Felting in Mongolia

The following is a general overview of a modern felting
practice that I suspect has it's roots in antiquity.

Prior to felting the wool is beaten with
flexible wooden sticks. It is beaten along the
line of the fiber and aids in the removal of dirt
from between the fibers. The result is a coarser
wool than one gets from carding.
The mother felt is rolled out onto the
field. This is an old felt used as a
base for the new felt
The beaten wool is now placed on the mother
felt in such a way as to have the fibers
relatively parallel
The best wool is laid out first and
denotes the "right" side of the new felt.
After the layers are laid out war water is
spread out over the the wool in small drops.
A large pole is then placed across one end of
the new felt. Both the new wool and the
mother flet are rolled up tightly around the pole
Wet hides are wrapped around the felt and then
a strong rope binds the roll together. Loops of
are attached to each end of the pole.
Ropes are then attached to these loops and
tied horses or camels which then pull the roll
across the steppe. After some hours have past
the new roll is opened up and inspected for weak
areas. These areas are repaired with more wool