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If you have any cool Nerf wars to tell me e-mail me at or contact me on icq, my # is 21017760 or you can use the icq respond panel at the bottom of the page even if you don't have icq!!!

Notes & News:

-No more reviews, from now on you e-mail me and I will review any gun you want.

-If you want to see this page to it's fullest, download this fon and put it in your fonts directory. Chiller

-Refer this site to your friends

-If you were reffered to my site from the Nerf ring or a seacrh engine yuor probobly at the address but I also have another address that is just a mirror of this site so it's always the same. It's

-I'm looking for someone to talk to on icq so if you have it, contact me.

-Check out this pic of the new Nerf Gattlin Storm.



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