"We can do together what we cannot do alone!"

For all of those who belive that they may be having a problem in regards to their use of drugs and alchohol (or, who like me, found drugs & alchohol "the solution" to the difficulty and pain and difficulty in life) this site is dedicated and maintained. Below you will find a collection of links directing you to some of the finest recovery the web has to offer!

My Snazzy List of Links

Alchoholics Anonymous World Services
Maintained by AA
Narcotics Anonymous
Maintained by NA
Are you and addict?
Q & A for honest seekers of info
Preparing for relapse?
Are you planning your next research event?

Recovery and Being Gay

Gay society as a whole faces unique challences in recovery. First, The Bars. They are truly a focal point of the community. I swear that it seems like gay life is sponsored by Miller! The stuff's everywhere! The bars are where gay folk go to see friends and meet new people in a friendly, non-judgemental enviornment. Straight society has many more social outlets. In gay culture it just isn't so! Facing the possibility (or neccessity) of losing such a fixture is daunting. And it feels like a damn good reason to never enter recovery for what may already be a chronic problem. Besides, who wants to risk going to a 12-step meeting, put alot of effort into sharing homestly, and worry about getting the crap beat out of them by a group of punks fresh outa' treatment? This is why gay meetings exist. They provide an opportunity for gay folk to share in the only type of enviornment in which is condusive to recovery - friendly and non-judgemental. I want to make it clear that this enviornment can and is found in many mainstream meetings of AA and NA. After all, recovery from drug & alchohol abuse has little to do with who it is you like to fuck. However, life does. Our addictions became a tool that we used in order to deal with life. It is crucial that we be able to dicuss issues, especially the tender ones, without fear of censure or violence. Additionally, hearing how others have dealt with simmilar, possibly identical situations, is another benefit I have found. In Seattle, we have an Alano Club dedicated to providing just such an envionment. I hope other cities do to. See the link to CHAC below. Plus, I'd like to list other gay meetings and recovery resources, so please e-mail me what you can.