutely refuse to miss one single note.

. . . each time you order a tom collins drink you chuckle.

. . . you walk around singing RENT songs in public.
e.c. it scares people.
e.e.c. that doesn't phase you.

. . . you are tempted to rewire virtual reality equipment to self destruct and broadcast the words "actual reality, act up, fight AIDS!".
e.c. if it's at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
e.e.c. if you actually do it!

. . . you lug your big stereo into the bathroom when you take a shower because you know that's the best time to practice.

. . . you dress up as Maureen for your school's talent show and perform "Over the Moon"
e.c. you get the audience to moo
e.e.c. you get the judges to moo
e.e.e.c. you win the talent show and got a ton of flow.
e.e.e.e.c. your school now knows you as the moo girl

. . . you buy the soundtrack to the revival of You're A Good Man Charlie Brown because Anthony Rapp is CB
e.c. when you listen to it, all you think is that it sounds like Mark.
e.c.c. you notice that CB has a lot of the same problems as Mark...

. . . you noticed that even though roger says it's 3 1/2 minutes till next year, between then and when they actually say "happy new year" it's more like 5 minutes.

. . . you've managed to be a Renthead for only the past 2 years or so, have seen 4 different casts (3 in the past six months)
e.c. you can critically mention each of their strengths, weaknesses, and the most minute details differentiating them
e.e.c. you do this to the point that friends refuse to sit next to you during the show

. . . you and your friends have debate who can hit that high note during the solo in Seasons Of Love.

. . . you call a friend on Dec 24 at 9 PM EST just to sing tune-up #1 and then call back at ten to sing the start of the finale

. . . you cried when you got tickets for RENT.

. . . when your supposed to give a speech on 'the meaning of life' in your English class, yours is 'No day but today!'
e.c. you actually played music from the song in the background during the speech just to add to the mood!"

. . . you call my best friend Pookie
e.c. she lets you

. . . you print off this list so you can check off what you've done
e.c. you look forward to being able to brag about your Renthead-ness to your friends.

. . . you spend an evening on the instant messenger chatting, but the chat consists of starting from the beginning of the musical RENT and typing lines from the show back and forth to each other.
e.c. you get excited if you happen to get the lines of your favorite character.

. . . you regularly get into heated discussions over who the best Roger, Mark, Mimi, etc. is.

. . . you use bootlegs to create a dream cast of RENT recording.

. . . you feel like dying in America at the end of the millennium when you can't buy any tickets.

. . . when you are waiting in line, your best friend comes up to you and says "Honey, Women in rubber will always be flirting with me"
e.c. you then both proceed to sing "Take me or leave me"
e.e.c. you get money thrown at you
e.e.e.c. to shut up
e.e.e.e.c. to keep singing

. . . you see Rent with your grandmother and she starts talking about how lovely the food emporium is and that she will take you there next time you visit

. . . you took pictures of yourself at the Nederlander in front of rent signs

. . . you've lost track of how many times you've seen the show.
e.c. but you remember what cities you've seen it in and how many times you saw it in each city.

. . . you have to be within "spitting distance" to see the show.
e.c. you know exactly what that means

. . . you say such things as "I've ONLY seen the show 16 times."

. . . you feel guilty when you forget some of the lyrics.

. . . you measure a year in how many times you've seen RENT.
e.c. you - somehow - come up with a number greater than what Larson got for minutes.

. . . when ordering a drink you purposely order a Tom Collins just because of its name.
e.c. you try to convince everybody you know that the drink is named after someone in Rent.

. . . you memorize all the words to tick, Tick...BOOM! not only because it's a great musical, but because Jonathan wrote it.
e.c. you try to put the words from the title song Rent into No More simply because they sound oddly alike.

. . . you can sing along to the soundtrack, playing every character, while typing or doing homework
e.c. you're doing it while reading this quiz.
e.e.c. you actually need to sing it to be able to think clearly

. . . you watch Law & Order just because Jesse L. Martin is in it.

. . . when you met the cast they recognized you as "the girl who knew all the words"

. . . when you met the cast all you could say was EEK!!

. . . you were obsessed with YGMCB and then heard Rent and became obsessed with it because of Anthony Rapp.
e.c. you find it almost disturbing to hear him swear and sing about sex and AIDS (after having heard him as Charlie Brown)

. . . you wanted to but could never take a water bottle off the stage because then they couldn't take their AZT and you don't want them to die.

. . . after you graduate High School, all the underclassmen refer to you as the 'Rent Goddess' because you were the one who introduced them to Rent.

. . . you love Hedwig and the Angry Inch and know that the character Yitzak wears a Rent shirt in the show.

. . . you try to translate the entire show into Spanish during class e.c. you actually do

. . . when someone tells you they haven't seen Rent, you buy them a ticket and take them to go see it.

. . . you search for rent songs by current cast members

. . . whenever you take a test at school and you don't have the slightest idea of the answer, you insert a quote from RENT.
e.c. if you do this on midterms or finals
e.e.c. if you do this when you DO know the answer

. . . when you go to a restaurant with your Renthead friends, you leave RENT quotes on the napkins and on the bill, and always leave a $5.25 tip, no matter what the check came out to.

. . . when placing a reservation, you always place it under the name of Mimi, Mark, Maureen, Joanne, Angel, etc.

. . . whenever you say something that your non-Renthead friends don't understand, they automatically know that it's from RENT
e.c. your friends announce the number each time you make a RENT reference (Like you see the B*Witched single C'est La Vie at Tower Records and say "La Vie Boheme", and they say "one", then you burst out with "So let's find a bar, so dark we forget who we are..." and they say "two", and the list goes on and on...)

. . . you've gotten into fights with people over who was the better Roger/Mimi/Mark/Angel with friends
e.c. with family members

. . . on long car trips, you sit and make lists of everything that reminds you of RENT
e.c. you fill up an entire one-subject-notebook

. . . you throw a fit everytime someone says that they have never heard of RENT.

. . . when you are bored in class, you try to write all the words out to rent (including all the talking parts). e.c. with the opposite hand that you usually write with. e.e.c. you actually finish the play

. . . your favorite colors are maroon and light blue because of Mark's sweater

. . . you buy your clothes according to if they look like something that a Rent character would wear

. . . you write everything in the Rent font (with crooked N's)
e.c. you write your reports like that

. . . every assignment that you do in school has to do with Rent (like speeches or essays, etc.)
e.c. you actually get a really good grade on it
e.e.c. you inspire your teacher and classmates to go see Rent.

. . . you won't eat any foods that aren't mentioned in Rent
e.c. your favorite food is pasta with meatless balls

. . . you spend hours on the internet searching for Rent sites, and sites about the actors in Rent

. . . you have a stack of Rent playbills taller than you are.
e.c. they are ALL autographed

. . . you beg your parents to let you name your dog Roger

. . . you burn a CD 'mix' of all your favorite songs, and coincidently, they all turn out to be Rent songs
e.c. your parents look forward to hearing it, because they think "ooh, something other than Rent" but they throw the CD out the window once they hear the first song.

. . . you buy the Rent piano book, just because you want to own every Rent item
e.c. you can't even play the piano, but somehow you master ALL of the songs
e.e.c. then your parents notice your talent, and recommend taking piano lessons, but you say "not unless they let me play ONLY Rent songs!

. . . every time you see an ad for RENT, like on a taxi or something, you get excited, even though they're not uncommon.
e.c. you scream at the top of your lungs "RRRREEEENNNNTTTT!!!!!!!!" and attract everyone's attention

. . . you are known as the biggest Renthead in your school, so everytime someone is walking by you, and you're wearing something to do with Rent (that's practically every single day), they shout "RREENNTT!!!!" at you

. . . every December 24, 9 PM eastern standard time, you start to sing the tune up.
e.c. and continue throughout the whole play!

. . . you analyze the meanings to every single line, and teach the lessons to everyone

. . . you get karaoke for the songs, and record a CD/tape of you singing them
e.c. it comes out really well
e.e.c. you send it to the Bernard tales casting for Rent

. . . you worship anyone involved in Rent.
e.c. you think that Jonathan Larson is a god.

. . . in health class when your teacher asks you what you know about AIDS you respond with "my t-cells are low I regret that news, okay?"

. . . when you have to memorize something for a class you set it to the tune of the "bisexuals, trisexuals" part of Le Vie Boheme to remember them.

. . . you know that, even though Adam Pascal is damn near perfect, he does proclaim to Mimi at the end of the soundtrack "I have always Love You." But, of course, you are convinced there is a logical reason why he says this!

. . . you went to see A Beautiful Mind just because Anthony Rapp played a supporting role (Bender) in it.

. . . you compose a parody of a Rent song for every creative school assignment. (For instance, as a reaction to the book 1984, you write "La Vie Ingsoc")

. . . at the Broadway flea market you always check out the rent table first

. . . you are angry at the Broadway flea market when everyone makes a mad rush for the rent costumes but you completely understand how they feel

. . . you have flown to San Francisco just to see Daphne as Mimi

. . . you are scared by how many of these things you have done

. . . you have had someone you met online stay at your house who is also obsessed with Rent

. . . you refuse to tell people how many times you have seen rent because you know they will think you are insane
e.c. you are PROUD of how many times you have seen Rent and don't care if people think you are crazy

. . . your friends have dressed up as Rent characters on Halloween and seen the show

. . . you know what the terms "line queens" and "line bitch" mean
e.c. you are proud to be called either on of these terms

. . . you wonder what happened to Justin the line guy

. . . you have asked a cast member to reserve SRO for you

. . . you have 10 photo albums full of pictures of cast members and your Rent friends

. . . you have everyone in the original casts autographs which it took you two years to get

. . . you love the smell of the Rent book

. . . you realize the cast of Rent has watched you grow up

. . . you have stolen "the key"

. . . you check the stage for Mimi's stash after the show

. . . you know which way various cast members go and come from when they leave or enter the theater

. . . you have made some kind of present for a cast member

. . . you actually spent money on a present for a cast member

. . . you have found this webpage

. . . the most random things make you think of Rent, such as potato chips

. . . you find it difficult to take seriously anyone who hasn't seen Rent
e.c. you laugh out loud at anything they say

. . . it takes you hours to get through the soundtrack because you just HAVE to play Happy New Year and Goodbye Love at least ten times before moving on to the next song.

. . . you know ALL the words to EVERYTHING (including the cd booklet)

. . . you feel you have to correct anyone who tells you that Jonathan Larson died of AIDS, because he DIDN'T
e.c. you feel you have to correct people who aren't talking to you
e.e.c. you have to correct people who you've never met
e.e.e.c. you have to correct people who haven't said anything remotely related to the topic

. . . you decided to take Spanish because Mimi is Hispanic

. . . your friends no longer have to ask you what you are listening to because they already know the answer

. . . you feel the need to explain the multiple meanings of 'Rent' at strange times

. . . you can sing any of the musical from any given point
e.c. you also know all of the music to all of the songs

. . . you understand that although squeegeeman has only a few lines, he is one of the key characters

. . . you cry everytime you even think about Angel dying

. . . you freak out when you discover that your history teacher is also obsessed with rent
e.c. you use rent quotes in history essays to see if you get extra credit.
e.e.c. you do get extra credit

. . . you send links of rent websites to random Israelis who couldn't care less

. . . you spend most of your time trying to figure out if the Steve from "Life Support" is the same Steve from "We're Okay"

. . . you make Rent analogies in English class, when you're supposed to be doing your work Ex. Halloween: Angel, a)Hanukkah: Benny, b)Protest: Maureen, c)Christmas Eve: Evita, d)Fall: Roger
e.c. you've handed it in

. . . you and your friends make up a new way of singing Rent. Ex. friend#1:How friend#2:We friend#3:Gonna friend#4: Pay

. . . you found a 'Mimi' wig in a costume store
e.c. you bought it

. . . while practicing the "Would You Light My Candle" (while holding up your candle to the waiter) tactic, you were questioned by a stranger who recommends you go hear monks sing in harmony
e.c. you told him you would
e.e.c. he demands to look at your Rent CD case (which you just happen to have in your pack) to see what you're singing

. . . you write Rent quotes on bathroom walls

. . . you used Rent quotes in your Grad comments in your Gr.12 yearbook

. . . you have straight blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin, and you are willing and even eager to dye and perm your hair, get brown contacts and spend hours, even days in a tanning booth just so you can play Mimi
e.c. you have actually done this

. . . you have composed a rent ring-tone for your cellular phone
e.c. by ear

. . . you either bought or downloaded the Forbidden Broadway CD just to hear the parodies of "La Vie Boheme" (This ain't Boheme) "Rent" (Rant) and "Today 4 U" (too gay 4 U, 2 hetro for me)
e.c. memorized those words too
e.e.c. sang them to piss off your group of Rentheads, pretending you weren't mad the first time you heard them too, till you realized they were too funny to stay mad at.

. . . you are a teenage girl living in a suburban area, yet you know every street name for heroin there is

. . . you and your other Renthead friends refer to each other with the names of the character you are most like
e.c. you refuse to answer to anything else
e.e.c. you can't remember your given name
e.e.e.c. you are convinced it actually is your given name

. . . you make friends with the waiter at a restaurant so that they won't stop you when you and perform la vie boheme in that restaurant
e.c. you convince the waiter to participate
e.e.c. you convince the people next to you to pretend to be Benny and Mr. Grey
e.e.e.c. the manager of the restaurant lets you get away with never being able to pay as long as you come every Friday to bring in business

. . . when you couldn't afford RENT stuff any more, you created your own
e.c. you made more than one and tried to sell the extras so you'd have money for more RENT stuff
e.e.c. you couldn't sell the doubles because you couldn't bear to part with anything having to do with RENT

. . . you have pretended to be homosexual when you wanted to be more like Collins/Angel/Maureen/Joanne
e.c. you have actually become homosexual when you never thought about it before just to be more like Collins/Angel/Maureen/Joanne

. . . you refuse to wear any shoes that aren't Doc Martins or Mimi's boots from Out Tonight

. . . you have broken up with your girlfriend using Take Me or Leave Me
e.c. she sang along
e.e.c. you called her back a week later begging to kiss her Doc Martins
e.e.e.c. she doesn't own doc martins

. . . you will not answer questions unless you can use a quote or reference to RENT
e.c. you will not speak unless you can use a quote or reference to RENT

. . . you've ever seen an item of clothing and thought, "that would suit Maureen/Roger/Mimi"

. . . you can't wait till your 19th birthday when you can finally say "I'm 19, but I'm old for my age, I'm just born to be bad!"

. . . you've designed your own 'Rent' wallpaper
e.c. and you've actually decorated your room with it!

. . . you know what Mark was trying to say during Life Support when he starts to say "Oh, I'm not...I'm just here to...I don't have...I'm here with"

. . . you play 'Guess the Next Line' with your other Renthead friends
e.c. and you've actually done this in public

. . . you sing Rent songs with your friends via text messages
e.c. and you've wasted all your credit doing this

. . . you want to call your children Roger, Mimi, Mark, Angel
e.c. you actually have children called Roger, Mimi, Mark, Angel

. . . you flirt with other people using lines from Rent such as "You're sweet, wanna hit the street?"
e.c. and this has actually worked

. . . you know exactly what everyone has to eat at the Life Café party

. . . you've designed a timescale for Act 1

. . . you want to study a degree in Computer Age Philosophy
e.c. you are actually studying for a degree in Computer Age Philosophy
e.e.c. and you are studying at MIT
e.e.e.c. or NYU

. . . you are constantly on eBay looking up RENT must haves

. . . you've watched the horrible movie went to Coney Island on a mission to see Wilson Heredia and Norbert in it for one second

. . . you've read Adam Rapp's books and seen his show Nocturne just because he is Anthony's brother

. . . you've pierced your ears because Wilson Heredia looks so good with his earrings

. . . you look for clothes that look like Rent costumes at stores in the village

. . . you've gone to see countless shows that other cast members were in after Rent just to see them

. . . you have your hair layered so it could be bigger like Marcy's

. . . you got Anthony Rapp's cd even though you thought it would suck

. . . you freak out every time you see Taye's face in that huge gap ad

. . . you had fights with your parents over whether they would let you camp out on 41st St.

. . . random people recognize you when you do the line in other states because you have talked to them online

. . . you have signed Josh Safran's guestbook

. . . the only activity you have the desire to do with your friends is gather together, and Lip-sync the ENTIRE CD of Rent, picking out different people to play each role everytime.

. . . you have looked in guestbooks to find new Renthead friends
e.c. at completely unrelated sites
e.e.c. to people who never mention rent in their signature
e.e.e.c. you become as good friends as mark and roger

. . . you have suddenly noticed all the wonderful qualities your once enemy Angel/Mimi/Mark has
e.c. they really did start acting like the character to keep you from singing at them
e.e.c. after realizing that wouldn't work, they learned the entire musical to sing back at you

. . . you can make people who have never heard of Rent learn over the moon and recite it with you wherever there's a crowd
e.c. the two of you are so good that no one leaves, they sit there and moooooo

. . . you converted to Buddhism just because Buddha was mentioned in LVB

. . . all your AOL away messages have something to do with RENT, i.e. song lyrics, quotes, or your referring to yourself as one of the characters

. . . every December 24, 9 PM eastern standard time, you start to sing the tune up.
e.c. and continue throughout the whole play!
e.e.c. and you sing along to the parts of songs with no vocals

. . . you go to the mall with your Renthead friends, and randomly start mooing at the top of your lungs
e.c. you get other people to moo along
e.e.c. you do it only to scare half the population out of the mall so you can get that ONE LAST RENT poster you've saved up for

. . . you spontaneously start singing RENT in public places
e.c. you get a friend to join you
e.e.c. you do all the motions along with the song
e.e.e.c. you have more than one person mooing with you when you get to that part
e.e.e.e.c. you're on your own when this whole thing starts
e.e.e.e.e.c. you've done this multiple times

. . . you go to karaoke bars and request to sing RENT songs even though they don't have the karaoke for it.
e.c. you happen to have the (rare) Rent karaoke cd with you

. . . you go to Ellen's Stardust Diner late at night when no one is there so they'll let you perform (hopefully) RENT songs, even though they don't have the music either!

. . . you've walked with the Rentheads team at the AIDS Walk

. . . everytime you're taking the subway downtown and after you've passed the '14th Street' stop you turn to the person next to you and say 'they say I have the best ass below 14th street, is it true?'

. . . you wait at Ranch 1 between shows on Sundays to see if any cast members will come in.

. . . you see a cast member walk out of Ranch 1 and you take their receipt and put it in your scrap book (or split it with your friend!!)

. . . you add your own call outs during the show.

. . . you say your name during Life Support.

. . . you've made friends with ushers, the crew, or the band at RENT.

. . . you spend a lot of your time wondering how if roger and mark can't afford to pay the rent or for heat, how can they afford to pay for all of that hair gel they use?

. . . you have disc one of the RENT cd in your discman and disc two in your stereo at home

. . . when bored in class, you take out a dollar bill and randomly write RENT quotes all over it, then draw glasses and a scarf on George Washington to turn him into Mark.

. . . while taking standardized tests, you had some extra time and typed out a script of rent on your graphing calculator and then were quite upset when you had to delete it to take the math section.

. . . your chemistry and math class think you're insane because you knew how many minutes are in a year.

. . . you stole sheet music of 'seasons of love' from the choir room

. . . you are insanely excited when your school sings la boheme for opera night
e.c. you aren't in choir but you join just for this
e.e.c. choir is a full year class and you're tone-deaf

. . . you had a sex change to become one of the characters

. . . you legally changed your name to..."Mark Cohen"

. . . if you go to the Theater and ask the Ticket Agent how much "rent" is (As in, the rent of the theater)

. . . you and your friends can break out into any song from Rent whenever you want.
e.c. You can do the whole show even the parts without music
e.e.c. Neither you nor your friends have ever seen the show because you live too far away....

. . . you look at this site so much you actually find mistakes on it (i.e. when you're sick, and someone says they're gonna buy stuff for you, you say "don't waste your money on me, me, Mimi..." it's Mimi, me, me)

. . . you set your watch to go off during the show when Mimi's does, just so you can say "AZT break" with her.
e.c. the beeps actually match up.
e.e.c. other audience members notice this and make comments (even if they are rude...)
e.e.e.c. some of these comments aren't rude.

. . . you have tried to get three homeless people to sing "Christmas Bells" in unison and succeeded.

. . . you get ideas for new stuff to try from reading this site.

. . . you take pictures of yourself kissing the picture of Adam Pascal on the outside of the Nederlander

. . . you donate money to AIDS because of rent for your bat mitzvah and so, you get to go backstage and meet the cast

. . . you wear the rent scarf and shirt to school even though it's 90 degrees outside

. . . you show EVERYONE your pictures of yourself and the cast

. . . you show your history teacher pictures of you and the cast of rent and she responds by saying "you bitch!"

. . . for current events in history class, you announce that you saw rent
e.c. the teacher makes you go up to the front of the classroom to show her your rent scarf

. . . you tried really hard to find "scenes de la vie boheme" (the book that la boheme was based on) in the translated version, but you couldn't find it and bought it in French!

. . . anytime you need to hand in a poem at school, you use the lyrics of any RENT song.

. . . you only took Spanish in school to understand "Mimi, chica, donde estas? tu mama esta yamando, donde estas Mimi call. . .

. . . when you're listening to the cd, you can sing the beginning of the next song before it comes on

. . . you've named your car after a character ex. "Roger"

. . . you have your own nicknames for the characters ex: "hot roger"

. . . you watched the diary of Mandy more on MTV just to see Adam Pascal on it

. . . you have designed your own Rent bumper sticker and you actually made it.

. . . you manage to work "Rent" into one or more of your finals...
e.c. you get As on them!

. . . you teach computer-age philosophy out of your restaurant in Santa Fe.
e.c. People actually come

. . . you wonder if Maureen has an eating disorder if you even picked up on that line.

. . . you make Instant messenger away messages to any song of Rent, including the speaking parts

. . . everytime you see plaid pants that look like Rogers you scream, "ROGER PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!"
e.c. you do this for any clothes that look like they are worn by people on stage

. . . everytime you see the moon you think or start singing OTM

. . . rent is in your city and you see it one night and then miss the other, at 8:00 ( or whenever the musical started for you) you played The soundtrack from beginning to end.
e.c. with reading the speaking parts.
e.e.c. with intermission

. . . you know what "no you cut the paper plate is"

. . . you spent 3 weeks looking up what s&m is

. . . you wonder what mark was doing under that sheet

. . . your friends what are not rent fans know who Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal are

. . . your sister and brother know who they are

. . . you have committed a violent act because someone didn't know about rent

. . . you have given up listening to the radio because you want to listen to rent

. . . you have thought of 5 or more what if's

. . . your friends wont talk to you because the only word that comes out of your mouth is rent

. . . you bought a book about fender guitars

. . . you are doing a production of RENT for you senior project!

. . . you have a call on the other line, and you answer it by saying, "Honey-bear, wait. I'm on the other phone."

. . . you accidentally refer to you allergy/acne/headache/cough medicine as AZT
e.c. You've done this multiple times
e.c.c. it's not an accident anymore

. . . you know you're a Renthead when.... you watch Law & Order and the first part of the show you see Jesse L. Martin and you look to the person next to you and say "Collins.. Tom Collins..."

. . . you know who Joel is

. . . you use the phrase "We'll see boys" on a regular basis.
e.c. people you now (who have no idea where it's from) start saying it too

. . . you and your best friend performed "Take me or Leave Me" for the local lip sync (talent) contest
e.c. you did it so well that you were told it was the best lip sync that was ever done in your town (Even if you didn't win because you were told it was inappropriate)
e.e.c. the host (or anyone for that matter) actually thought that you and your best friend were lesbian lovers
e.e.e.c. just to make it a tradition the next year you did "I'll Cover

. . . you buy a tacky plastic purse because you think ANGEL would have one

. . . you beg your parents for plaid pants not because they are in style but because roger has plaid pants
e.c. you can't stop talking about your Roger pants
e.e.c. you mother father and brother threaten to take away the pants if you don't stop talking about your roger pants
e.e.e.c. your friend disowns you because you have roger pants and she doesn't

. . . you set your alarm on your Cd player so you can wake up to RENT

. . . you go out and buy a Cd player with an alarm so you can set it so you can wake up to RENT

. . . you notice when cast members get their hair cut
e.c. cast members notice when you get a haircut

. . . you've stopped asking for autographs from the cast because you already have them, so now you only take pictures

. . . you recognize cast members on the street
e.c. they were wearing a hat and sunglasses

. . . when you fail to recognize an acquaintance you say " I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs" ...

. . . your favourite thing to do at your local mall is sing random RENT lyrics
e.c. parents of small children have shielded their ears so as not to hear you sing "La Vie Boheme"
e.e.c. You meet a cute security guard who is also a Renthead

. . . you got your RENT-hating drama teacher to let you sing "Seasons of Love" for the school talent show

. . . you hang out your friend's sun-roof and sing RENT songs in your neighbourhood

. . . while wandering around SEARS, you find random pieces of clothing and say "That is so Angel, Mark...etc"

. . . you've never seen the show, yet you know the whole script, lyrics and cast bios

. . . you call your best Renthead buddy who lives in Oklahoma(you live in Chicago), and stay on the phone for 3 1/2 hours singing through the play

. . . you are convinced that the ghost of Angel haunts your house.
e.c. a ghost actually does haunt your house and you named it Angel.

. . . you bought one of those little kid blankets with the cow jumping over the moon and the fork and spoon holding hands on it.
e.c. you sleep with it every night

. . . you're reading this as a "to do" list.
e.c. you printed it out and carry it around with you, checking things off as you go along.

. . . you're talking to your sister at college on the phone and overhear her talking to her friend Mark. You ask her to tell him you like his name.

. . . you've grown up in Scarsdale and plan on moving to the city to be an artist.
e.c. you've been to the Y and asked if they'll teach you how to tango.
e.e.c. you're not Jewish.

. . . you're going to see RENT on December 24th. You are.
e.c. you "WHOO" at 9 and 10 pm, EST
e.e.c. you refrained from whooing (even though that's all you wanted to do) because it was an inopportune time during the show and you wouldn't dare disturb it.

. . . you go to the nearest holiday inn and ask if there is any vacancy, if the reply no you say "no room at the holiday inn, OH NO!!!!!!!!!" then you ask again and when they reply no a second time you say "no room at the holiday inn AGAIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!"
e.c. its beginning to snow outside
e.e.c. you announce that "it's beginning to snow"

. . . you are sitting in the car with three friends listening to RENT and when you turn off the cd everyone keeps singing for five minutes.

. . . everytime your teacher tells you or a classmate to turn the overhead projector on, start singing "First shot Roger, with the fender guitar he just got out of hock...... etc."

. . . you meet Austrians for the first time, then get them to sing Rent.

. . . when someone says, "You look familiar" you reply, "Like your dead girlfriend?"

. . . you've performed Over the Moon for your gym class while standing on a treadmill.
e.c. If the treadmill was on
e.e.c. if everyone mooed with you

. . . you say "AZT break" whenever you hear a cell phone or a pager ring, and feel instantly connected to someone when they understand what you're talking about.
e.c. This is how you made your best friend.

. . . you sing Rent songs online with your friends.

. . . you feel it is your mission in life to get everyone you meet obsessed with Rent, too.

. . . you feel it is your mission in life to do all the things on this list.

. . . you find the idea of Joey Fatone playing Mark extremely blasphemous.
e.c. You are/used to be a huge Nsync fan.
e.c.c. You were planning a trip to NYC especially to see RENT, but delayed it a few months until he wasn't in the cast anymore

. . . you went to see your local opera company's production of La Boheme just because of RENT and asked other teenagers in the audience if they were Rentheads.

. . . you go to the official RENT site every day to watch the video clips and dream of the day you can actually SEE THE SHOW!

. . . you calculate your "Renthead percentage" using this site by dividing the total number of qualifications by the number of qualifications you could check 'yes!'
e.c. you include the repeat qualifications to boost your percentage.

. . . in your senior yearbook, your most memorable moment was the first time you saw RENT....and nothing else!

. . . you rewrite all of the words to "La Vie Boheme" to fit your own likes and personality
e.c. everything fits with the beats

. . . you can manage to connect any person in the entire world, living or dead, to a RENT cast member past or present through six people or less (a la Six Degrees of Separation/Kevin Bacon)
e.c. You challenge your friends to try to stump you with this at parties by throwing out random names of people- and you never lose.
e.e.c. After awhile, your friends can do this, too, completely on their own - even if they have never seen RENT.

. . . you own copies of the rehearsal tapes that JL made of his first version of the musical

. . . you know that when Jonathan said 525,600 minutes, he meant it in a non-leap year.
e.c. you took time out of your life just to make sure this is really true.

. . . you tell your non-Renthead friends that you "got tickets to the show," and no more clarification is needed.

. . . you wear glasses frames with no lenses just to look like Mark

. . . the heat in your house dies so you walk around with a candle like Mimi and singing to random people in your house

. . . your school binder is covered with pictures of cast members and quotes from the show

. . . you have made your coworkers and boss listen to RENT
e.c. you have converted them to Rentheads

. . . you and your friends gather around the piano and sing Seasons of Love on Friday nights
e.c. on any nights
e.e.c. on a school night

. . . you're madly in love with Jonathan Larson, even if he's 30 years older than you, and he's dead.

. . . you search everywhere you can think of to buy doc martens, even though you already own a pair.

. . . you purposely break the boiler so you can have no heat in your house and go around your house asking your family members to light your candle.
e.c. they light your candle
e.e.c. they learn the song and start singing it with you

. . . you think it is absolutely horrid that they are making a new poster with joey from nsync on it.
e.c. if you have actually bought this poster and ripped it up!

. . . the only games you play on the computer are RENT tetris, and puzzles
e.c. after hearing this you imediately go look for the site
e.e.c. you already know the site and have it on your favorites list!

. . . you carry the CDs around in your purse-just in case you need them at a moment's notice, or if you can get someone new to listen to this amazing show!
e.c. if you carry around your discman too-in case you're not near a stereo

. . . you go to sleep at night with RENT playing.
e.c. if you put it on constant repeat-so you fall asleep listening to it, hear it if you wake up in the middle of the night, and wake up to it in the morning.
e.e.c. if you can't fall asleep any other way!!!!!!

. . . you know you are a Renthead if you see the show and know when the actors mess up their lines.
e.c. You've seen it over 10 times and you still remember every single mess up.
e.e.c. You rant to everybody available about how you can't believe that somebody would forget a Rent line. After all, you know every line!

. . . Langston Huges is your favorite poet only because he is mentioned in LVB.

. . . whenever someone says "Rent" in disgust you almost start crying
e.c. you actually do start crying
e.e.c. you start yelling "what's wrong with you?!"

. . . you found out that tick tick boom is coming near you and you bought advance tickets

. . . you're singing music from the elton john version of aida in choir and everytime you hear the male part of it, you immediately think about adam pascal and make comments about it.

. . . you see aida on broadway and notice that adam pascal has put on a little weight since his rent days and you think this is because he is no longer a starving artist.

. . . french exchange students visit and you translate rent for them

. . . you instant message a random kid from school who you've never talked to before and he knows its you because of your rent-related screen name

. . . you keep on directing the movie version in your head.
e.c. if you keep listening to the soundtrack to enhance the experience

. . . you get people Rent tix for presents so you can go with them.

. . . you hope Chicago wins tons of oscars so it will inspire people to sink tons of dough on a Rent Movie.

. . . you've already discerned the "perfect" cast.

. . . Hedwig and the Angry Inch is your favorite DVD until RENT comes out.

. . . you sent the website to your renthead friends but it turns out they already have it

. . . you only know what AIDS stands for because of RENT
e.c. It helps you with your health homework
e.e.c. You go around telling everyone that RENT helped with your homework

. . . if someone says "she died" you say, "Her name was April" and start singing "light my candle"

. . . you say to your teachers: "I find some of what you teach suspect, because I'm used to relying on intellect"

. . . you go to the East Village and try to find people who look like the characters in rent.
e.c. you succeed

. . . you spend your free period in school belting out the entire show with your science teacher, who has the soundtrack in her classroom C.D player at ALL times.
e.c. some days the principle or other teachers who are passing by will even come in and sing along to the few words he/she knows for the heck of it.

. . . you have a difffernt RENT quote everyday on your AOL away message.

. . . you actually have a signature RENT quote that can be found on pretty much everything you own
e.c. you don't put your name on your school text books, papers, etc. everyone knows that they're yours by reading the quote.

. . . your best friend and yourself (who are both girls) have sung "Take me or leave me" for every audition for every school musical you have ever tried out for and every talent show held at your school.
e.c. you're not really lesbians, but you're really good at acting like it.
e.e.c. you do the exact same blocking that Maureen and Joanne did in the most recent cast you saw.

. . . even though you already have them, every time you're at the store you check out the Rent soundtrack and the Rent "bible".

. . . whenever asked who you admire or who your role model is, you immediately respond with "Jonathan Larson."

And best of all . . .

. . . you have a bigger heart than you ever thought possible, and LOVE it that way.

Do you have one you would like to see here?? Send it!!
(Don't forget to send your name if you want credit.)

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