Here's a brief summary of the Daniel Boone Jeep Jamboree held June 5-7, 1998.

I heard it said that the trails here in Kentucky are the best this side of the Mississippi! Normal ratings are from 2-8, but with all the rain we had, they climbed to 5-9. What an adventure!
There were over 230 Jeeps, ranging from old Willies to CJ's to Grand Cherokees, and everything in between, stock and modified.
Rob, Lance, and I arrived thursday afternoon to find most of the Jeepers getting ready for the next day. It was wet, and Rob was excited to be able to get his Scrambler muddy. I was looking for more rocks to crawl over. Neither of us were dissappointed. We opted for the Ridge trail the first day and then the Cliff trail for Saturday.
After the driver's meeting, everyone lined up with their trail group to air down, tie down , and lock up. It's also a great time to meet the other drivers and check out a few rigs. We were in good company - this was the largest collection of Scramblers that I've seen. Lots of customized and modified trucks. You always come away thinking: "I need to do that to my Jeep!"

Our first real obstacle was Carburator Hill. A fun stairstep climb up wet rocks, with some dirt and an off-camber slide to the side. Yeah! This proved a bit tricky. But what a great way to start the trail ride.

We had to check it out and walk it first, determine our line of approach, then attack! I almost rolled my Scrambler as I slid over the side of the rock half way up. But a little more throttle, adrenaline, and a cussword, and I made it. Not everyone was as lucky. About half the jeeps needed to be winched up, and one Wrangler did end up on his side. Nothing injured except pride.

Day two brought drizzle, then some afternoon sunshine. Our group was well equipped, and ready for action. I might add, trail leaders and guides can really make these trips fun. Today proved that! Thanks Flash. Thanks Doc.

What a great place to stop for lunch.

Next we hit Powder Puff hill. So named for the powdery dirt that seems to defy traction. Only the major modifieds tried it, and only Flash made it, the first time. 2nd try he just couldn't get it - no matter how much love he felt. (inside joke)
Everyone else got half-way, then had to winch, or in this case, fix a hub, then winch.

Our last hill was the "Stairway to Heaven" - we only did the first half of it. The second half of the hill is reserved for Jeeps with 35" tires and lockers in front and rear only. We were told not to even think about it if you weren't so equipped. I thought about it, then headed down the mountain, thinking . . . "I'll be back"!

Daniel Boone Natl' Forest, Natural Bridge State Park, near Slade Kentucky - Fantastic Trails! - Awesome Scenery! - Great Jeepin' Time!

Keep On Jeepin!

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