Solid solution of diamond-like structure carbon clusters in silicon carbide (SiC)

Our scientific group has developed a new technology for synthesis of nonequilibrium compounds. The opportunities of this technology are proved successfully up on silicon carbide (SiC). Some features of this technology are published.



 Superhard materials

 Cutting tools

 Reinforcements in composite materials


 Electronic devices




 Nanoscale powders production

 Mixtures of several ultradisperse powders synthesized in one process

 Fine ceramic powders production winthout grinding

 Largescale superhard materials production

 High decomposition temperature

Solid solution SiC - C (diamond)

Synthesis of a solid solution of diamond-like carbon clusters in SiC crystal structure and new superhard materials has been developed. The new materials posses high mechanical properties. It is predicted, that the new material has unique electrical and chemical properties in comparison with pure SiC or their mixtures with fine covalent compounds. This material could be applied in the field of cutting tools, abrasivepastes, armor plates, structural reinforcements in composite materials, electronic devices (ceramic substrates for superchips and etc.), catalytic particles and heating elements. This synthesis technique is expected also to be suited to ultrafine particles creation of other conpounds with nanoscale layered structure.

  Structure model of solid solution SiC - C

  Mechanical properties of sintered SiC - C

  Raman spectroscopy

Status: Russian Patent/ Availiable for licensing

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