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My Testimony


Where do I begin?

Do I go all the way back to my childhood days?
Nah, they were pretty much your typical Kid growing up in the big city.

Well then where do I begin?

How about my middle years?
Nah, they were taken up by sports, sports, and more sports.

The ending

I guess it all started here.
I was a teenager in the late 60's. Sex and drugs and Rock & Roll pretty much sum up that period of my life.
It's nothing that I'm proud of, it's just the life style I led.

Spiraling downward

Well unfortunately,
this life style prevailed for quite some time.
Upon graduating High School, I joined the Army.
Well this was going to straighten me out, right?


I mean, I was a good soldier, but, I still did many things that I shouldn't have. I won't go into details,
you'll have to trust me on this one.

Nose dive

Upon being discharged from the Army, I held several different jobs. From working for the Newspaper, to working at a bank.
And I still continued living a life with no spirtitual foundation. It was during this time I met my wife to be 'Patrice' and along came Adam & Erica, my children.


You would have thought that bringing children into the world would have straightened me out, right?


You see I thought that 'I' was in charge. That 'I' didn't need anyone but me. Well ten years went by and along came Dylan, my youngest son.


Well guess what? 'I' was in charge allright. I had about as much control over my life as a leaf falling off a tree on a windy autum afternoon. Everything was falling apart, everything. And 'I' had nothing to hold on to.

Climbing back

It was during this time a friend of mine from work introduced me to some 'Bible Prophecy' books. I became very interested in them. As they intriqued me as to the acuracy of events prophecized and fullfilled. It was becoming clear to me that the secular world hadn't a clue as to trying to explain away many of the events foretold in the Bible.

Jesus was whispering

It was during this time that I got back into contact with my sister. You see she was always a good christian woman. But I wasn't the best brother she could have. I didn't keep in contact much. Well we started talking alot over the phone, as she lives in Virginia. I told her how I was reading these 'Prophecy' books and how I was becoming 'interested'. We talked for many hours on the Phone. I know she was praying for me.

The Attack

Satan is 'Jealousy' and 'Envy' and a 'Destroyer', and this is exactly what he tried to do to me at this time of my life. You see, he wasn't about to lose one of his 'victims' without a fight. As I recall, just about everything you could imagine was going wrong. I still had the 'I' can do it approach.

The Lord is my Shepherd

This I can recall as if it were yesterday, I was alone in my living room. I fell to my knee's and asked the Lord into my life. I told Him that I needed a 'Foundation', a 'Counselor', someone to give me 'Guidence', that I was ashamed of the lifestyle I led, and as a sinner, would He come into my life and forgive me. A still gentle voice told me "You are my Child", and I knew He was my "Father".

Angels in heaven rejoice

Well the first thing I did was call
my sister to tell her what I had done.
There was silence on her end of the phone.
I thought "what's wrong" ?
But here it wasn't silence at all,
she was quietly crying tears of happiness. We both shed some tears together, tears of joy at becoming a member of the 'Body' of Christ.

A Foundation

Now I had to find a good Bible teaching church. And seeing how I hadn't been attending Church for so long, this was my number #1 priority. And I'm happy to say that I was led to a great Bible teaching church, Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia. The Pastor is Joe Focht. And My prayer is the Lord continues to Bless this man and his family.

The Beginning

Now I'm not going to sit here and say that there are never any problems, and that I never need to be 'spanked' by the Lord. But I can say without reservation that I now have a 'Foundation' and that I now have a 'Counselor' and that I now have a One way ticket into the presence of Our Father's Kingdom'

Thank you Jesus for saving me

Have you accepted the Lord as your Savior ?
Do you feel as though you are not worthy ?

The Lord came into the world to save 'sinners'.
We ALL are sinners. We are born into sin.
The Lord's Blood shed on the cross
at Calvary washes away your sin.

You must make a decision as to where you
wish to spend eternity.It is up to you.

Do you wish to be absent from the presence of God ?
To be eternally in torment ?

Or do you wish to spend eternity in the Presence of the Lord ? In a place of no more tears, pain or sadness ?

There is nothing, NOTHING that the Lord cannot forgive.
All you need do is 'ASK'.

Ask the Lord into your life. Admit you are a sinner in need of Salvation. Allow Him to be the Counselor of your life.

Don't be ashamed if you 'mess up' in your 'walk'.
The Lord isn't going to say "Oh Brother, I picked a lemon with this one".
Dust yourself off and continue to try and follow in the ways of Our Lord.

He is always there to help us along the way.
I hope you make the decision to spend eternity in God's Kingdom.