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First of all, I am thoroughly trained in all aspects of the Field Inspection divisions of most mortgage, as well as insurance companies. Being trained by over 30 years experience. I feel I could serve as a commited partner, in an ever growing need for this service by such institutions. Areas covered include, (but not limited to): Reports of current activity at required properties, verification of resdident status, maintenance/winterizations of properties, profiled photos, reports on major loss due to damage, as well as removal of any required items to prepare property for conveyance condition. Will cover areas' up to Southern Nebraska, all of MIssouri, and the Eastern half of Kansas. Are knowledgeable in bidding process, in order to make major renovations etc.. Foreclosures, as well as evictions are completed with report/photos in detail, and always accompanied with the local law enforcement agencies in order to ensure a smooth transition. If such services are needed, Please contact R.M. Cleveland at with a number or e-mail address to contact, I will return your message as quickly as possible. Thanks