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Hail To The Thief!

12/10/00- The Day Democracy Died.

Well, the GOP topped themselves this time.

Just when you thought they couldn't get any more outrageous... the party led by a man who ran on the ideas of more local government and trusting people over Washington has "won" the election by getting votes dismissed in the Supreme Court.

Is this even America anymore? If this were to happen in some small country in Africa or Central America, we'd be screaming about corruption and sending in Jimmy Carter to supervise the election. I mean, let's look at this...

I. The vote is decided by a region ruled over by the canidate's brother.
II. The certification of said votes is supervised by someone who oversaw the canidates campaign in said region (Kathrine Harris was vice-Chair of Bush's election team in Florida).
III. The Supreme Court, who have been notoriously pro-Bush in this entire incident, has two members who were appointed by the canidates father.

Regardless, this is not the time for liberals, moderates, greens and all the rest of us to get despondent. Rather, we must let this show us that we must now stand together, now more than ever. As Ben Franklin, another great liberal said, "We must all hang together. Else we shall all hang seperately."

The Rush Limbaugh Award for Excellence in Conservative Hypocrisy is given to politicians and public figures who...

(I.) are Conservatives, of any kind, social or market.
(II.) do not practice what they preach or believe the standards they hold for others somehow do not apply to them.

The Award was named for Rush Limbaugh after a heated debate between me and a panel of four of my friends, who picked Rush in a three-to-two vote as the conservative who best examplified the hypocrisy that is do prevalent in today's modern Republican Party.

In honor of the man who who managed to pull the other two votes, we decided to make him (Rep. Ron Paul, 14th District of Texas) the very first to receive this distinguished award.

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