Roman Monarchy

753 BC: The founding of Rome 753 BC is commonly believed to be the founding of Rome by Romulus. It is believed that Romulus and Remus, the descendents of Aenied were raised by a she-wolf. It is believed today that the name of the she-wolf was Sylvia. There is evidence that the forest which the she-wolf came from was called Sylva or Sylvannia. This is often depicted in art as two babies being cared for by a wolf(see image above). As the two brothers reached manhood, Romulus killed Remus for power. Later, Romulus founded Rome. During the early years of Rome, the city was ruled by the Etruscans, who originated from Etruria, a city in the North. 750 BC: The rape of the Sabines The Romans, at this time, had no women (this is very questionable, but it has been found in a respectable source). They attacked a nearby city, and took the women to Rome. This act "jump started" the growth of the legacy of Rome. 509 BC: The expulsion of the Etruscan kings When the Etruscan rule weakened, the Romans rebelled, driving the Etruscan kings out of Rome. Today, many people wonder about why the Romans performed this act, because the Etruscans gave the Romans many contributions to their lives. When the Romans succeeded, they no longer had the strongest position in Latium.

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