Mr.Joker Facts !!!!

Here are some fun facts 'bout the B-ball boy himself.

1.- He has a little scar at the bottom of his belly but only the guys and people he knows really well ever see it.
2.- For Brian, a first date would be something very simple like a picnic in the park followed by a walk on the lake. For him a first date would be getting to know him for who he is rather than what he does.
3.- His most romantic experience to date took place in a sauna.
4.- He considers himself to be a gentleman and he thinks the key to being a gentleman is to be entertaining and easy to talk to, to have a good head on your shoulders and a sorted outlook on life.
5.- He likes to dress up and wear suit when he has the opportunity.
6.- He's better at cooking breakfast-omelettes,toast-than he is at cooking dinner.
7.- He thinks that the ultimate romantic gesture would be: "A flawless evening over a candlelit dinner, deloting all your time and attention to your date."
8.- He doesn't believe in being able to foresee your future.
9.- He's never cheated on a girl.

10.- When he gets homesick on tour, he has been known to shead a tear or two when things get on top of him.
11.- He likes to make people laugh and sometimes he'll just throw himself on the floor and roll around in fits of laughter."I like to make people laugh by pulling funny faces or tripping and falling over.
12.- Brian cries during sad movies.
13.- B-ROK's mom calls him her babyduck.
14.- He has the messiest room of all the boys.
15.- The boys think he is most likely to get married first.
16.- The worst date he ever went on was when he was about to kiss the girl he was with and fell out the chair.
17.- He thinks that romantic relationship should take as long as possible, No one has ever really broken his heart.