LaPorte Daily Argus, Thursday, 26 June, 1924
LaPorte to Welcome 10,000,000th Ford

The Ten Millionth Ford Car on Broadway, New York, June 16, just before starting on a trip to San Francisco over the Lincoln Highway in celebration of the 10,000,000th production by the Ford Motor Company. The driver had in his possession a letter handed to him by Mayor Hylan for delivery to Mayor Rolph of San Francisco.
LaPorte Daily Herald, Thursday, 26 June, 1924
Ten Millionth Ford Here Friday

Scene in front of the Ford Motor Companay's big Highland Park plant when the Ten Millionth Ford car was driven out of the factory, preliminary to starting out on the trip from New York to San Francisco via the Lincoln Highway.
LaPorte Daily Argus, Friday, 27 June, 1924
Crowds Acclaim Famous Flivver As It Makes Its Journey to the Coast
LaPorte paid its respects to the Ten Millionth Ford, which passed through here about 3 p. m. today. The touring car, not a bit different from any others of its family except for the painting on the sides and the number of its engine, was attended by two score or more Ford and Lincoln cars on its hegira from South Bend to this city. It was met at the city limits by a train of Fords and at the LaPorte theatre by the Boys' band which escorted it to the court house square.

The Ten Millionth flivver was piloted by Frank Kulick, better known here as a racing driver. It bore a Michigan license, 760,000. The Ford came from Goshen this morning and after a stop in Westville late this afternoon, will go on to Michigan City where it will stay over night, going on to Chicago in the morning, it was said. Hundreds of cars were in the parade as the car passed thru this city.

The ten millionth was met by the thirty-third Ford here. An old Ford car, belonging to Mr. Massey of New Buffalo, and still in running order, held a prominent place in the procession. It was the thirty-third car built by the Ford company. Many other old Fords were in line.

The procession was behind schedule and did not stop long in the city. Mayor Sallwasser was to have given a speech when the procession stopped.

Moving picture operators accompanying the car on its coast to coast drive took pictures of crowds which lined Lincolnway as it passed through LaPorte.

LaPorte Daily Argus, Monday 30 June, 1924

Hobart News, Thursday, 19 June, 1924
10,000,000th Ford to Pass Through Deepriver, June 25
On June 28th the ten millionth Ford car which is being driven from New York to San Francisco via the Lincoln highway will arrive in Deepriver.

W. H. Wood & Son, Ford dealers at Deepriver will form a Ford parade to meet the car and party at Valparaiso and will escort them to Deepriver.

This event is being celebrated by the Ford company and dealers en route from coast to coast.

Hobart News, Thursday, 3 July, 1924
Around Deepriver
The 10,000,000th Ford passed through Deepriver at 11 o'clock Saturday morning. They were heard when they struck the bridge and never stopped sounding their horns until they were out of Deepriver limits. There were some beautiful Fords among them, about fifty in the parade.
[I apoligize for the truly atrocious quality of these pictures.]
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