Middle Republic

287 BC: Lex Hortensia(law of Hortensia) created This law gave full rights to the plebeians as well as equality. Rome then became a democracy, although in reality, Rome was still controlled by the wealthy.

280 BC -- 275 BC: Romans fight war against the Greek king Pyrrhus

This was the first war Rome fought against a non Italian enemy. Pyrrhus was the Greek leader of the enemy. For a moment, he savoured victory, but doing so harmed him. He was weakened to the extent that he was soon defeated by the Romans. The Romans then gained control of the peninsula south of the Po Valley

264 BC -- 241 BC: First Punic War

The First Punic War was against the north African city of Carthage. Carthage controlled almost all of the western Mediterranean. Rome defeated Carthage in this war, thus gaining control of Sicily. Carthage was replaced by Rome as the dominant power in the western Mediterranean.

218 BC -- 201 BC: Second Punic War

After their defeat in the First Punic War, Carthage had expanded into Spain under the control of the brilliant general Hannibal (no, he was not a cannibal). Under his power, the Carthaginians attacked Italy, and almost defeated Rome. However, Publius Cornelius of Rome eventually defeated the Carthaginians in Africa and became the victors of the Second Punic War. Carthage had to rebuild from their ashes of defeat.

200 BC -- 196 BC: Romans attack Macedonia

The Romans attacked Macedonia because they had aided the Carthaginians during the Punic Wars. Rome became the dominant power in Greece. The Romans gave the Greek cities their independance.

192 BC -- 189 BC: Romans attack Syria

Hannibal had advised Antiochus, the king of Syria to attack Greece. The Romans responded with a sound defeat of the Syrians. Syria's strength in the Middle East is weakened.

147 BC: Macedonia made into a Roman province

The Romans were annoyed by the intriging culture in Macedonia. They then made Macedonia into one of their provinces.

149 BC -- 146 BC: Third Punic War

Carthage was defeated quickly in the Third Punic War. Under the general Publius Cornelius Aemilianus Africanus(the grandson of Publius Cornelius), the Roman army destroyed Carthage.

146 BC: Corinth destroyed

In the same year, Corinth was destroyed. The inhabitants of the Greek city were sold as slaves.

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