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Perfect English - Russian & English - Ukrainian TranslationWe translate from English to Russian & Ukrainian thinking as engineers, not as linguists

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Price of A1 sci-tech Ukrainian - English - Russian translation    We provide absolutely correct translation from English into Russian or Ukrainian in any field of engineering, exact sciences and also legal documents. Our native Russian and Ukrainian professional engineers translate perfectly and are truly least expensive. The great majority of translators is only linguists and not scientists or engineers and therefore is not capable of translating these types of documents accurately and clearly. This is the difference in our translation services from most others. Our translators have engineering backgrounds in the following fields: mechanical engineering, aviation, aerospace, combustion engines, automotive and industrial equipment. In addition our engineers can help assist you in fields of exact sciences, communication, IT, Web design and the Internet. Because we actually live in Ukraine we can accurately translate in all of these areas. With this unique knowledge we are unrivaled in the field of Russian/Ukrainian translators.

Some laugh at awkward translation (unlike ours)     Push the button and you will see why it is so important to translate into your native language, why it is necessary to understand subject and be professional or at least familiar with the field where you translate. Don't let them laugh at you. You have probably seen products produced in other countries – good quality, reasonable price, but... the stupid mistakes in manuals, advertisements or just in their names. Maybe it is not so actual for English, almost everybody speaks English, but it is much more actual for other languages here and there. If you need accurate translation from English into Russian or Ukrainian use our service and we guarantee you will understand someone and be understood absolutely correctly. If you have met with inexact or just curious non-professional translation feel free to share this with us to update the funny collection. Oh, one more: we can proofread, correct and edit any texts too, almost for free. Certainly, taking into account modern Slavic (post Soviet Russian and Ukrainian) mentality.

Order A1 sci-tech Ukrainian - English - Russian translation     So, you are about to order translation. Make no doubts about this – we are the best in sci-tech translation from English into Russian and Ukrainian, real professional. Click here to know more details about terms, ordering and our personnel. Your order maybe done in 24 hours or even sooner (if, of course, the text is not huge). Order, pay and get perfect translation. Translated document might be delivered by registered or regular mail service all over Ukraine or other countries of C.I.S. – for minimal charge for delivery using the Ukrainian mail service to deliver both source document and translation. Certainly we keep secrets and protect confidential information from unauthorized using. The AngloRussian Engineering Translation Service is high-quality, reliable and at the same time very inexpensive. And remember – "inexpensive" doesn't mean "cheap" – and "expensive" doesn't always mean "good". So, try us and you will see –

We are good, we are fast, and we are reasonable!

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