Do You LOVE What You Sew? This book is definitely for you if you want . . .

  • motivation and guidance for sewing success
  • a closet full of designer clothes you love
  • to sew "thin"
  • master patterns for the most basic pocket styles
  • to win at The Great Pattern Size Mystery Game
  • a definition of your own style
  • the secrets of dressing like the French
  • a "fitting eye" to evaluate your garments
  • easy answers and directions for jackets and pants

"Imagine you've got a sewing friend who's smart, funny, practical, well-traveled, opinionated (but has good taste and a great eye for fashion), sews skillfully and efficiently, and loves to share anything she knows. Sound intriguing? Reading Do you LOVE What You Sew?made me feel as if I had just such a friend. Erickson's lively natural style brings her right into the room as you read, and makes it easy for her to establish her priorities. Her four-interfacings-are-all-you-need chapter is a perfect must-read..... she pares three challenging topics - jackets, pants, and pockets (with patterns) - down to a handful of fundamental techniques that could virtually replace the pattern instructions for these projects. It's filled with thought-provoking pronouncements that reinforce the impression that you've stumbled into a fascinating, very personal, opinion-filled conversation that will simplify the way you think about all aspects of clothes making. If making clothes is your favorite topic, how can you resist?"

- From a review by Threads editor and author, David Page Coffin

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