Lee Tergesen

Lee Tergesen was the only reason I watched the Wayne's World movies.  You might remember him as the goofy, long-haired friend of Wayne and Garth.  I think it was on the USA series "Weird Science", where he plays rude older brother Chett, that I first saw him act.  He's an excellent actor who really gets into his parts.  His best work, I feel, has been on the HBO series "OZ".  You have to see it to fully appreciate his work on it!  Especially that scene with Chris Meloni...I'm impressed!  His range is incredible, if you've ever compared his characters, you can see how distinct and unique each is.  He brings power to everything he does.  He even has a great singing voice, which we had the luck to hear on an eppie of OZ, where he sings "I Got It Bad."

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