I am honored to have received these wonderful awards.
All that I ask is that you realize All Power & Glory are HIS!

Our God is an Awesome God!




This is my first award for my new pages
And it's from a very special lady
Thanks Ani :) 



What a beautiful Award! And from a wonderful friend.
Thank you so much Aninka :)



I am honored to accept this award.
Thank you very much Jim!





Thank you for these
two beautiful Awards Kristie!





What a wonderful surprise!
Thank you Pam for these awards!
Visit her at *Garden of Blessings* 



One of my all time favorites,
Thank you once again Pam!
Please visit her *Waiting for you Jesus* site. 



Thank you very much Lora
for this beautiful award!! 



Thank you Jessica,
I'm honored to receive your award! 



Thank you so very much Karen.
Please visit her awesome homepage. 



Thank you Evenline
for your 'Purrfect' Award :)