PAWS 2000 Writing Contest

PAWS' Formatting Tip Sheet


1.  Entry fee of $5.00 per manuscript, up to four entries, thereafter $3.00 per manuscript.  Submit payment, (check or money order, no cash please, you can pay for 1 or multiple entries with one check) with entry, payable to PAWS. For additional information and the mailing address, contact Elaine Wells or Pat Millette.

2.  You may enter each category as many times as you like, but entry fee is required for each entry.  No manuscript may be entered in more than one category.

3.  All entries shall be unpublished or unsold at time of submission.

4.  All manuscripts shall be double-spaced, except poetry, which can be single-spaced.

5.  All entries must be typed on one side of white, 8 ½” x 11" paper.  Clear photocopies and near- letter quality dot matrix are acceptable (standard ms format).

6.  Each entry must have a cover sheet attached with the following information: Category, Title of entry,  Author’s name, Address and Phone Number.

7.  No author’s name or pen name or other author identification may appear on any manuscript page. (Do not black-out, white-out, or cover name with tape.)

8.  Mail all entries, even poetry, flat, no folds.  No business sized envelopes or 6" x 9" envelopes.  Any folded entry will not be accepted.

9.  Written critiques will be asked for from the judges.  However, written critiques cannot be guaranteed.

10. Entries must be postmarked by August 12th, 2000.

11. If you desire the return of your entry a self-addressed, stamped envelope must accompany entry.   Manuscripts with SASE will be returned by October 23rd, 2000.

12.  Paperclip pages of entry.  Do not staple.

13.  Contest is open to anyone; however, you may not enter a category for which you are in a judging position.

14.  Any manuscript that won a cash prize in a previous PAWS contest may not enter again.

To protect the integrity of the PAWS writing contest, any manuscript found not to be the original work of an entrant will be disqualified.

CASH PRIZES  —  1st place $30.,  2nd place $15.,  3rd place $10., will be awarded in each category.   An additional cash prize of $75. will be awarded for Creme de la Creme (the first place winners in each category will be judged and one entry chosen as the best of the best.)  Awards will be presented at PAWS annual workshop (date still to be determined).  If not present, award will be mailed.

Entries must be postmarked by August 12, 2000.

Short Story
Non-Fiction Article
Creme de la Creme Award

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